Spells Ideas Please

I have a friend who is going through a difficult time and is very lonely. Sometimes I feel she self sabotages but has a heart of gold. She is coming into town to visit with me this weekend and I would like to do a spell to bring some happiness and love to her as well as take the negative energies that is causing a lot of her situation.

Can someone recommend a spell that can do both and maybe has quick results?


I found a spell for fast luck, Fast Luck Oil, you could make it & you & your friend could anoint yourselves with it for good luck at a fast pace. Or there’s a Charm Bracelet Love Spell you could do with her so she can wear something to keep with her.

I’m sure someone else will have other ideas too! I hope this helps!


Is your friend open to casting the spell herself? Because the Gratitude Salt Spell sounds like a winner.


Those are solid ideas for a spell. You could adapt a spell like this Uncrossing spell , for example while you are burning the incense, send your intention (thoughts, energy) their way. :raised_hands:

You can write a few words or improvise something to direct the energy from the spell to go to them to help with whatever they need help with.

Another way to cast a protection spell on someone would be to create a protection talisman or charge a stone with your intention, and give it to your friend.


Greetings @marci!

I think your friend is in very good company- she is lucky to have a friend who also has a heart of gold! :yellow_heart: I think you are very kind to help give her a boost of happiness and love :blush:

Adding to the wonderful suggestions others have shared, I also love the idea of making something she can carry with her. Everytime she looks at it, she’ll get a happy boost of magick and the reminder that she is loved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You could check out Spells Jars for Loved Ones (cute pocket-sized bottles that make great jewelry or can be tucked in a purse, as well as roller oils for love). Protection Pouches are wonderful as well- bless a small pouch/bag/satchel and fill it with herbs and/or crystals that correspond with love and protection.

A quick protection pouch with easy-to-find/low cost ingredients:

  • Dried Rose petals :rose: for love and positive energy
  • Dried Rosemary :herb: for protection (especially while asleep) and remembering good memories
  • Sea Salt :salt: for protection
  • Clear Quartz :gem: for spell enhancement, anti-negativity, and strengthening intentions

Wishing you the best of luck, Marci! I hope you and your friend enjoy a lovely weekend. Blessed be! :sparkles: