👃 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - *sniff sniff* Smells Like Magick!

I do the same. Or i just shut the door.


I agree :+1: you have such a beautiful space!!


Here is mine. I started with the base, the alcohol with ceder, sweetgrass, lavender and Sage. I filled the glas bottle with it for about a quarter. Then with distilled water.
Then I lit a candle and began to meditate. I asked for what I need, and then I made my mind as empty as possible. I don’t know exactly how I do this, but I let the answers flow to me. The first answer was a flower essence Mullein. Mullein is about integrity, being true to yourself, true to others, in connection to your higher self. This is very important to me. Because I am sensitive to other people’s feelings , energies, thinking, I get insecure sometimes. And then I tend to adapt and try to be what they expect of me. You will probable recognize this, I guess this happens to all sensitive people. This remedy helps to stay centered. Another one popped up and this does the same in a slightly other way Wild Bertram.
The third one was daisy. This one is good for knowing when to stop. Helps for people that are tired on the inside but still keep working. This has also to do with listening to myself, to my body, and take the rest I need. Sometimes I feel too excited, too responsible , too enthusiastic that I just want to go on, and get past my own limits without recognizing it.
The fourth one st Roberts wort, for positivity and feelings of gratitude
And then Arnica for purification.

I choose 5 remedies because 5 is the number of movement, of change.

The essential oils are Geranium 3 drops for balance and ease
Sweet orange 6 drops for positivity
Lavender 8 drops for calming
Marjory 3 drops for warming, calming and purification
And pepper also 3 drops for warming clarity and room to breathe

Also five different oils.

At last I added some little rose quartz kristals for self love.

This spray calms me but it also makes me feel very light.

I like to make personal sprays because everyone is different and in a different stage of life.
So I love it when people ask me to do this.


I figured id try post now ( i need to distract myself from how terrible i feel… dont worry my test was negative so despite not knowing the cause at least its not that). But thinking about scent based magic i think the thing ive been unknowingly engagung with is the being drawn to sandlewood. I had placed an incence in my incence stand i have a roller scent thingy that i use to draw algriz on my arm. I also discovered that my new shower gel has sandlewood scent to it. Lol ok i feel that maybe someone is trying to tell me i need sandlewood as its turned up unintentionally over and over so im going to go wirh it. Sandlewood is also scent i associated to Fenrir and saturday as well as protection and the colour black. Maybe its him trying to get my attention. Ive been so busy so my pagan or witch practices have become a lil minimalistic. Purely due to time restraints and exhaustion n now i cant even sit up so i haf to lay on bed to try tokeep working then i thought of the challenge. Ive looked up sandlewood correspindance. I found its apparentlt linked to the third eye and root chakra so i wonder if thats pointing to an imbalance but im still learning tge chakra system so not sure yet what tgar means.
One site nentioned sandlwwood removing negative energies and bring good energies.
Anotger site mention harmonizing, peace, balances and soothes. Thats as far as ive got so far. Esp now that im layed out my head splitting n ache and pain. . N no idea why. . So ive got part way tgrough day n what needed to do. At leastt i got washing done ( trafitionally add teatree oil or/and lemon to every wash) so much so tgars what think of when think of the smell. Same with orange, i have a sticky remove thing that is orange scented. Citris makes me think of fresh and clean. Tea tree is kill germs n healing of used in first aid. Peppermint tea fresh and revitilise as well as hrlp if tummy upset after eating. Now permibt is associated to after food lol i even have mint i use after lunch or food when ever im out n about.
On another notr i discoveredthat a piece of paper proped on a display was sitting infront of a reed difuser associated to Lugh n the sun had soaked into the paper where the reed was resting against the paper n the thought occured to me that in a spell that uses paper perhaps another correspondance could do is to gently soak paper without distroying it with a relevent incence or essential oil or essence etc which is something i want to try at some stage so i left tge paper up so remember the idea. . . Ok i think tgats as much as i can write. Distraction from pain workrd for a while. . But now come back. . Lol n my peppermint tea is still in the difuserr or infuser pot. Ill need to try get up and at lwast put in fridgr to drink later. If only there was a tea to help with the pain. . I just cant think of one at the monent. Oh well maybe something will come to me. Hope everyine else is going well. Have a great weekend :hibiscus::rose::bouquet::cherry_blossom:


I started something last Sunday before I even knew what the challenge was going to be. My Cape Jasmine is in full bloom and the smell is beautifull! I have two huge bushes and last year they didn’t bloom at all because of the snow we had in Texas that year. I thought I had lost them and they are extra special to me. My Mother took some cuttings from her plant and rooted about 20. She gave me two and they thrived. The other ones she planted along a fence line in her yard. She passed away 5 years ago (seems like yesterday, but also forever), so I was really upset when I thought I lost them. Last Sunday the first of the blooms started to come out. I cut some to dry and I put some in coconut oil to make a candle anointing oil. I made sure that the flowers didn’t have any water on them before I put them in the oil. I learned the hard way that if there is water on plants or herbs when you put them in the oil it will turn rancid. Monday I gave the bottle a shake and to my surprise the flowers were still white. Tuesday the world turned dark and I didn’t check it. On Wednesday night when I got home from work I checked it and it smelled horrible. I didn’t pour it out though. I figured I would dispose of it later. (I have been pretty numb mentally all week), so this morning I opened the jar and braced myself for the awful smell and it smells wonderful!


I bought some marjarom :seedling: in the spice section at the grocery. I use it on foods for good luck and good flavor.
You could infuse some oil with the dry herb but it takes a few weeks unless you do the quick method by heating it. :fire: :potted_plant:


My Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry - Smells Like Magick!


I was going to write about my Magick Potion creations… but I found something new to write about! All of my children have different forms of intuition. And my son’s is the most unusual, even rare form of The Clairs!

What Are "Clairs?"

Image from: ~Salt + Sea Energy

"Clairs" are also known as Clair senses, psychic senses, or having a 6th sense.

  • Clairvoyance: Psychic seeing or clear seeing
  • Clairaudience: Psychic hearing or clear hearing
  • Clairsentience: Psychic feeling or clear feeling
  • Clairalience: Psychic smelling or clear smelling
  • Clairgustance: Psychic tasting or clear tasing
  • Claircognizance: Psychic knowing or clear knowing
    ~Salt + Sea Energy

Since this is a Challenge relating to smell, have you guessed what my son’s ‘Clair’ is? If not… it’s Clairailence! So, my entry this week is about Clear Smelling! I don’t know, but I would guess the only Clair that’s rarer is Clear Tasting.

He and I had a long talk about it yesterday. He worked as a paramedic and saw too many tragic injuries and deaths. So I don’t want to go into more detail because it’s a complex and sensitive topic. With that said, let’s explore Clear Smelling.

# Clairalience
From late 17th century French clair (“clear”) + alience (“smelling”)
Clairalience is the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge by means of smelling. ~Wiktionary.org

The most common form of this sense is smelling the perfume, cigar, etc. of someone who has passed. Have you experienced this? I know I have.

To develop your clairalience, smell everything! Do not turn your nose up to the opportunity of smelling the world after rainfall, flowers on a walk, fruit and vegetables in the supermarket, puts during cuddles, coffee in the morning, cooking smells in the evening, candles and incense.
~2021, Shelly F. Knight, Good Grief: The A To Z Approach Of Modern Day Grief Healing

~Image from Holisticism

I Smell

Clairalience: Clear smelling, being able to smell something that is not actually physically present in the 3D realm.

  • “I should’ve trusted my gut.”
  • “i had a feeling that was going to happen.”
  • “i just know it’s going to work out.”

These phrases are seemingly commonplace — but they’re actually hints of intuitive, clairvoyant powers. Do you ever find yourself asking why you didn’t listen to your gut feeling or your inner voice that told you what decision to make or direction to go? That was your clairvoyant self trying to guide you. Or maybe you’ve had an experience seeing an intuitive reader in an attempt to find more clarity on a situation, and left feeling that they affirmed messages that you already knew?

After my son and I discussed his abilities, I started researching and it took me a while to find anything because I didn’t know what it was called. I thought it was a Clair but not sure. When I finally found a website that included it as one of the clairs, and I knew what to call it I found a lot of information. I was surprised but also fascinated by it and I want to learn more. I have listed more references below if you are interested.

Some authors I found have taken the French word ‘Clair’ and added an English word, such as, ‘scent’ to it! In my opinion, it should be ‘Clairalience’ or ‘Clearscent’ and not a combination. The French version sounds more ‘Magickal’ to me! And that’s my 2 cents!

Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry for creating this challenge! I love learning new things. :heart: :nose: :star2:


Good evening everyone :heart:
This was a great challenge! I was able to try something new and can put this to good use as well.
I picked some of my essential oils, dried flowers, herbs, lavender Epsom salt, and rice to concoct some scented sachets!
I had no idea what combos to go with and winged it hoping for something pleasant.
My first thought was I needed something in the walk-in closet I shared with my husband. His clothes are the first ones hanging as you enter. Let’s say we need a scented sachet hanging on his side. :rofl: I had him tell me which oils he preferred and came up with this for him:
White rice mixed with 13 drops of Sandalwood oil and 13 drops of Ylang Ylang oil.
Dried rose petals and Forget Me Nots crushed and added to the rice.
13 drops of vanilla oil to take the twang off that.
No lavender Epsom salt for this combo.
Since I’ve never smelled and handled these combinations, I was feeling… floaty…lol. I needed something strong to combat the man’s smells! ( No offense to the men😁)

Next, I was thinking of something for our gals that work in the Therapy Department at our Nursing Home and my best friend. For them, I wanted a calming, soothing essence and did this:
Rice and lavender Epsom salt with 13 drops of Vanilla oil.
I used dried lavender, lilac, and rose petals from some bouquets I was gifted and rosemary.
Bingo! That was a lovely combination♥️

Lastly, I wanted to try another soothing blend and went with this:
Rice and lavender Epsom salt with 13 drops of lemon oil and 13 chamomile oil.
Dried peach blossoms and sage crushed and mixed in. I added 13 drops of Jasmine oil to finish that one-off.

I took them to my mom, the smelly-tester. She liked the one with Jasmine and the soothing lavender/ vanilla creations. She let out a yell with the Sandalwood/ Ylang Ylang combo. :rofl:. It’s strong. Mission accomplished. :heavy_check_mark:
Thank you for the fantastic challenge, ladies!
Blessed be🪄 and have a wonderful week😘


Lovely witches this week has been an exhausting week and challenging but I am blessed to have my witchcraft to lean into. To bad I live under a roof that’s not mine and my roommate is allergic to incense. Well on the first I am supposed to move into a new home very soon.
Luckily Jasmine helps with communication.
My husband had a relapse and it hurts really bad. I started going to a group to help me cope. I use to be an addicted but been 12 yrs clean. Still struggling with vape and life issues that arise. Anyway most importantly my relationship with my partner is vital and we need all the help we can get. We might even do some marriage counseling. I went to the park and got some pine cones to crush. They are really great for crushing and burning incense. They get a real good burn. I found some cedar to burn and some dried pines to get a really great smell. I don’t have my mortal and pestal! But here are my witch finds.

I am burning :fire: some jasmine to help me cope with this situation! I believe jasmine helps with relationships and it helps attract prosperity. We could use the protection in our home that jasmine brings! :house: I need the Strength and also some happiness! I pray jasmine you can carry me and give me the love and Nurturing he needs to get better!

Mighty Hecate
With this incentive to heal my relationship
I give you this offering and may it be made in love from above :point_up:
As above so below :point_down:
Give me your guardianship over my relationship
Give me what it takes lend me your power within and let spirit soar and stand on solid ground!
Hers were I got this idea wish I could do more but this is all I can give!
Jasmine spell and correspondences

Thank you in gratitude in this waning moon help me get rid all of the miscommunications and help us to better care for each other!


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

Thank you to has stopped to smell the magick so far :wink::sparkles: If you want to enter the challenge but haven’t done so already, please know that you have one more day left to do so:

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: May 31st, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

Blessed be! :nose::sparkles:


Nice to know! Thanks for the information!


I am sorry to hear about your struggle. I am sending you some good vibes. Hope you will find each other in intimacy again.

Imaginative scene setting which is almost certainly wrong.

Old ago, and a world away for my home a priestess and priest are starting a ritual. They light insence and hang it from a large door way, praying before walk through. The sun is setting behind them filling the temple with a soft amber light.
As they are bathed in smoke, and they both inhale deeply.

But what does it smell like?

I have found several recipes which vary greatly in difficulty and sometimes ingredients though…

The oldest and easiest to prepare is from the Ebers Papyrus:

Prepared by simply boiling the ingredients in honey.

  • Honey
    *Mastic (Pine Resin)
    *Genen (Sweet Flag)
    *Pine Kernels
    *Cyperus Grass(Paper Reed)
    *Camel Grass (Lemon Grass)
    *Inektun (Hyacinth)

This is the recipe I’ve chosen to try first. One of the most significant differences between this one and other recipes is that it calls for neither raisins nor wine; which all other recipes require.


Thank you! Would love to know how your incense turns out!


Thank you!!!


Since it’s getting down to the wire… I’m honestly waiting for the rollerball bottles to get here :rofl: if I don’t get them early enough, I will just make incense the best I can for the root chakra. I’ll see if I have everything for the sacral chakra too.

I promise to share as soon as I know what I’m doing :joy:


You crack me up! :rofl: Looking forward :blush:


@Mistella those are beautiful and I know they smell beautiful too!


Thank you @Ostara :heart: They were fun to make :mage:


HI! My name is Ame, and I’m addicted to stick incense.

No seriously, I have a problem. I order them from Amazon and it seems like I get one a month or something. I have five different sandalwoods, and everything from patchouli and mugwort to nag champa and chocolate. I have one of those big totes to store things in, and half of its incense.

I have a prayer that I wrote for offering incense to the gods that I shared during a previous challenge, so here’s a new one that I wrote for this challenge to use when just burning incense for fun.

“May the Lords and Ladies of Air bless this space,
and let the smoke flow gently all over this place!”

Here’s a look at part of my collection. Hope you enjoy it!