Spring/Summer Simmer Pot

Today while doing my cleaning, I put my new favorite scent mix into my diffuser & then decided to do something for the rest of the house. It’s been rainy and/or overcast since Friday, so I decided that a small simmer pot would be a good idea before everyone gets home. I hope they like it as much as I do!


Rosemary - Purification of Space & Anxiety Relief
Rose - Purification & Healing
Lavender - Purification & Anxiety Relief
Lemon Essential Oil (I don’t have any lemons or lemon juice) - Purification, Cleansing, Healing

I’m letting it simmer on the stovetop for a while today. It is a refreshing scent that feels good & I hope it wakes up the house a little bit. The sun looks like it’s trying to come through today. It was out for a short time this morning but has since been hidden by the clouds. :cloud: :cloud:

In my diffuser that’s in my room, I have the following essential oils for protection & healing:

2 drops of grapefruit
2 drops of lemon :lemon:
2 drops of geranium
about 1 drop of rose :rose:

My husband & son both really like the smell in my room. Both of them have commented on how nice it is to be in there. :heart:


Omg they sound lush :heart_eyes: I closed my eyes and imagined all of those smells wafting around the house :heart: job well done your house will be blessed with love and light :heart:


Ooooh these sound divine, @Siofra, thank you for sharing. I’ll definitely be doing a simmer pot when we get into our new home!


That’s perfect! I had just finished with my house stuff & wanted something to freshen up the air in the house. It’s been so dreary here! I hope it smells lovely when you make it up!


Ooh, I bet that smells divine!!!


It must be in the air, I did a simmer pot yesterday evening! :slight_smile:

On my stovetop, I put (x) amount of water
(y) Rosemary
(y) Fresh lemon shavings
(y) Whole Cloves
(y) Spearmint
(y) Rose Petals
(y) Star Anise & a few seeds
(z) Lavender

I turned it on to simmer and when the water level goes down over time, I just grab (x) of water and fill it up.
I’ve heard of people actually saving it after the first use but that’s about all, no clue as to why or how it’s kept and if there are any other uses besides the stovetop.

I’m digging your combinations you have up there. I seem to always gravitate to the same herbs and spices, etc., so thank you for giving me a reason to step outta my box lol!

Oh yeah, (x) = unmeasured
(y) handful of this or sprinkle of that
(z) only a pinch

LOL :rofl:


Thank you so much! & thank you for the inspiration! I am going to try yours also @janelle

It does smell amazing in the main house & in my room. My husband said it smelled great when he walked in from work :heart:


Thanks for the beautiful simmer pot blends @Siofra and @Janelle! :heart: You are both inspiring- I’m in the mood to make a simmer pot now! :laughing: Although I’m craving something autumnal- maybe cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and the other fall spices… choices, choices! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am loving this organized chaos :joy::+1:


You’re welcome. The house smelled amazing & felt really good yesterday. I like to use my diffuser or make up a simmer pot when the house feels stale. We recently had a change to the house dynamic, so it was time for a refresher. I got all of my crafting things downstairs so now the upstairs feels bigger & more open. It is a nice change for us. I’m thinking of doing another one today after I go to the store. I just don’t know what I want to put in it today. Lately I have been doing a lot for protection & healing. Even when I don’t really realize that’s the correspondences that are coming through.