Autumn equinox /Mabon

I’m from Australia so the next Sabbat coming up (quickly it seems as I’m so busy at the moment) for us is the Autumn equinox or Mabon. I’ve planned my annual leave to be during that week. I finally able to take some leave for myself( something I needed as I was so burnt out).
So thankfully as it turns out my days of work have changed which I now work Thursday not Friday which excitedly gives me the full day of full moon to prepare for doing something for full moon rather than getting home 9pm at night at times n then by time sorted to do anything I’m exhausted n struggle to do much. But now I have full day of full moon to start me week of leave and then Mahon or autumn equinox on Monday. But as it’s the first time celebrating I was wondering if anyone had ideas of things can do, recipes or food suggestions (as I do know it’s a harvest celebration ). Are their specific spells good to do at this time. Are their rituals specific to this Sabbat? I’d be happy to and appreciate to hear how other ppl celebrate and suggestions even though I know alot of ppl might be preparing for a different sabbat if your in North hemisphere. Hope your all well.


I know that was probably exciting to right, I would have been so excited for the day of the Full Moon & the Sabbat in the same week you are off… Lucky Girl :shamrock:

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I hope some of these help you out, you may want to search the recipe category for something pertaining to Mabon/Autumn Equinox. @Amethyst posts recipes throughout the year & usually around a Sabbat she has recipes that would go with that particular sabbat. Or maybe she knows of some that she has posted for the occasion.


There are also a few posts and ideas in our March Equinox 2022 :tulip: Coven Celebrations! post :blush: Mabon/Ostara falls on the March Equinox every year.


Thank you @MeganB for adding the additional link, that would be the most current information from members & how they are participating/celebrating :grin:


Have you heard of the American holiday Thanksgiving? I find a lot of recipes for that and use them for Mabon. But a lot of apples, seeds, and nuts are used. Then again it may be different for y’all, I have no idea what one harvests in Australia.

I did find on Amazon A Wiccan’s Walk in Oz, which is a beginner book for Wiccans with Southern Hemisphere information. It may have some good information for you.

Good luck celebrating!


Thanks for that. Yeah I’ve heard of thanks giving I know I think ppl eat turkey? Lol sorry that’s what comes to mind when I think of thanks giving but yeah a feast of food. But I’ve never left Australia or been to America so I’m not sure if what I’ve seen or read is how it really is.
Thanks for the suggestions I’ll have a look into all of those. Lol to be honest I think it depends which area from to what sort of things might harvest. Some ppl over east like Queensland I think have the banana groves. Where I am in some parts they have the vineyards but I know they’d have fruit orchards is that the word for that or is that only for Apple’s. I know my sister’s gone to a place to collect strawberries. I think it’s like you pay to go collect strawberries n you get to take it home what you collect. I don’t know. I worked in a fruit orchard once( ok I’m going to call it an orchard till I fund out otherwise) and they had different types of fruit on the property. We collected it then had to sort them and make sure they were ok before put in their containers or storage. But that was looong ago n I think it was a summer job so didn’t last long. Seasonal job is that what you call that. I don’t know what they call it over there but it’s like a job that only comes up during I guess harvest season. Lol I’ve not thought of that in a long time. Must of been what maybe nearly 20 years ago. Maybe lil less.
But yeah I’ll look into that. Apples are big so I guess that relieve t here too. But yeah I’ll have a look at Thanks giving ideas n apple recipes. N that book sounds interesting I’ll have a look. Thanks again for suggestions


Turkey or Ham, sometimes both. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole … I’m making myself hungry! LOL!

But yeah, look to your own areas and farmer’s market for what’s fresh and in season, or what your family has on holidays that’s tradition.

If it helps, I found the perfect recipe for today’s apple pie. I’ll be posting it here in a bit.


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