Scanning the Aura

For this week’s challenge, I will be explaining how to scan the aura, the energy field emanating from a person.

Scanning the Aura
To scan the aura, you should activate your hand sensitivity by rubbing your hands together. Once your hands have been sensitized and are ready to begin feeling energy, hold your receiving hand (non-dominant hand) about 2-3 inches away from your/someone else’s physical body (with palm facing the body). Focus you attention on sensing energy. Bring your attention to your hand and become aware of and changes is energy and take a mental note of these changes.

You cannot be wrong when performing this exercise-each person’s perception of energy movement will be different. Just acknowledging what you’re feeling and move on to the next area. You may also want to try sensing the energy at each individual chakra and notice how they feel different from one another as well as how they differ from the energy body as a whole.

Learning to Sense Energy
Another method for scanning the aura involves running a crystal through the energy field. Hold a crystal (egg shapes or crystal points work best) in your receiving hand, like a comb for the energy body. Then, pass the crystal through the energy field beginning at the head and working toward the feet. Do this down the center of the body, to the left and then to the right. If you’d like, you may repeat this along the backside of the body for more info.

Interpreting the Energy you Sense
• Energy leaks/holes= cold temperatures
• Energy blockages= thick, sticky energy
• Overactive/Imbalanced Energy= hot temperatures, tingling, buzzing

:star: However, it’s always best to use your intuition!

*Info sourced from my school notes, from Love and Light School for Crystal Therapy. If and mods know how to better source this, help me out :grin:

:heart:As an added bonus, I’ve linked a mini aura packet From Zenned Out:


I have to add a necklace/choker I just made for this! It has the colors of the energy field aka aura. :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:

I tried to make it into the shape of a heart


Great information and great choker! I’m having problems seeing my aura, maybe I’ll have a better chance at feeling it.


If you need more help, maybe I could offer some assistance…just let me know :blush:


These are some very helpful tips for scanning auras- and a great way to draw on crystals too! Thanks so much for taking the time to put together this guide, @Christina4! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m just glad that I had something from school that had to do with auras!!! I already explained how to see them but I wanted to do something different. I should have added the layers and the colors! 🤦


I may just ask later on. I probably won’t have any time till the weekend. Unless my helper lets me practice on her! LOL!


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