Thank you for the recipes

Whoever sent me these bathes I will be so happy to try them also I hope you don’t mind me sharing

Spiritual Bath:

Ever have a run in with someone where you get this weird feeling like something isn’t right or makes you uncomfortable? What about those conversations that just leave you feeling drained afterwards? How about the conversations or experiences that light you up and get you energized? Or when someone walks into a room and everyone notices when they do? These are the vibrational frequencies that we are all giving off, all of the time!

We are around so many different people, situations, and events every single day; we are constantly picking up subtle energies from all of these direct and indirect interactions. Not only that, we are also sending out our own energetic frequencies through our thoughts, emotions, and words. Due to our own energy field constantly taking in and giving out vibrations, the surrounding energies that we come into contact with will affect our own energy. Our energy body is constantly readjusting itself to bring us back into harmony, but sometimes the negative energies we encounter can linger and accumulate over time.

It’s natural to ebb and flow in our attitudes and moods but we don’t often ask ourselves if the energy we are in is actually our own; that’s why this DIY Energy Cleanse is an amazing practice to implement into your self care routine. This Spiritual Bath will help you release the energy that isn’t serving you, cleanse your aura, and balance any energetic imbalances you’ve picked up as you relax and rejuvenate.

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Balance With Us


Hi @diatra, I’m Siofra_Strega from here in the forum… I’m not sure who sent you the baths but are they from here:

Spiritual Bath Cleanse with Ingredients: Spells8

If so there are other spiritual baths on the site: Spiritual Baths Spells8

You are very welcome to search the site or the forum for other types of baths. I know we have had weekly challenges about them too where others have shared their experiences:

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Blessed Bath Blends :bathtub:

Chamomile and Eucalyptus Healing Bath :bathtub:

Those are just a few that I found quickly. Or feel free to share yours with us also!


Thank you it is truly appreciated


It was just text. I apologize for posting them. I will restrain from posting in the future


Oh no @diatra not at all what I was trying to convey… feel free to post, share, ask questions… whatever it is you would like to post. The only thing we do ask is that if it is not from the site that you link to where the information is from. In this instance, you haven’t done anything that can’t be done again :hugs:

I may have misunderstood, I thought maybe you were looking for more information or other types to go along with them.

Everyone here is very friendly & helpful. I would never discourage you from sharing text or any links in the future. :smiling_face: Especially if it was something that was already shared with you. We love to see what inspires others & how they help you on your path.


I apologize my energy is out of line. It seems I can’t get centered


@diatra perhaps a grounding walk or bath will help? :).

No apologies required for your love of healing baths, ONWARD my friend! We are all family here. :green_heart:


@jan_TheGreenWitch “ONWARD my friend” i love this.


@diatra don’t feel that you have to apologize for the way you are feeling. We have all been scattered & off before.

@jan_TheGreenWitch made a great suggestion.

Sometimes being barefoot & just noticing the nature happening around you for a couple of minutes helps too.