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This discussion is the continuation of the wonderful @August_Wandering’s informative posts on frequencies, energy work, and Human Design. For those interested, please feel free to view the discussion up to now in the original discussion threads:

Like August said, although vast and intriguing on their own, these topics overlap in many ways. As such, this new merged discussion will offer a place to discuss and explore the interwoven nature of frequencies, energy work, and Human Design going forward :raised_hands:

Please feel free to review the helpful resources and information in the previous split threads, and know that you are warmly welcome to continue the discussion here in this new masterpost :blush:

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Let’s talk about Human Design. Before getting into the chart itself, I feel it’s necessary to first cover exactly how the Human Design System functions.

The Human Design system brings together the ancient systems of Astrology, the I Ching, the Chakras, and the Tree of Life with Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics, and Biochemistry.

Here’s where we get into a little bit of science. Bear with me because this is very important to know. So, before The Big Bang, everything with mass existed in one single particle, and that particle was smaller than an atom. Something ignited this speck, and the resulting explosion caused the universe to begin to expand. As it expanded, everything that existed separated into two groups, creating a duality between quarks and leptons, or a Yin family and a Yang family.

  • · Quarks are the smallest known building blocks of matter and are usually found in combinations.
  • · There are six base quarks labeled: up, down, strange, charm, beauty, and truth.
  • · The two named up and down gather together and form the proton and the neutron of an atom.
  • · Protons carry a positive electric charge, while neutrons are electrically neutral elementary particles.

The Yang family is considered to be pure energy/light. This family is called leptons.

  • · There are six leptons as well: three different types of electrons and three different types of neutrinos.
  • · Electrons are negatively charged particles.
  • · When an electron, a proton and a neutron come together, they form an atom.

Scientists say if we add everything together that we know mass, everything in the universe, including ourselves, it represents less than 1/10 of the whole universe. The space in between everything else is made-up of things like dark matter and dark energy.

This is where we have to talk about neutrinos.

  • · The largest of the neutrinos, which are barely detectable, have an infinitesimal amount of mass: about one millionth the weight of 1 proton.
  • · Having mass allows neutrinos to carry information, but they’re still small enough to pass through any atomic barrier.
  • · The neutrinos are referred to as the breath of the stars, the exhaled energy of stellar fusion.
  • · There are more neutrinos than anything else in the universe. 3 trillion neutrinos and the information they carry pass through every square inch of the planet and our bodies every second.
  • · The sun produces about 70% of all the neutrinos the travel through our solar system. The other 30% are emitted by other stars in our Milky Way Galaxy, and a small percent come from the planet Jupiter.
  • · Neutrinos can be regarded as the same thing as chi or prana. They penetrate us with bits of information constantly as we live in a vast continuous information field.

Human design sees The Big Bang as just a conception of our universe, not its actual birth. So, this infers that our entire universe is just a single living entity, like a fetus not yet born, but still expanding and moving toward birth.

Per Human Design, in the beginning, there was a Yin egg and a Yang seed, and they came together during The Big Bang, and they shattered into an infinite number of crystalline aspects throughout the universe. And each aspect has its own consciousness of its original Yin or Yang orientation. Everything, and I mean everything on this planet, even the inanimate stuff is endowed with crystals of consciousness.

In humans, the Personality Crystal of Consciousness is an aspect of the original Yang seed. It sits right above your head, just above your scalp, in the head center where the crown chakra is. This crystal manifests what you identify with as yourself. It’s called the Passenger. In the human Ajna Center, or third eye, the Design Crystal of Consciousness manifests the biogenetics of your body. It is referred to as the Vehicle.

There is a magnetic monopole in the human body. Monopoles are particles that carry a single magnetic attraction, either a north or a South Pole. The Human Magnetic Monopole is located in the sternum area known as the G Center in Human Design, where the solar plexus chakra is.

  • · The first thing this monopole does is hold everything together in an illusion of separateness. It holds the Personality Crystal and the Design Crystal together.
  • · The other thing the monopole does is connect us to our movement in time through space and guides us along our path of our geometry in life. We know this is our destiny.

The relationship between these two crystals is compared to a backseat passenger: your Personality Crystal is riding in the Vehicle of your Design Crystal which is driven by your Magnetic Monopole.

The Personality Crystal or who you think you are, is not the Vehicle or the Driver. It has no idea where to go or how to get there. It’s simply the Passenger. And it’s a passenger that is intended to be quiet and relaxed, and watch the scenery go by instead of fighting with the Driver for control of the Vehicle. The goal of the Human Design System is to make the Passenger comfortable in the back seat of the Vehicle so they can enjoy the ride provided by the Driver.

Human design states that when we moved into the Uranian era in 1781, human beings evolved from a 7-centered mind-oriented being into a highly involved 9-centered form. This is why human design has nine energy centers instead of seven.

Human design also uses two birth dates instead of 1 for calculations. While it does use your actual date of birth and time, it also includes a date approximately 3 months before your birth. The date before your birth determines your Design, and the date of your birth determines your Personality or earthly conditioning.

The concept of human design is based on the neutrinos involved. This is really important because it applies to astrology as well.

· According to human design, whatever neutrinos were passing through the earth from the various stars, planets, sun, and moon at the time of your birth influence who you are and what your life will be.

The Human design chart itself is called the Rave Mandala, and it’s a synthesis of the four ancient esoteric systems with modern science.

  • · The outer wheel is called the I Ching wheel, it is comprised of the hexagrams of the I Ching and the wheel corresponds with the 64 gates of the body graph and the 64 lines of the I Ching, as well as the 64 codons of human DNA.
  • · The next wheel inwards is the astrological wheel and this aligns the planetary positions with the hexagrams of the I Ching.
  • · In between the I Ching wheel and the astrological wheel is a wheel of numbers referred to as Gates.
    • o There are 36 channels from the Kabballah that run between these gates on the actual BodyGraph or chart.
    • o Within these wheels is an upside-down tree of life.
    • o On that tree of life are placed the nine energy centers and the 64 gates that correlate to the I Ching and the codons of human DNA.

First, let’s talk about the astrology ring of the Rave Mandala. It is the basic 360-degree circle with the 12 signs of the Western Zodiac we’re all familiar with. The human design system uses this to calculate and record the two precise moments in time and space within the system. As I previously mentioned the first is your exact time of birth and the second is 88 degrees of solar arc or 3 months prior to your birth and it represents your design data.

So, when all these neutrinos pass through the planet, there’s a communication interacting between their mass and the objects they pass through. Like if a neutrino stream goes through Venus, it communicates with Venus and an exchange takes place, and then after it’s filtered through Venus, it goes through humans and then there’s another exchange with the humans it passes through.

Human design uses the analogy of a fender-bender where each car leaves the scene of the accident with a bit of paint on it from the other car. This is how each planet contributes its essence in how we’re imprinted by the neutrino stream. And while we all exist in the same neutrino program, the way we each individually manifest that program is determined by our birth and our design date.

As I mentioned previously, the outer ring of the mandala is the I Ching ring.

  • · It is composed of 64 hexagrams with six lines per hexagram
  • · This correlates with the 64 codons of DNA, and the six groups of amino acids per codon.
  • · There are 64 hexagrams, which makes a total of 384-line markers around the outer ring, and each line contains a little bit of information specific to its position in the hexagram.
  • · Human genetic code consists of four chemical bases arranged in groups of threes, which is similar in organization to the trigrams of the hexagrams of the I Ching.
  • · Each chemical grouping relates to an amino acid and that forms a codon.
  • · There are 64 codons in our genetic code that match the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching.
    • o They are translated onto the body graph as gates, which are used to thematically understand or interpret our genetic imprint and provide detail about our characteristics individually.

So, the relationship between the hexagram gates and the degrees is a little complicated.

  • · The inner ring of the mandala, which is astrology, is used for calculation.
  • · The outer ring, which is the I Ching, is used for interpretation.
    • o Here’s where the demarcations come in. They are measured by or aligned with the 360-degrees of the inner ring.
    • o Each hexagram covers a space-time of 5 degrees, 37 minutes, and 30 seconds of Arc.

I know that sounds really complicated because it is really complicated, but what it means is there is a place in space, that when a planet passes through, its information is exchanged via the neutrino system in that space.

At birth, we’re imprinted with the qualities of the specific hexagram for each specific planet in the chart. Very much like astrology, the information carried by the neutrino stream at that moment imprints us in this way for the rest of our life. This is how our body graph becomes our blueprint.

As I said before, there are nine Energy Centers instead of the traditional 7 Chakras, and each one has its own aspects. This was a complex internal reorganization, not just simply an addition of two extra energy centers. Each of the nine centers is an energy hub, and it has its own distinct biological correlations. They are as follows:

The Head Center (Crown Chakra)

  • · Pineal gland
  • · Inspiration
  • · The pressure to translate existence.

The Ajna Center (3rd Eye Chakra)

  • · Anterior and Posterior Pituitary
  • · Mind
  • · Cogitating
  • · Mental Awareness over time

The Throat Center (Throat Chakra)

  • · Thyroid and Parathyroid
  • · Metabolism
  • · Manifestation
  • · Expression

G Center (Traditional Solar Plexus Chakra)

  • · Liver
  • · Blood
  • · Self
  • · Sense of direction and love

Sacral Center (Sacral Chakra)

  • · Ovaries/Testes
  • · Fertility
  • · Sexual energy
  • · The power to sustain activity

Root Center (Root Chakra)

  • · Adrenal Glands
  • · Kundalini
  • · Pressure to move
  • · The balance between fear and trust

Heart Center (lower right from the G Center)

  • · A new energy center
  • · Thymus
  • · Stomach
  • · Gall
  • · Will and commitment

Spleen Center (directly left of the Sacral)

  • · A new energy center
  • · Lymphatic system
  • · Immunity
  • · Intuition
  • · The process of physical awareness in the now

Solar Plexus Center

  • · A new placement of the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • · Kidney
  • · Bladder
  • · Pancreas
  • · Emotions
  • · The process of awareness in the energy wave

The Tree of life from the Kabbalah is used to create pathways that energetically connect the centers through the gates. Human design calls these pathways channels, and they create a living circuitry that unifies the body graph and directs the flow of energy.

These gates can be either Defined or Undefined, which we will get into in depth later, but for now you just need to know that it takes definition in both Gates at the ends of a channel to complete that channel.

  • · A single individual can have both Gates Defined within themselves, or they can have only one Gate Defined and meet someone else with the other Gate Defined, who complete the channel.
  • · A person with an Undefined Gate will always be attracted to a person who has the gate at the opposite end of that Channel defined. This is really one of the ways we’re supposed to meet and interact with other people in our lives. So, using the term “you complete me” means you really do feel complete electrically when with the other person.

If you have both gates defined, then the channel they are on is defined. Any of your fully Defined Channels become dominant features in your life, and Human Design refers to that as the life force. It is very important to have the exact time of birth. If you cannot find your exact time of birth, you can work with an astrologer who can take you through a process to determine your birth time as exactly as possible.

When reading your chart, you’ll notice that the lines are either black or red, or a combination of both.

  • · Your Personality information is in the Black lines and represents what you have conscious access to, which means you know these things about yourself, and you can work with it.
  • · Your Design information is in the Red lines and represents your unconscious self.

The information in Red is really important. This information shows you the nature of your unconscious and what’s going on below your level of consciousness. It also represents genetic inheritance and bloodline, like a theme from your mom and dad and grandparents. You cannot consciously access the information in red. You might get to know yourself and your unconscious self a little better with age or experience or reflection, but you can never control it.

If the channel is both black and red, it means that there are multiple planetary activations in that channel, in both your Personality and your Design. So those activations work consciously and unconsciously in your life experience. The most important take away from this is that the Personality is who you think you are, and the Design is how you are genetically programmed to move through time in space.

It’s also important to remember that the Personality thinks it’s in charge of life, while in fact it’s the Design and the Magnetic Monopole that are the ones in charge. Most of our conflicts and resistance in life stem from our personality trying to manage our life rather than assuming its proper role, which is to be the back seat passenger and just enjoy the ride.

In Human Design, there is heavy reference to the Authentic-Self and the Not-Self.

  • · The Authentic Self is your true, pure, and natural behavioral nature designed to emerge without resistance. This can be expressed as our purpose, our reason for being here.
  • · The Not-Self is conditioned programming that masks our Authentic Self.
    • o This Not-Self can mutate into variations that create resistance.
    • o As you become aware of the Not-Self through Strategy and Authority, you become aware of your Authentic-Self concealed behind the Not-Self.

The goal of Human Design is to reach awakening via a deconditioning process. This is a process of releasing what you are not. It is slow because it is a deep process. When using your Authority, you change how you make decisions to navigate life. When you do this, you change the way your cells function within your body. Since life moves in seven-year cycles, it takes approximately seven years for all of the cells in the body to be renewed. And just like in physical healing, as soon as we begin to make internal changes, we being to make external changes, and we decondition or ‘heal’ our design system to function without resistance.

I know this sounds like a long time, but as someone who just finished a seven-year cycle that started in a wheelchair and is ending with me doing yoga daily and swimming a few times a week…well, it’s definitely worth the effort.

The heavenly bodies used in the body graph are the same as used in astrology, but they carry a little difference in definition. They are as follows:

Sun – Personality Expression / Life Force

Earth – Grounding / Balance

Moon – Driving Force

North Node – Future Direction / Environment

South Node – Past Direction / Environment

Mercury – Communication / Thinking

Venus – Values / Sociology

Mars – Immaturity / Energy Dynamics

Jupiter – Law / Protection

Saturn – Discipline / The Judge / Restraint

Uranus – Unusualness / Chaos and Order / Science

Neptune – Illusion / Art / Spirituality

Pluto – Truth / Transformation / Psychology

There are much deeper explanations of each heavenly body, and we will discuss those in more detail later in this post discussion.

The Personality has no idea about the Design’s existence, so it’s really important to know how to access your form’s intelligence through Strategy and Authority of your rave mandala Human Design chart. The point here is that if you can learn to let your Personality (passenger) surrender itself to your Strategy and Authority, then your Personality and Design can live in harmony while still individually performing their roles. This is when you find your path. This is where the foundation for all love in your life emerges because it is also where your love of self resides. Without self-love, there is no love for others. But with self-love, you know who’s right for you every time.

I know this was a lot of science. But it’s necessary to understand it in order to grasp the entirety of the Human Design System. Next time, I will discuss the nine centers and how they function within the system.

If this doesn’t make any sense, please, please, please, bring it up in the comment section so I can address any confusion that I may have caused.

If anyone has further information that I have missed also please, please, please Bring it up in the comment section so I can learn more than I know now.

(All Images are from The Definitive Book of Human Design – Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu)


Hi, thank you for sharing this information I have been studying and working with Human Design for almost one year now (at my one pace of course :blush:) in the beginning I was very excited about the possibilities that this new found knowledge can bring, as the time passed and knowledge was applied I’ve discovered that however interesting, wean applied in collaboration with other methods of the craft like divination for ex., it has some things that dont really add up correctly (that’s just the nature of the beast, I guess :thinking:). What I am trying to say is that having everything already set up like this sometimes it’s hard to digest for people that are connected with the craft, it kind of gives the feeling that if you don’t go according to the design you’re going to have a hard time navigating in life :pensive: ( for me that has a sad note to it ). Im not saying that it’s totally rong, I did found a lot of good things that helped me a lot, and they resonate very good with me, it’s just the promise that the human design brings, it’s like if you do this and that and of course do it correctly you will be able to be in sync with the universe and your true purpose of existence :thinking:.
Don’t take this in the rong way, It’s just me trying to understand this concept better, :pray:t2: and I’m open to any kind of feedback on what I’ve said here, I found it hard to find people interested in this topic.
Wishing you a wonderful day and looking forward to your reply.

Blessed be.


Oh, I agree. It does have some areas that don’t add up. Like right now I’m lost trying to develop a chart for someone who was born two months premature. The system doesn’t seem to have any way to actually deal with that situation. And just like regular astrology, not everything is going to apply to each person. We as a species are way to complicated to fit into any of our developed systems of self-knowledge.

I take everything in the chart with a grain of salt, just like I do astrology. In Tropical astrology I’m a Leo on the cusp of Virgo. In Sidereal astrology I’m a Taurus. So when I turn to these tools for answers, I read Leo, Virgo and Taurus and inner recognition informs me which one is correct at that moment. Another example, in Human Design, I’m supposed to prefer the mountains, but I do not like the mountains one bit. What I do like in the mountains is the trees. So from my chart my takeaway is that I need to be around trees.

Don’t let the hardliners get you down. The big book of Human Design explains none of it is set in stone and the interpretation must be confirmed by inner recognition of the traits and features of any system.

When I read my HD chart for the first time I was not happy with being a Manifesting Generator. I did not like being told that I can’t manifest immediately on a whim. But then when I got to the big book and its definition of my type is the Buddha Warrior. And what I need to remember is that I’m a Buddha first and a Warrior only when I hear my internal call to action…and that appeased my ego needs and helped me understand.

I’m not a hardliner. I know that nothing in this existence is ever perfectly correct or absolutely true because we live in a playground of streaming energy that we manipulate constantly whether we realize it or not. It’s an ever-evolving existence, but methods like Astrology, I Ching, Tarot, Numerology, Human Design etc., are ways in which we can see partly through the illusion as we find ourselves and our true nature.

I enjoyed your comment. I like it when people question. I am not a fan of dogmatic belief. Questioning keeps dogma away. Thank you! :smiley: :smiley: :+1:t4:


Also, what I am finding helpful from HD as it applies to my Craftwork, is the energy center system. Knowing things like that I have an open root center helps me understand that I’m going to need to activate that center somehow before I cast any spell that requires root energy.

I can do this with sound and vibration, like tones or chanting, or I can team up with another witch who has a defined root center to bring the energy to the spell.

Does that make sense? I feel like the deeper I get into a lot of this stuff, the less sense I make.


Well this part of the reply is absolutely beautiful :raised_hands: :pray:t2:

Don’t let insecurity get the better of you :slightly_smiling_face:
Everything that you have said here makes perfect sense (at least to me it does)
and I thank you for your kind reply :pray:t2:

Also by the overall look of your reply I can see that you are a person that loves to share knowledge in the hope that others may learn.

By the way :grinning::crazy_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’m also a manifesting generator.


So I’m working on the next post covering the Nine Centers of the BodyGraph. It’s slow-going as there is a LOT of material to cover and I’m four days in on my smoking cessation program.

If anyone has any questions about the Nine Centers, will you please post them so I can address them in the post as I write it?

Thank you! I hope everyone is gaining some benefit from this information.
:smiley: :smiley: :+1:t4: :+1:t4: :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :orange_heart:


I still feel very much like a wide-eyed baby in these areas- very excited to learn, but not quite at the point where I’ve got my head around it enough to ask questions (if that makes any sense haha) :grinning:

I’ll look forward to reading about the Nine Centers and will definitely ask any questions if they come! Thank you as always for taking the time to share your wisdom, August! :heart::blush:

A huge congrats to you on your journey- I hope the program is a big help for you! :clap::two_hearts:


Let’s talk about the Energy Centers of Human Design and how they can function in tandem with frequencies for more powerful spellcasting. I don’t plan on teaching Human Design here, I just want to talk about how we can use the information from it along with the theories of frequencies to increase our casting power.

The first thing I find most significant is that these Energy Centers are either Defined (colored in) or Undefined (blank) on the BodyGraph.

  • · The Defined Centers are the fixed and dependable energies that are consistent and reliable throughout a person’s lifetime.
    • o These transmit our frequency through our aura which conditions the people around us and our environment.
  • · The Undefined Centers are fully functioning Energy Centers, but they are inconsistent in their operation, so they are not reliable for making decisions and choices.
    • o These act like receivers that reflect and magnify the energies we absorb from those around us and our environment.

The next thing I find significant is that these Energy Centers are affected daily by the transiting planets which act as the “teachers” who influence our personal frequency through their filtering of the current neutrino stream.

We already watch the movement of the planets in the Craft, so this isn’t new to any of us. But when adding in the personal circuitry of the HD System and frequencies, spell-work can become very focused and personalized.

For example, I have an Undefined Root Center. So, any spell-work I do that requires Root Energy will be hit and miss since it’s an inconsistent center for me. But if I use my HD transit chart along with my daily astrology, I can know when my Root Center will be strong due to planetary movements. I can also strengthen the Root energy with the corresponding tone and/or frequency, or by chanting in the appropriate tone as part of my ritual.

While having knowledge of my HD type, authority and strategy is somewhat useful in learning to approach life more in line with how I’m designed, I’m actually more excited about how it can be practically applied to my craftwork.

By no means do I believe that everything in the Human Design System is 100% infallible. In fact, I’m in a pretty heated discussion with others on the student forums about what to do with premature births and the System. Biologically, the HD System doesn’t seem correct for these people. My ex-daughter-in-law was a preemie and I’m trying to figure out how to produce a correct chart for her. So, I’m open to any and all ideas ya’ll may have on ANY of this.

In fact, I feel like I’m doing all the talking. I want to hear what everyone else thinks. If you’ve tried working with some HD or frequencies in your spellcasting, how did it turn out? Is there anything you think could improve on using the two concepts together for casting? I’m excited to hear your thoughts and ideas!


I have just been reading them and enjoying them. So sorry I didn’t comment sooner! It’s just kind of hectic trying to get everything done before the holidays!
Big hugs :hugs: and thanks so much! :pray:


Reading your posts, I see so much here that can be used to enhance or inspire a magickal practice. Learning about frequencies and Human Design seem to me like very worthy ways to explore and develop energy skills! :raised_hands: :grinning:

I know I mentioned it above, but I’m still working through the basics especially when it comes the more technical terminology in these areas. I’ve been meaning to go back to re-read and digest your first few posts some more too- there’s so much great information there! :books::sparkles:

So while I don’t have any questions at the moment, I do want to say that 've really been enjoying your posts and I’m grateful to be able to read them! Thanks again, August! :pray::blush:


Oh no worries! I’m in the midst of day two of gingerbread men myself. I just know I have a character flaw of dominating a conversation and I wanted to be sure others have room to voice their ideas too. :+1:t4: :smiley: :orange_heart:


Aw…thank you! :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :orange_heart:


I don’t see you this way at all @August_Wandering I see you as a really great teacher and I admire you so much!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always,
The Other Marsha


I got curious about Human Design too and decided to do the test on and got the 50-page booklet to get started with the interpretation. This is fascinating stuff! :star_struck:

Type: Time Bender (Manifesting Generator)
Inner Authority: Creative Authority (Emotional)
Profile: 3/5 - Explorer / Visionary Leader
Definition: Single
Strategy: Respond
Themes: Satisfaction / Frustration (Anger)
Incarnation Cross: RAX Laws 2
Channels: 1156 - The Framework (Curiosity)
1648 - Mastery (The Wavelength)
1858 - Improvement (Judgment)
2644 - Alignment (Surrender)
3536 - The Threshold (Transitoriness)
0360 - Innovation (Mutation)

I’m curious if anything jumps out to you? I can type out some of my observations when I get on my computer (and the festivities and my squirrel brain let me :sweat_smile:) if you’re interested, but I’m still very much a beginner in this… which also means I have that beginner fascination, which is a powerful driving energy of its own :blush:

The idea of the defined and undefined energy centers sparked something new in me. I realized that in each of the arenas of our lives we may have either content or space, energy or the absence of it. If we’re overflowing with content / energy, we want to share it, whether that be in the form of an emotion, an idea, a story… energy that’s just bursting to come out. In that excited state it’s hard to take in someone else’s energy and let it resonate. But when we don’t have a story of our own about something, no fixed point we’re hanging on to, we can hold space for others, to listen, and let their energy resonate within us. Bring them together, and you have a satisfying interaction. Similar energies resonate with each other, but empty space resonates with everything. And that empty space can also be an empty paper, a canvas or another medium, that can take in that energy and become its carrier. In my case, a forum post at night :sweat_smile:

Thank you @August_Wandering for initiating us into these mysteries :blush: :heart:


So, I was definitely curious & ran my chart also:


I have no idea what this means :rofl:

I’m going to have to look into it, I do love astrology & the second part of the chart:

I’m really not sure what I am looking at here… except the symbols I recognize! & I haven’t received the “email” either… so kind of… not sure what any of this actually means or how it relates to me… I will come back & keep digging though!


So, it’s been a busy holiday season. And of course, it caused a health flare. But this has been on my mind as I rest. I’m wondering if the Design information could be considered our Mirror side and the Personality/Conditioning information could be considered our Shadow side?

What does everyone else think?


I get the nasty health flare-ups at the holidays too, ever since I was little. I think for me it’s a stress-related thing that snowballs :sweat_smile: Hope you’re feeling better now! :pray::heart:

I haven’t mastered the material yet, but from what I’ve been picking up from what’s been shared, I can see how certain aspects resemble Shadow Work. Kind of like when studying your natal chart how some things resonate right away but others feel like they are opening the door to something unwanted, hidden, or otherwise buried.

As for the Mirror side- may I ask you to elaborate a bit more? (apologies if you already did and I missed it!) By mirror, is that a direct reflection- the things someone readily and willingly sees about themselves, or is it their opposite, or perhaps the traits they wish to see, or something else entirely?

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles:


I’m thinking like you…a direct reflection. Things someone readily and willingly sees about themselves. And maybe the traits they wish to see too?


The flare came with forgetting my regular routine in the midst of activities. But overall, I’m depressed. Many reasons beyond the holidays (which always depress me for some reason)

Oddly enough, Wiccan holidays have the opposite effect on me.

Either way, I’ll get over it here shortly. Once we get past the Muggle New Year I’ll feel better. :+1:t4: