🕐 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

This is for my Astrology badge. (EDIT: This was moved to A Sacred Space.)


For my second catch up challenge entry I’ve decided to do something for :mountain: Of the Element Earth - Earth Elemental

I created a small terrarium a few months ago that has been sitting on the window sill in my office. I’ve already had to replace one of the small sempervivum “house leek” plants as it wasn’t thriving and they were starting to look a little sad again.

An advert happened to pop up on my Facebook or Instagram feed with an app for diagnosing problems with plants that had a similar succulent. It suggested possibly over watering and not enough sunlight, to be fixed with removing the dead leaves with tweezers and relocating to a sunnier spot.

So this is what I’ve done. My terrarium and a couple of other small plants have been relocated to a sunny window ledge upstairs, and in the process I seem to have accidentally created another small altar space :rofl:

I’ve also treated the plants with this disgusting looking concoction which was inspired by a this post by @phoenix_dawn Herb Hack & Small Update on Me - #19 by phoenix_dawn

It’s made from broken down aloe vera leaf which has been sat on my bookshelf since July. I’m hoping the chlorophyll dose will perk up the plants and I’ll report back on progress.


Its beautiful - thank you for sharing :heart_eyes:


I LOVE your outdoor space! You have totally inspired me.


Awww thanks for the shout out @IrisW I had completely forgotten about that post as I was still brand new to the coven at the point


So this lil Bit of Earth is one of my favorite Sacred Places : For Earth Magic and Reflection/Meditation and the occasional spell.
I also have an ongoing Highway that I have Adopted (it’s my route to work) so on my way home every day - if I see something that doesn’t belong to The Earth Mother I take it with me and trash it. It has been one of my favorite things to do every now and then with my kids ‘lol’ picking up trash doesn’t sound fun ‘ but when your in Nature and doing something that benefits her ‘ it’s all worth it !


Kristy darlin’, your window terrarium is scrumptious. It could certainly pass for an altar. As always, you bring joy to my heart.


Steph, How could anyone could call this precious garden anything but sacred.

There’s a song on your tube by Home Free, Called My Church and it essentially says where I am is my church. That’s the first thing I thought when you shared this lovely photo.
These 2 videos are by an acapella group that I love, if you hate C&W, ignore the song, but listen to the words objectively.
Home Free


My :skull: The Veil Between Worlds - Witch of the Veil challenge is done!

Since the original post had a trigger warning, I’m goin to add one here.

:warning: TW: The remainder of this post will talk about dying and death. If you think this subject will be too upsetting, you might want to stop reading. :warning:

I cast a circle and called Veaug, Dragon God of Obscurity, for his assistance in helping me understand death more.
On a side note, I could sense him saying to me, “You can just say my name and what you need me for and I will come assist you. There’s no need for long invocations.”

Anyway, I lit a purple candle and held an amethyst to connect with the higher planes of consciousness and for inner wisdom and started mediating.

One of the reasons I love Halloween is it’s the only time of the year when we don’t really fear death or run from symbols of death like skulls :skull:and ghosts :ghost:.

Returning to the state before we were born after we die is hard to comprehend. The concept and belief of an afterlife makes dying and death much less frightening.

However, the afterlife that Christianity presented to me didn’t provide much comfort either. Am I being a good enough person? Will I be sent to Hell when I die? The thought of being sent to Hell for eternity by an all-loving, all-merciful God just didn’t sit well with me.

Going to Heaven didn’t seem like a much better option either. You will spend eternity praising and worshipping God. Our lives on earth are just a preparation for all that.
I can’t help thinking to myself (sarcastically): so meaningful!

My family and I have all talked about what we want done with our remains. We don’t want funerals or anyone viewing our bodies. Personally, I want to be “planted” in a biodegradable bag of dirt with along with a tree’s seed (doesn’t matter what kind). My remains will put nitrogen into the soil, creating a healthy environment for that tree (and any surrounding plants) to grow. My energy will be converted into heat and dissipate into the air. Like The Law of Conservation says: “Energy is neither created nor destroy; it can only be changed from one form to another.” I’ll become part of the earth, the Goddess and God. So, in a way, I’ll still be experiencing the Universe. Just in a different way.

And that is perfectly fine with me.

I had some difficult writing this post because I wasn’t sure if I was expressing myself properly, but this was one of the best meditations I’ve ever done because I don’t fear death as much anymore.

Lastly, I want to share a reading I did to close out the meditation.

I drew Rebirth - Giving Yourself A Second Chance and Knowledge (note that there are five cards in the deck called generals, they are extensions of the cards from the main deck and don’t have to be included in your readings).

I’m not afraid that I won’t be famous enough for my names to appear in the history books, but I do worry if I’m actually doing anything meaningful.

Rebirth tells us that yes, we haven’t succeeded at everything, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up. Reroute the course of your life. Search. Discover. Try new things. Change your outlook on life. See these failures as a lesson and learn from them. When you do, you will feel like a new person and experience a rebirth.
Knowledge, as extension of Rebirth, tells me that I should continue learning more about drawing and writing to hone my talents so that I can, hopefully, make a career out in them someday.


Kitchen Witchery - Kitchen Witch

Please see my healing recipe


Beauty Magick -

Please see my fruit face mask and magical toner !


Moon Magic :new_moon: :waxing_crescent_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :full_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: :new_moon:
There are so many wonderful topics and they are all amazing! (I am wanting to participate in all of them) :woman_mage: The “Moon Magic” Challenge is the one that chose me!
I have worshiped and honored our sacred moon since I can remember as a little girl. I now perform moon magic on a daily basis like drawing a card from the Moonology-Oracle deck and writing in my Moon journal to working with my shadow and Hekate.
The moon is always there influencing our emotions and she follows me everywhere I go or am I following her? I believe it’s a little of both. This love affair I have with our moon has brought Hekate to me.
Keeping track of the moon runs my life lately I consciously make choices and decide to do things and act on(or not ) according to our moon’s position in the zodiac + what phase she is in.
During every New Moon I invite Hecate into my shadow and do shadow work. I ask for her protection and show her I am grateful. I give her an offering of garlic, honey, and clippings of my dog’s (my familiar) hair. during the dark moon phase. I take the offerings to a crossroads near my house (late at night when no one is around) I say a prayer, leave the offering thank her, and quickly walk away. At this point, I consistently get this feeling of urgency to get the heck out of there as fast as a can that rushes through me, and of course, I show her respect by not looking back.
Hecate can be intense and is a powerful deity to work with. I’ve discovered she is big on loyalty and punishment’s so it’s important to understand that once you start working with her, you are making a lifelong commitment which is why I will never skip a dark moon prayer. She particularly loves witches, herbalists, diviners, healers, morticians, and midwives. So if you’re any of these and don’t work with Hecate but might want to? well, you’re in luck! She loves you!
Here are some of my favorites:

There are so many good Moon Calenders out there and the one here on spells8 is absolutely lovely so I printed it to put in my moon journal (So, Thank You,( I am truly grateful for all of the printables and info):white_heart:)

Here is some good moon info:

( moongiant.com)
Details For - September 12
Phase: Waxing Crescent
Illumination: 35%
Moon Age: 5.92 days
Moon Angle: 0.55
Moon Distance: 363,347.84 km
Sun Angle: 0.53
Sun Distance: 150,525,872.18 km

Check the weather before a night of Moon gazing at [weather.com]

Moon Phase Today: September 12, 2021
The Moon’s current phase for today and tonight is a Waxing Crescent Phase. A Waxing Crescent is the first Phase after the New Moon and is a great time to see the features of the moon’s surface. During this phase, the Moon can be seen in the western sky after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset. The moon is close to the sun in the sky and mostly dark except for the right edge of the moon which becomes brighter as the days get closer to the next phase which is the First Quarter with a 50% illumination.

*Todays card:

-much love and many blessings


It’s friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: September 14th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :clock1::sparkles:


Great choices, @wasantha! Looking forward to reading about your salt and candle magick experiences- enjoy! :candle::sparkles:

Gorilla glue to the rescue! I’m glad you were able to fix your altar, @Kasandra, and that you enjoyed such a lovely Draconic Ritual and Prayer. It is beautifully written- great job! :dragon_face: :heart: Thanks for adding the trigger warning to your work with Veaug. It sounds like you are on a first-name basis with Him! :raised_hands: It sounds like your meditation helped to quell the fear and invoke a sense of peace and acceptance- very powerful to read! Thanks so much for sharing :pray:

Hooray for Earth-Friendly witchcraft, @Siofra! The world needs all the help it can get at this point- you did a lovely job working in harmony with the world :earth_americas: :two_hearts: And look at those lovely bottles- such a gorgeous collection of sustainable finds!

Gorgeous spellwork, @Garnet- you’ve certainly earned the titles for Elemental Mastery and Element Earth. Really beautiful words- I can tell you poured your heart and love into their creation. Thanks so much for sharing! :earth_africa: :blush:

Excellent salty spellwork, @Peaches- gosh, that mixture must smell heavenly! :star_struck: May it wash away any negativity from the day. And thank you for sharing your wisdom about IxChel- She sounds like a very lovely Goddess. And Lady of the Rainbows- what a title! Thanks for sharing :rainbow: :sparkles:

Great job on your astral travels, @jim- it’s a very tough thing to learn, but it sounds like you are doing amazing with it. Thanks for sharing- would you like this to be counted toward the travel magick challenges (Magick on the Go?). Let me know- you’ve certainly earned a badge for your brave exploration! :compass:

The astrology museum was enchanting! :milky_way: And the Energy Exchange Circle you so kindly run definitely counts as White Magick- thanks again for all the goodness that you do, @praecog29! :dove:

Bravo again to @Abs53 for your entries in the other threads- thanks so much for sharing! :heart:

Oh my goodness your terrarium and window display are so lovely @IrisW- there’s so much about this that I love! I hope your plants heal up quickly and regain their strength. Wishing you good luck and happy gardening! :green_heart: :herb:

Lovely entry to the Earth-Friendly Magick challenge, @steph- you are very kind for cleaning up trash and thinking of the earth. Even small acts go a long way- thank you so much for looking out for mother nature :national_park: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lovely work with Kitchen Witchery and Beauty Magick, @JasmineTheBlueJ! I like the sound of the toner- I’ve been using Aloe a lot lately and really been enjoying it. Thanks so much for sharing! :heart:

I can tell Moon Magick is a beloved part of your practice, @moonshadow- it makes sense this challenge theme called to you! :full_moon_with_face: That’s lovely work with Hecate and the moon- thanks for sharing the info and chants! :two_hearts:


Thank you! I love using different types of jars & bottles. It makes it more interesting on my shelves. :joy:


Here is the wheel of the year I made since I live in the Southern Hemisphere I thought I could make it so I don’t get confused with the Northern Hemisphere wheel


ahhh I’m so glad I didn’t miss this again :joy: :joy: :joy: I’ve been sitting on this salt ritual for ages hahaha Loving Intentions - Salt Cleanse Shower Ritual


Hey, Bri, Although I love doing the spells, it’s exhausting work, and for days afterword’s, I keep speaking in rhyme.
ha ha


I never went to church when I was young because my mom grew up in A very religious family they were called “Church of Christ” they are just tongues away from Pentecostal. My mom cut her hair and wore pants for the first time after her wedding !! But you know what ‘ when I was younger a part of me wanted to get baptized cuz I was always told or asked still to this day’ “ have you been saved?” My inside voice says “yes and by the Goddess herself”
Lol ‘ but then my real words say “I hope so, even if I’ve never been dunked in
“ HOLY WATER” but thanks ‘ I can save myself ‘ lol


I have chosen A Healthy Dose of Stones and Crystals for my catch-up challenge. I hope to have time to complete the art challenge, but… the crystals were calling me!

Recently I have been very interested in warding my home and myself with my crystals.

I placed black obsidian over our front door, after cleansing and charging it under the new moon. This stone is truth enhancing. It not only protects energetically, but also absorbs negativity from the environment.

Black Obsidian is a gorgeous stone for balancing out your home and keeping it protected. As it is made of volcanic glass, it serves as a meeting point for all the elements & is nature unharnessed at her highest meeting point. My castle is protected. I have placed it over the doorway so that all who step into our home will leave their half-truths and deceit at the door. They can enter with a pure heart and without illusion.
My charge: “Beautiful protective Obsidian, you shield my home and my aura, keeping away negativity and drawing in positivity. You keep us safe and calm, no matter what is going on in the world around us. Let only those with positive intentions and goodwill enter here. Thank you.”

(PSA: gotta cleanse this bad beauty often!)

Secondly, my Tiger’s Eye. This stone was given to me by a girl I used to work with at a bar. She knew I had a lot of anxiety and depression and one day she handed me this little stone and said, “I thought you could use this.” I had no idea what to do with it and I almost thought she was joking. At the time, I had NO idea what stones and crystals could do for a human body and soul! So, I’ve had this stone for years and have never connected with it… until today.
While reading about Tiger’s Eye what struck me the most was this (from the Spells8 site): “Its main attribute is that of balance between the extremes: Leaving the world of duality - good and bad, right and wrong, dark and light - and providing an understanding of the underlying unity behind the apparent opposites.” Ugh. I knew this stone was meant to help relieve anxiety, but this is so on the nose. Idk if it is due to being raised in a conservative Christian household where one could never be good enough (good/bad, heaven/hell, saved/lost), but all my life I have struggled with black and white thinking. This is something I am working to move past. Then I read that this stone is great for providing mental balance and “if you have any emotional instability problems, this is the stone for you”. :bell: DING DING!:bell:

I did the Spells8 activation meditation with my Tiger’s Eye. At first I felt as if we were not connecting, but on the 3rd breath after holding it against my chest, something opened up within me and I felt its gentle love & care. I know now that this stone found its way to me.

Next, I decided to connect with my Rose Quartz, which I have never used. I knew it was traditionally considered a “love stone,” or what have you, and was just kinda meh about it. After reading a bit more, I learned that it can help dissolve one’s boundaries of isolation and mistrust - old baggage and past means of survival I am constantly battling in my marriage - and it can help release pain and sorrow. I had no idea this stone was calling to me today for this healing.
I did the Spells8 activation meditation for this one as well and was moved to tears by its beauty. I am a loving being, and I am worthy of love just as I am.