Suggestions for crystals for my daughter

So I’m looking at tumbled stone to give my daughter. Especially one to wear all the time, as I think she needs to have one on her to protect her. She seems to be a sensitive and I would like to have a stone that provides that ‘bubble’ protection. I will also be looking into helping her learn how to create that zone around her, to learn how to get used to having that skill.

I’m leaning toward either Tiger’s Eye, black tourmaline, obsidian or one of the quartz (clear, smoky or one of the others). She is a Libra, if that helps narrow it down.


Hi there!
When you said protection, my initial thought was the black ones- jet, obsidian, tourmaline and tigers eye. Anything specific she needs protection from? For example, I work in surgery in a pretty busy department- suffice to say, theres a significant “attitude” level, and the place can be toxic. Rough on a caregiver at times. I tend to carrry a little piece of obsidian and also prehnite, protect my inner caregiver a bit. I think they both seem to help me. (Spoiler alert- since i cant wear jewelry in the OR… my bras have hidden pockets sewn in to hide my little stones in. No one is any the wiser!)
Hope that helps!


Black Tourmaline is great for protection & Tiger’s Eye is great for courage & strength.


These all sound lovely! I’d like to put in a vote for obsidian- I got some recently to keep around and it has a really nice, soothing energy for a protective stone. It’s also easy to find and relatively inexpensive, which is nice :black_heart:

As for quartz, perhaps rose quartz? It’s not a protective stone per say, but it is a good one for someone who is sensitive/an Empath because it helps nurture love, especially self-love. I’ve found it helps the one who wears it to be more gentle, understanding, and compassionate (both to themselves and to others) :heart:

Whichever stone(s) you choose, I hope they are a big help for your daughter! Good luck and blessed be to both of you :blush:


In the realm of stones, I temd to agree with @BryWisteria also… Obsidian is a very protective stone & Rose Quartz if perfect for calming & loving energy & promoting self love.

You may be able to find them in bracelets she can wear each day whichever stones you choose.


perfect. I was on the right track. I think she is sensitive, cuz after all the cleansing and all that in her room, she is still seeing thing. Recenlty she saw something peek in her shower. So I found this perfect protection necklace and bracelet from a local store.

Thank you!!


Sorry just saw this quote. Spirits I think. She has a habit lately of seeing and feeling things that aren’t there. So more of psychic protection than anything


Black crystals are the go to for protection. My suggestion is that black obsidian it the strongest for kids protection!


I have a black tourmaline necklace myself and would get my daughter one or black obsidian, my friend carries this crystal with her.


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