A Condensed Story of Praise to the Goddess

I worship the Triple Goddess. :full_moon: She makes the most sense to me since I come from a Christian faith dominated by the belief in a Trinitarian God. To me, she is my Goddess, or the Goddess.

Although I know she isn’t the moon, I look to the moon when I worship :pray: at night. Since I was a teenager, whenever I was in great pain, I would look up and find peace in her gentle light. I started dabbling in the craft at 15 but the power I found there scared me. I thought for sure it must be “demons” due to my upbringing and I tried to suppress what was building in me over the last 25 years.

To make this condensed, I am skipping a lot of the flowing imagery and most of the details. Suffice to say, I have seen, heard, experienced things to wonderful for most to even imagine.

And this is why it’s been so hard for me to write anything about my journey. Most will never believe it. But the journey has been amazing. You would not recognize the old me vs the new me that is on this site. While I want to get into that story in some depth, it’s not time for that yet.

This post isn’t about me. I am just a guy living in the midwest in America. I don’t have a degree or a fancy job. I don’t have money or prestige. I have three kids and a failed open marriage. :sweat_smile: I was suicidal last year and had to be rescued by a friend with the nickname Moon. (There is no such thing as a coincidence.)

So why do I post any of this?

  1. I want to share the few lessons I have found most important.
  2. I want to share praise for my Goddess because none of the wonders I have experienced have been my doing. They have all been hers.

Things I have learned:

  • Trust the magic. Don’t try to control it. Don’t try to explain it. Let it flow through you naturally. Whatever methods you use from the craft, remember they are tools or rituals but the the real power is in you and all around you.
  • Embrace mystery. We can learn a great deal from each other on here and I love and value this site. At the end of the day, though, remember a little mystery goes a long way. We don’t need to know or understand everything. Doing so can steal from the “magic” of each experience.
  • Know yourself and then love yourself. It is impossible to truly love others if you can’t love your true self. Take the time you need to work on you and allow the universe to handle the rest.

Praise for my Goddess:
This year I have been healed of a peanut :peanuts: allergy. I have seen friends’ careers be blessed after our candle magic. Another friend’s pneumonia disappeared after candle magic. :candle: Clouds have physically split in the sky so we could see the moon. I have heard the adult voice of a 6 month old child more than once. :open_mouth: A friend has heard my songs about a walk I was taking in her own dream and she told me about it after waking up. I have heard her singing from her kitchen, even though I was in my car.

I don’t know what is going on but I know it can’t be explained and instance after instance has pointed me to one inescapable conclusion. There are many deities out there, but the Goddess has been the one speaking to me and reaching out to me for 25 years. This year she finally captured my heart and soul and I am excited to follow the path she has laid out for me. There is power in the universe and she is the one lighting the way for me so I can see it and marvel at it.


Thank you so much for sharing your story, @praecog29! :heart: It sounds like your journey has been long and often difficult for you, but I am glad that the ‘clouds have parted’ so to speak, and that the moonlight of the Triple Goddess is shining her gentle light on you now! :full_moon:

Very wise words and a vital life lesson! Especially for those of us who are empaths- self care is essential and should be considered an important part of our lives and practices :adhesive_bandage: :two_hearts:

I also must say that you have quite a talent for writing! This was a pleasure to read- you have a way with both words and magick! :sparkles::writing_hand:


That’s awesome @praecog29!! I am sure that after this post you’ll get more and more signs of the Goddess working in your life.

Two days ago I shared on a topic here how I was eager to work with Venus and the next day (yesterday) I received signs again. There were 3 separate instances of either randomly seeing the word Venus or a thought related to her, I almost didn’t connect the dots but I could feel a very powerful energy.

Sending you all the best in your path :pray:


I am so happy that you shared this part of your journey. Everyone’s is different and I feel the same way, that there are no coincidences. I hope you find everything you need here with the amazing people that make up this coven. I relate to the Goddess on more than one level also and find comfort in her light.

Have a great day and I look forward to learning with you.


@praecog29, your experiences of the Goddess reaching out to you overlap quite a lot with mine… she has many faces and names to me… the Triple Goddess, Selene, Luna, Diana, to name a few :white_heart: There is a gentle, loving feeling when thinking about her, or looking up to the moon, and I know that I can place my body and soul safely in her hands :relieved::white_circle:

She has shown herself to me through so many “coincidences”, including partners sharing her name… items I’ve held on to, fascination with dreams, even aesthetic preferences… eventually I couldn’t ignore the signs any longer and it wasn’t long after I discovered my magical talent! :sparkles:

Wishing the best for you, and for the Goddess to keep shining her gentle light on you and the path ahead :pray:


Thank you for sharing your story with us. I like your statement " We don’t need to know or understand everything. Doing so can steal from the magic of each experience’, and I am finding this true in my own path.
Im just beginning my journey into the God/ Goddess realm and today I have been focusing on Hekate.
Blessed Be


Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful words of encouragement. I love hearing about your journeys, as well. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: