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Thank you again to everyone who joined in for last month’s reading session! For those who haven’t yet shared their thoughts about their book (or anyone who enjoys reading book reviews!) you still have time to do so in :memo: Spells8 Book Club XXIV- Reader’s Reviews discussion.

As of today, the 25th book club reading session has now begun !

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  • The Crooked Path - An introduction to traditional Witchcraft by Kelden

  • Wild Magic by Danu Forest

  • The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

  • Witchcraft Therapy by Mandi Em

  • Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods by Jason Mankey and Astrea Taylor

  • Happy Witch: Activities, Spells, and Rituals to Calm the Chaos and Find Your Joy by Mandi Em

  • Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care by Rosalyn Vargas - 3 book series

  • Brigid by Courtney Weber

  • Pagan Portals - Brigid: Meeting The Celtic Goddess Of Poetry, Forge, And Healing Well by Morgan Daimler @Siofra_Strega

  • House Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

  • The Magickal Family by Monica Crosson

  • Irish Witchcraft by Lora O’Brien

  • The Alchemist’s Handbook Frater Albertus

  • VenCo by Cherie Dimaline


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I know I’m not going to get though this in one go. As has been mentioned in the circle, I’ve been having a lot of stress and yucky stuff going on in life lately. Well this book just about leaped off the shelf at me as I’ve been feeling like a very stuck and sad witch. So hopefully as I work through this it will help me get unstuck and in a better place. I know I want to actually do the spells and rituals listed, so it will take time to work through them.


That is absolutely fine, @catherine11- no rush and no stress, okay? :heart: Reading (at least around here!) should be about having fun and enjoying yourself- so please feel free to enjoy your book on your time and at your own pace. It sounds like it is a book that was calling your name- I hope it has the inspiration and encouragement you are seeking! :blush:

Good luck and happy reading- I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it in the future! :books::sparkles:


I hope my pick is okay. Brigid has been calling to me as of late and I decided this book would give me a wealth of information on who is was and is. I gravitate to all things nature, Gaia, Celtic, Irish, green. I have so many goals and plans this year. Instead of losing myself in depression and anxiety, I am working on losing myself into my beliefs and my ancestry.


So this is my attempt at reinforcing what I know before going further by rereading one of the first books I ever read about my beloved Brigid. We’ll see how this goes & how far I make it through!

@stephanieanne76 I think its grwat that you are learning more Her. I also had gone through a back to basics & self discovery, I found that I am very aligned with the Irish :ireland: Celtic :triquetra: practices & I’m always learning new things.

As I am kind of refiguring my practice, I’m reinforcing my knowledge & understanding before building off of where I am in my path :revolving_hearts:


I can’t wait to read your thoughts on this @TheTravelWitch_Bry! I ended up buying House Witch to read, but almost got Green Witch. I’m guessing I’ll end up with all of her books eventually thought :laughing: Maybe I’ll end up grabbing the Green Witch from Kindle Unlimited to read along with the House Witch though!

Ooh, I had no idea this was even a book and I am super excited to read your review on this! I’ve just started diving into Greek Gods so this looks amazing.


Love & Light my dear friend! I have always been pulled by nature, the ocean, the mountains. They are the places I feel most at peace and safe. Gaia has always been and always will be the Goddess of my heart, soul, and spirit. But since joining the coven (and today is my one year anniversary!!! Goodness, I cannot believe it) Brigid has really called out to me and really was the reason I did the ancestry DNA test. So I am very, very excited to read this book along with many others!!


@stephanieanne76 I have that book too! It’s one I hope to reread after the one I’m reading now. :books:

Happy Anniversary :birthday: :blush: time flies sometimes! :heartbeat:

I really hope that enjoy the book :open_book: I look forward to your review!

@Aurora_Hestia I have read the House Witch. I really enjoyed it. I think I’ll have to add that one to my list of ones to review :hugs:


Oh I’m so happy to hear that! I had such a hard time deciding which one to get so I’m glad to hear you like it. What I’ve read so hard has been wonderful!


Looking forward to starting the House Witch… that’s next on my reading list :hugs::nerd_face::open_book:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry , thanks for the encouragement. It’s been good so far, makes some very good points, I’ll save those for final review though. The rituals have been great, as there’s a lot of pointers on substitutions if you don’t have a certain item, and how not everyone’s at the same point and that’s ok.


It is absolutely okay- in fact, it sounds like a book that is a great match for your interests! :blush: I hope that you enjoy reading Brigid and that it has lots of helpful tips and guidance to help you on your path towards your goals this year. Happy reading, @stephanieanne76! :heart:

Ohhhh! :star_struck: I’ve heard good things about House Witch- I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it, Aurora! Hahaha we can swap opinions on the two books :wink::two_hearts:

Green Witch is really good so far- I admit I haven’t had much time to sit down and read over the past weeks, but what I have read has been enjoyable. It’s really loaded with information too- I’m impressed with just how much is being covered! :open_book:

Awesome- I’m so happy to hear you’ve been enjoying it! It sounds like there is a wealth of information, I’d love to hear more about the rituals, and gosh- one can never have too many resources when it comes to substitutions! I’m looking forward to hearing all your thoughts in your review, Catherine- happy reading! :heart::blush:


I feel the same about the House Witch! I haven’t gotten as far as I’d hoped to yet, but I feel like I’ve learned so much in the little bit I have read. I look forward to swapping notes :wink:


I have been feeling the same @stephanieanne76 and am excited to read your selection!


I have gotten to start rereading my first Brigid book Pagan Portals - Brigid: Meeting The Celtic Goddess Of Poetry, Forge, And Healing Well & I’m going to reread Brigid by Courtney Weber afterward.

I also just got the full English translation of the Caith Maige Tuired today! I’m excited for that one too! :books:


Yay! Same here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Now I really gotta jump in and find time to read more of it! :laughing: :+1:)

So many fun books, and all about a goddess near and dear to your heart! I hope your re-reads are just as good as they were the first time, and that you enjoy your new book too. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, Siofra- happy reading! :heart::books:


I think I’m a bit late to the party, but I felt like my current read (VenCo by Cherie Dimaline) would interest some folks here. It’s a novel, so a bit different from some of the other titles listed, but I hope that’s alright. From the book’s blurb: [VenCo is] “a wickedly subversive, deliciously imaginative, deeply feminist novel of contemporary witches on the rise”.

I’m about 70% of the way through and I’m really enjoying it so far. A lot of the novels I’ve read about witches and witchcraft are either too fantasy-based or don’t dive deep enough into the actual magic, but I’ve found so far, VenCo is striking a really nice balance.

It only came out last week (Feb 14), but I was able to snag a copy from my local library. I’d love to hear if anyone else here has heard of it/read it, and if not–hopefully it’s one to add to your list!


It absolutely is okay! :heart: Any book recommendation is a good one, in my opinion. It sounds super interesting and I’m gonna add it to my TBR list! :books: Thank you!