Beginning Herbs & Crystals

I am fairly new here and so far have learned SO much! I am curious to know what herbs and crystals are a necessity to have on hand at all times. I want to make sure I have what I need on hand before I perform anything. Should I purchase a kit on Amazon or go to my local shops?
Thank you beautiful souls so much!


I prefer to pick my herbs and crystals out by holding them in my hand and feeling their energy. On the other hand, I have ordered both online and thankfully it’s turned out well.
With love :heart: always


Thank you! I am the same way! I want to feel the connection with what I purchase!


Hey QueenC :blush: I’m glad to know you’re learning so much here on Spells8! That means we are doing our jobs :clap: :sweat_smile: I hope you continue to have a wonderful time here with us!

As for necessary herbs, I might be the odd one out here when I say I don’t think there are any that are “necessary” because what is necessary for one witch might be completely irrelevant to another witch. I think you should keep herbs on hand that you find useful.

I also think you should avoid buying bulk kits on Amazon for a few reasons – and I don’t mean to knock anyone that does, so please don’t take this as me being judgy. First, when you buy herbs from Amazon, you don’t necessarily know what you’re getting. The herbs you get could be perfectly safe. Then again, there are stories of people who have received herbs from Amazon that were entirely not what they were supposed to be. I also think it is much better for the environment, your local community, and your practice to buy local herbs from a local shop. This can be a metaphysical store, a grocery store, a botanica, or even foraging what you’ve got around you.

I honestly only keep a handful of herbs on hand that are specifically for witchcraft. The rest of my herbs are kept in the kitchen because I also use them for cooking! :laughing: Cooking herbs are just as good as fancy herbs bought in a metaphysical store, in my opinion.


My herb collection also includes my kitchen for the same reason! :rofl:

@QueenC I personally use these the most:

Herbs :herb:


You can also go through:


Greetings @QueenC,

Hooray! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying exploring and learning- I hope you continue to find everything you are searching for and more :blush::books:

I agree with what Megan said about different herbs and crystals for different witches. My best recommendation for you is to try out as many as you can and find which materials you end up liking/ using the most. There’s a lot of trial and error involved, but experimenting with spellwork is a lot of fun too! :herb:

If it helps, I’ll also share a few of my personal favorite herbs and crystals that I’ve been using alot recently:

Herbs & Plants :herb:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula
  • Lemon Balm
  • Cinnamon
  • Rosemary
  • Sage

Crystals :gem:

  • CARNELIAN (I am obsessed lol)
  • Rainbow Fluorite
  • Labradorite
  • Fire & Ice Quartz
  • Rose Quartz

Good luck and happy exploring, @QueenC- I know you’ll be able to find the things that resonate most with you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be!


Thank you!!! I will be printing this out! You all have been so helpful!


@QueenC - :arrow_up: I agree with what everyone said so far for sure! My own take on this is different because I am a green witch and have evolved my own daily/monthly/yearly needs with the seasons and my own garden and surrounding forest. I wild craft as much as I can first, grown from my own gardens, and trade with local friends/family. Then I will order organic herbs as needed from a couple of online sources like

If it is for purely magick and not consumption I do not mind using less quality because the intention is more relevant than the makeup of the actual herb in my own point of view. Others may feel differently. If I lived in a town and it wasn’t a drive to go to a local shop, I would use them more, but I think trading with locals in my area is about the same as this.

I would start with a list of daily/weekly and new moon rituals, spells and likely uses for herbs and crystals. Then look up their correspondences and begin with those. If you have them in your cupboard, use them. Rosemary and clear quartz would be my starting place. If, like most of us, you want to have a mini witchy area you have created to feel like you’ve “arrived” and started on your journey - WE CAN ALL RELATE - then take what you already have and add whatever you can depending on your budget. Then you will add one or two things a month. I’d say for herbs if you aren’t growing or wild foraging, just go to your cabinet and take out those herbs that you have duplicates or you would use (cinnamon, rosemary, basil, etc…) and you can transfer them into little vials and label them for your ‘craft’ area, or… just know that they are there for when you need to get them in your kitchen. It depends on your space, your budget and what kind of witch you are, which is the truth for many of these subjects! I have my basic crystals and I use herbs for most things but will enhance things with crystals and am on a new crystal learning journey myself right now to discover if more than the basics are helpful to me. Challenging myself to step out of my green witchy comfort zone! Exciting time for you - enjoy!! :herb:


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