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4 Hidden Risks Of Witchcraft That You Need To Know

Spirits, spells, and astral mishaps seem like more pressing dangers than things in our physical reality, but there are some dangers involved in practicing the craft that are often overlooked.

Many newer witches are misled by ill-informed sources and wind up practicing the craft without realizing the consequences of what they’re doing. Practicing magic improperly can result in very serious accidents and damage to your health. Don’t let this happen to you!

Your health should always come first, so take everything you read (even this!) with a grain of salt and always do your research!


One of the greatest dangers in this realm is the use of crystal elixirs: they’re made by placing crystals in water to charge the water with the energy of the crystal for use in baths or drinking. Plenty of crystals are perfectly safe for this kind of use, but many are not and I rarely see warnings about dangerous crystals in this context.

Many crystals are water soluble and will leach toxic minerals into the water that you definitely do not want to drink. Others are simply damaged by water and won’t stand up well to this use, eventually degrading the crystal and making it useless to you.

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Very glad I’m seeing this. I am going to take more time before jumping into using something new. Bookmarking this one. I was shocked to find most of that out but my curiosity is peaked. Thanks for sharing this super important information. Blessed be.


Thanks for sharing this information it is always good to know that is why I always do my research before I try something new. I have very sensitive skin as is.


Ooo… lots of good witchy tips! :star_struck: I’m a fan of good & reputable research to learn before jumping in head first. I just tend to overwhelm myself with the things. So slowing down to one at a time. :laughing:

The crystals & researching topics I knew about already. The essential oils I’ve learned about the ones I use, since I started making wearables & have my pupper with me. Herbs :herb: I’m still learning as I go until I can take some courses on them when I get there. All in due time.

I’m finishing a set of courses & then starting or continuing others on Irish/Celtic Paganism & working with the Morrigan. I recently took a few on learning about Brigid & working with her that I really enjoyed. Those were very helpful. I’m also reading a really good book with even more helpful information on Brigid.

Always a work in progress over here :rofl:


Great tips! I feel like this should be linked to the front page or something. EVERYONE should read this!


@Susurrus i can always help u with the herb parts. Lol

@Amethyst awwwww thanks hon

@Heav3n and @Vermilion_plus_souls yall are sooooo welcome. Glad u enjoyed it


You’re welcome, love!


@Amethyst like i WISH i had known all of these tips when i started. Wouldve saved alot of headaches. So i applaud the author for all the research and knowledge provided. And i completely agree with u that these tips should be posted somewhere on the site. So everyone can see them immediately

@Francisco maybe this is something u would be able to look in too. These are great tips


We actually have topics within the forum with Witchy Tips for all types of things…

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There are more, all you have to do is search the forum.

There are also many resources within the Spells8 site for many of the same topics & through the courses with printables attached to put into your BoS/Grimoire, again just use the search bar on the main site.


@Susurrus oh sweet. I havent seen all that the site has to offer. Im gonna need a tutorial twinsie lol


I always do research before I put anything in my body that’s not food. Thanks for the article it’s good to have a reminder that there so many things that are dangerous.

Blessed be. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Great information and reminder for anyone who’s not new to the Craft. My advice to beginners is don’t ingest anything unless you’re sure it won’t harm you! Always do your research first!


Thank you, this is very good, I knew some crystals shouldn’t be put in water but never really had a good list.
Also St John’s Wort shouldn’t be used if you’re on anti-depressants.
I didn’t know the liquorice one - my Mum was convinced it was good for you!!


This is true! It should also be avoided if you’re on any hormone treatments, including hormonal birth control. It renders it ineffective! :astonished: