🐝 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- The Spell-ing Bee

A warm reminder that this challenge closes:

TOMORROW :exclamation:

For anyone who hasn’t yet shared a spell but wants to participate, please do so before the deadline: Tuesday, October 20th at 7:00 AM CET.

Still feeling stuck? Now sure where to begin with your spell?
@MeganB shared a very encouraging and helpful guide that can help you through writing your very first spell: My Spellwriting Process

Good luck and happy spellwork to you! :sparkling_heart:


Ooh I loooove these!
Spell 2 is really calling to me - I’mma steal this one :kissing_heart: haha


I like those spells as well! The second one is really nice. Great job. I wish I could write more on my own. My brain locks up when I want to come up with things sometimes. You did a really good job, I like the first one too. It reminds me of when I am stirring my coffee or tea in the morning.


My spell…my intention is to be healthier and more hydrated.
Using the indirect method, (the crystal is not in the water that you’re drinking) I made a crystal elixir.

Ingredients: a container ( preferably of the elements, not plastic), water, and a crystal ( make sure it’s water safe!), a small glass container with a lid(to place your crystal inside of), a water pitcher, and my intention.

I first cleansed myself, space and tools.

As I held each ingredient in my hands, I thanked them for aiding me in my healing process.

Then I place the crystal ( I used moonstone for hydration) in a small glass container with a lid.

I then placed that inside a pitcher of boiled water that has cooled.

I said this chant:
“Help me oh healing crystal elixer,
So that I may find better hydration quicker.”
(So simple, I know!)

At this point you may choose to charge your elixer in the the moonlight or anyway you wish.(still in the pitcher)

Take the small glass container from the pitcher, pour the water in a glass and now you can drink your potion! Drink frequently when feeling parched.

Crystal elixers are in no way, shape or form an excuse to not go to the doctor’s if you’re feeling dehydrated. There can be a bigger underlying issue. This is just for when you’re feeling thirsty.

Be careful if using the direct method ( placing crystals directly into drinking water) because some crystals are toxic! Do your research before using this method, please!


Spell for Successful Medicaid Waiver Review.

I have an interview on the 13th of next month to see if I can get my medicaid helper, and if so how many hours and what kind of help. I need all the help I can get so I’m doing this success spell that morning to help me with that.

This will be a simple spell, just a little candle magic. First of all I will be making Blue Moon water on Samhain to use with this spell. I’ll be taking an orange candle, for success, and a push pin and using it to carve the rune Telwaz into my candle.

Telwaz is the rune of success in our actions but this time without personal sacrifice. It also means success in “legal” matters but only if we were in the right to begin with. This is the rune that looks like the arrow pointing up.

Then I’ll be anointing my candle with Blue Moon water and light it up, saying:

“Dear Mother I ask for your aid.

To help with my vacuuming and getting my bed made.

For help with groceries and with dishes

Please send me an assistant, to help with my wishes.

With harm to none, so mote it be!”

Hopefully this will tick me over the edge, and get me the help I’m needed.


This is a fantastic little chant @TheTravelWitch and I’m going to add it to my grimoire if you don’t mind. It will go great with my coffee every morning :coffee:

This used to happen to me a lot @krissie117 and what I’ve found helpful is freewriting. This is the process of just taking a pen or pencil :pencil2: some paper, and letting words just flow. It could start out as silly as, “I’m free writing and I don’t know what to write so this feels weird…” but just let your hand and your :brain: mind work together. Sometimes it gets the creative juices flowing to get you over that block. The hardest part about getting started is getting started.

This is a good one @christina4 ! :sparkler: I love that you used the indirect method of making the crystal elixer. It has always made me anxious when people put stones and minerals in water :face_with_monocle: because I’m not a geologist and I don’t know what’s safe and what’s not :laughing: Your spell looks great!

I hope so, too @kasie Your spell looks great, too :candle: and I love how you’ve incorporated the color :art: correspondences with your candle as well as the rune you’ve chosen.


Thank you @MeganB, I will try that in my journal today. I need to do some of that today to keep my thoughts & anxiety from getting away from me. That’s when I have the most anxiety when I feel like I have no control of my thoughts & then they stick and I can’t get them out of my head.

It will probably be something like that first sentence. Lol


Hi All!

I’ve been super busy recently so I haven’t had time to create a brand new spell, but I thought I’d share with you a little chant I whisper to Selene every now and then, asking her to keep my daughter safe: :sparkles:

"Selene, from mother to mother I ask a favour, may you always find time to be my little girls savour,
Please cover her in your beautiful safe light,
Make her soul shine pure with all its might,
Keep her forever in your thoughts and sight,
This precious girl of mine please hold her tight."


Hope you are all well!


Awww this is so lovely @mrs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Have uploaded my Sun and Air Wish for Happiness ☀
It was not supposed to be that long or complicated. Got a smidge carried away. :sweat_smile:


I did a consecration spell that I’ve been chanting to clean my tools or any new items I get for my Altar.

I light a white candle, an incense or sage-smudge stick.

I recite the incantations as I move the incense or smudge stick counter clockwise to get rid of any negative energy that may be attached to the item.

Than I move the incense or smudge-stick clockwise to infuse positive energy into it…

Here is the incantation…

I ask the elements, earth, air, fire and water, please be here with me today.

I concecrate thee
I concerate thee
I concecrate thee.

All negativity be gone…
All negativity be gone…
All negativity be gone…

Positive energy come forward to infuse my tools with your magick…

Positive energy come forward to infuse my tools with your magick…

Positive energy come forward to infuse my tools with your magick…

Elements of earth, air, fire and water.
I now thank you for your blessings, may my tools be useful for the better good.

So mote be…


Thank you so much! I didn’t want to do too much because that morning I’ll be getting ready for the phone call. I have to have lists out and ready of my meds and things like that. I’m honored that you like my little spell.


Hello one and all!

Pretty basic spell here but this seems to work really really well for me (I’m in contract management and a bean counter and since 'Rona took over have been doing three people’s jobs…)

This inspiration happened upon me whilst looking for some new coffee mugs, saw the initial phrase and smokes! this just came so naturally - lol

Hocus Pocus
I need caffeine to focus
As I make this brew
Make it strong and true
Let there be no mistake; in haste, nor waste
So I state
So make it be

Working on some others that are not “work” related and hopefully will be able to share those as well.

Love & Light


Evening/Morning All,

Okay so I was not feeling at all confident in this challenge, but I stepped up and pulled the big girl pants on and gave it a go… :rofl:
Really simple…
I would light a purple candle for this spell.

Anxiety Be Gone Spell

Racing Mind and anxious thoughts,

I set this intention for you to stop.

Swirling feelings and doubts abound,

Positivity shuts you down.

Head held high, Pride within

With this spell, Anxiety does not win.

Clear mind and Grateful me

So it is spoken, so mote it be.

Blessed Be!


LOL! Very cute @da1! I’m sure there’s more than one coffee drinker going to be saying this. Great spell!

Yay for big girl pants! LOL. Nice chant, I really like it!


I loved all the spells!! This was a fantastic weekly challenge!

I think I especially enjoyed reading the one by @mrs Abs! It just sounds so genuine and filled with love!! :full_moon: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks everyone for sharing! I am sure I will come back here for inspiration. Bookmarked! :bookmark:


Absolutely, @Limeberry- it’s all yours! I’m glad you enjoyed it :blush:

Thank you, Krissie- that’s very kind of you to say! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hmmm that sounds a bit like writer’s block to me- when your brain just does not feel like creating anything. Megan’s advice about freewriting is a great way to combat this! You could also try a Creativity and Motivational Spell to jumpstart your motivation too :grin:

A very good intention to focus on, Christina- and a beautiful spell as well! I love those simple but powerful chants :grin: Your notes and advice about safety are very much appreciated too- thank you for sharing this wonderful spell! :sparkles:

So mote it be- I hope so too, Kasie! This spellwork is lovely and the words you chose are right on as always :grin: Including the Telwaz rune and Blue Moon water are also great additions- I imagine they will give your spell a huge boost of power! :raised_hands: Very well done and I’m also sending the best of wishes that everything goes well and you recieve some help :+1:

Please, feel free! I’m so happy you enjoyed the spell :blush:

Oh my goodness, @mrs- this is so heartwarming! :heart: I can feel both your love and Selene’s love in every line. You really captured the warmth of motherly emotions. Absolutely beautiful- thank you so much for sharing! :hugs:

Well done, @walter! :clap: I love how you drew on all the elements and repeated the key lines three times. The reptition really helps to increase focus and power up your intention :fire: . And I love the words you chose! You also closed the spell up very nicely, invoking the elements again. It has a sense of competition and finality. Bravo, and thanks for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ahh this is amazing, @da1! :grin: A perfect chant to draw on that oh-so-important energy of caffiene. I really love this- and your rhyming is perfectly done too. It’s a fun and happy spell to read! :two_hearts:

Oh yes, please- if you don’t mind sharing them, I would love to hear any spells you are working on! Your spellwork is a pleasure to see- thanks for sharing :heart:

Round of applause to you, @Tamera- you nailed it! :raised_hands: This is a gorgeous spell that flows beautifully when read aloud. You did a great job choosing words and they even rhyme- bravo! :clap: I can definitely see myself using this one for those days when anxiety is taking a toll. Thank you so much for sharing! :two_hearts:


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Thank you to all participants of the Spell-ing Bee! The curtains are now closed and this challenge is over. You all did an amazing job with your spells!


A Props and Presents Post with a list of all winners and prizes will appear shortly. Please keep an eye out in the forums! :honeybee:


Your spell is so sweet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you darling! The difficult part is the waiting on the pone call. I wish I could talk to them this week and get it over with!