📖 Spells8 Book Club XXIX (Jun 23 - Jul 21)

Welcome to all of the witchy book-lovers here in the forum!

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Thank you again to everyone who joined in for last month’s reading session! For those who haven’t yet shared their thoughts about their book (or anyone who enjoys reading book reviews!) you still have time to do so in :memo: Spells8 Book Club XXVIII- Reader’s Reviews discussion .

As of today, the 29th book club reading session has now begun !

spells8 book club

On Your Mark, Get Set, READ! :books:

  1. Begin by announcing your book
    The first post below is an editable wiki post- add your book title and name to the list! (instructions below)

  2. Know that you have [[ 4 weeks ]] in this reading session
    While it is great if you can finish your book during this time, it is okay if you break it into chapters or sections- do as much as you can and know that doing your best is always good enough!

  3. As you’re reading, feel free to share your thoughts!
    You are very welcome to share any thoughts or tidbits while you read in the comments below or in a new post in the forums. Just save the best parts for the final discussion at the end of the reading period!

  4. Join the final discussion
    After four weeks, a discussion post will open encouraging all readers to share a review of their book and any personal thoughts they have about it. A mini-review is perfectly fine, and there will be a suggested format for anyone who would like to write a longer review.

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A note about sharing books:

While everyone is free to choose their own book, you may consider reading along with someone else ! It is fun to share thoughts and insights about different books and even more exciting to do in-depth about a book with fellow readers :handshake:

If the book you plan to read is already on the list below, add your name to the list of others reading that book! For books with multiple readers, a separate discussion just for you will open for you to swap thoughts and share insights.

Please keep in mind that everyone will reconvene for the final discussion, regardless of which book you read :books:

If you are reading a book along with someone else, please make a note in the comments so I can create a special discussion thread for you!

Not sure what to read?

You can find book recommendations in:

And also:

Reading on a budget?

Free online books can be found in:

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If you have any questions about Book Club, please feel free to check the Book Club FAQ and/or ask in the comments.

Blessed be and happy reading!

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Please announce your books here :blush:


  • Book Title by Author
    (@) your username

Out of respect to others, please only add/edit your own entry

  • The Heirloom Gardener by John Forti

  • The Crooked Path An introduction to Traditional Witchcraft by Kelden

  • Maiden, Mother, Crone by DJ Conway @Amethyst

  • The Path of the Sacred Hermit by Avallach Emrys

  • Sorgitzak, Old Forest Craft by Veronica Cummer

  • The Hidden Power Of Herbs by Holy Santo

  • Brigid: History, Mystery, & Magick of the Celtic Goddess by: Courtney Weber

  • Into Shadow: The Tallan Chronicles by: Morgan Daimler

  • The Wee Free Men by: (Sir) Terry Pratchett


For anyone who has trouble with adding their entry to the wiki post above, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

How to Edit a Wiki Post (with pictures!)

If you’ve read the instructions but are still having a tough time- no stress at all! For anyone who prefers, I am happy to add you in. Just write your book title and author in a normal post and I will take care of it :blush:

Blessed be! :heart:


Fabulous, will try to exercise self control this time and commit to the one book. :joy:


Maybe it’s the enabler in me (it is :joy:), but I know the feeling of having too many wonderful books on the to-read list- follow your heart, Tracy! I hope whatever book(s) you find yourself with this month turn out to be really fun for you. Blessed reading! :books: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Oh dear, how much time left in reading? I’ve been distracted and am reading books on Loki, just started Neil Gaimans, got another one coming tomorrow! He did it on purpose! Ok, self control (I obviously have none of this when it comes to books), I’m going to read Keldens book! :person_facepalming:


You’ve got plenty of time! :heart: This reading session doesn’t end until July 21st.


Would that be July 21st 2024?. Just kidding :joy:


Loki walks the Crooked Path :rofl: :purple_heart:


@Shadeweaver Tell me about it. Lol. :joy:


haha you can read at your own pace and keep the same book for several sessions in a row, if that’s what you need. :pray: :sparkles:


Think I’ll need to. :joy: My hubby said I could open my own bookstore. Never have too many books. :sparkling_heart:


@MeganB I am adding this to my TBR and planning to read it in September, my dance card is full for reading until that time, but this is definitely something I want to read, thank you for introducing it to us.

@BryWisteria yes, a Buddhist monastery would be so interesting, not sure I would live there but I have visited and stayed in a few and it feels very austere but like in a weird way, cozy at the same time. Your mind is challenged :heartpulse:because that’s all that’s left of you to focus on, and you get comfortable, or uncomfortable in your own skin for sure!

@tracyS Self control around books??!! It’s a joke at this point for sure. I love many of Neil Gaiman’s works, he has SO MANY! Books are the doorway to the mind and an entry into the soul.
:candle: :heartpulse:


Hopefully I make it through the rest of the book I’ve been reading for the last… :thinking: At least 3 Book Clubs :rofl:


See, @tracyS – even us Moderators read books for multiple sessions :joy: I think I was reading The Path of the Sacred Hermit for at least two!

I’m sure you’ll get to the books at your own pace :blush:

I’m glad it sounds interesting to you! :heart: It was a wonderful book that introduced a lot to my practice. It’s been a while since a book has given me a different perspective, or a fresh look, at things that I may have been doing all along! I hope you enjoy it when your read it :pray: :sparkles:


Do you think I’ve picked it up yet?!? No. I have been busy getting caught up on my class this week. Now that I’m in week 3 :grin: Once I get to where I should be for this week… I should have some time to actually read it again.

I have used a couple of the… rituals (???) in it though. They were very helpful. I’ve learned quite a bit about Her many aspects & more ways to work with Her.


You’re still reading the Brigid book by Courtney Weber, right? I need to pick that one up and read it again. Maybe next, after I finish reading the other two books I’ve been sent to review :laughing:


I have 1 coming that I have to read for my class, so that will be next. I also have to read it by July 22 :rofl:


You can do it! :clap: :tada: I believe in you!!