Q about auras

Hello all! Thought I’d just jump in :grinning:

I have a question regarding auras. Many years ago, when I was first dating my now-husband, he introduced me to his aunt who took an instant liking to me, and just a few minutes into the conversation turned to now-hubs and said, “If you don’t marry this girl, you’ll regret it forever.” I found out later that she could see auras, and she said she was struck by how expansive mine was, “lots of bright colors, especially gold” (she was adamant that it was GOLD, and not yellow). I asked her what it meant and she shrugged, saying she only knew it was a very good thing.

Personally I don’t “see” auras, although I do get “vibes”, as I call them. I can feel energy, but it doesn’t manifest as visible to me. I tried looking up gold auras out of curiosity; much of my research either doesn’t mention gold auras at all, or they say something along the lines of it representing a guardian angel…

Anywho, does anyone here have any experience with auras, and can point me in a good starting direction? Any other comments/thoughts are also appreciated :wink:


Hi :wave: I’m not sure about Gold, at least not off the top of my head anyway :laughing:

However we do have information on Auras & Colors as well! It may be a good idea to go through these topics & check out any linked topics or information to the main post or within the replies:

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I’ll see if I can find any other topics or information for you & be back in a few :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @DreamWithin ! I have just started with auras and don’t know a whole lot yet. It looks like @Susurrus left some good links I was going to suggest! Definitely take a look at them. It’s a great place to start!


I found a couple more that have some great information & resources within the threads!

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Oooh wow, thank you @Susurrus ! I’m going to check those all out now, much appreciations! :smiley: