Merry Meet Monday! Aug 31 💛

Happy hellos and a very Merry Meet Monday to everyone!


Upcoming Events :calendar:

~Full Moon~

On the night of Tuesday, September 1st into Wednesday, September 2nd we will be blessed with the light of the September Full Corn Moon! :corn::full_moon:


While not the harvest moon (coming next month!), this moon has an interesting history and can be used in powerful full moon rituals and spells. You can learn more on the Full Corn Moon Spells8 Page- including history, potential uses, and even a lovely coloring page! :art:

To find the exact time of the full moon in your region, you can use the Old Farmer’s Almanac’s Moon Phase Calendar :first_quarter_moon:

~Celtic Tree Month~

With the full moon, on Wednesday, September 2nd we leave behind the Hazel Month and pass into the Vine Month. The Celtic Vine Month will last until September 29th and marks the time of the harvest :ear_of_rice:

Learn Religions says the following about the Vine Month:

The Vine month is a time of great harvest — from the grapes of the Mediterranean to the fruits of the northern regions, the Vine produces fruits we can use to make that most wondrous concoction called wine. The Celts called this month Muin . The Vine is a symbol of both happiness and wrath — passionate emotions, both of them. Do magical workings this month connected to the Autumn Equinox, or Mabon, and celebrate garden magic, joy and exhilaration, wrath and rage, and the darker aspect of the mother goddess. Use the leaves of the Vines to enhance your own ambition and goals. during this month. The month of Vine is also a good time to get balanced, as there are equal hours of darkness and light.

[From Learn Religions: Celtic Tree Months]

~Group Ritual: Tea and Talk~

This Thursday, September 3rd there is a group ritual where the members of the Spells8 forum family can come together, share a moment across the miles, share our thoughts, and talk about tea :coffee:


You are very welcome to join the forum family in this week’s Group Ritual- Tea and Talk as a Coven :tea:

Ongoing Challenge :trophy:

You are invited to jump in on the weekly witchy challenge, designed to help you further diversify and strengthen your magickal abilities! If you’ve always been fascinated by the moon- it’s your time to shine! :sparkles:

Join in the Weekly Witchy Challenge- Moon Magick! :full_moon: Whether you’ve done a hundred moon spells or have yet to try your first- this challenge calls on you to delve deeper into this fascinating and popular aspect of the craft :first_quarter_moon:

:heavy_heart_exclamation: The challenge will remain open until this Friday, September 4th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time). Please post about your moon magick before this time to receive your shout-out and small prize! :gift:

New Members :wave:

To all those who have joined the forum over the past week- a merry meet to you!

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If you haven’t done so already, feel free to go to Introductions and create your first post. You can share a bit about who you are and your journey (or journey’s start!) with your unique practice.

We would all love to give you a warm welcome to the forum family! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Special Shout-Outs :speaking_head:

  • Going for a two week in a row streak, @krissie117 takes the lead for both the number of likes given :heart: and amount of posts written :writing_hand:! You give so much to the community- thank you so much for all of the joy you share. The forums are blessed to have you! :pray:

And of course, a big thank you to each and every member of the Spells8 forum family. Whether you come every day or visit once in a while, we are blessed to have you with us! Thank you for making the forums a welcoming community where solitary witches can come together and share in the delights of our practice :hearts:

What plans are you making for the week ahead :thinking: ? Anything exciting, scary, or wondrous coming your way :star_struck:? Feel free to share in the comments below!

May the light of the full moon bring abundance and joy to you at this exciting time of year!

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


oh, this does make me smile i just love the energy that is here such love, warmth and positivity a lot better energy than some other groups I’m apart of online. Keep up the wonderful work everyone.


@TheTravelWitch thank you so much for the shout out, I honestly don’t feel like I am making that many posts, but I love everyone’s input to each other. We are all so supportive and it makes my day to see what everyone is up to.

I am taking a day to rest today, I had gone for a very long walk by accident but with some breaks because of my limitations and it’s done a number on my hips and si joints. So I’m hoping to relax a little bit this week. I have also been working on my room and now I am going to have a craft/sacred room/she space in the basement. So we are working on saving to put up the walls and we have a friend that will put in the electricity. It will get a lot of craft things out of just about each room in the house.

We are also getting my daughter back into a routine because the beginning of school will be coming in September here. She is going to do 100% remote due to her asthma. When she gets sick, she always has problems with asthma, so we don’t want to chance it and have her in the hospital.

I did let her do my make up this morning, I don’t wear make up and never really had the desire to wear it, but she wanted me to be her model, so after I got dressed, I let her do it. She didn’t do a bad job for an 11 year old, those youtube videos are paying off!

I know there is a post about being friends on FaceBook and I have changed my privacy settings, I think a couple of people got denied yesterday and that was not my intent, so if anyone would like to be friends on FaceBook also, my name Krissie Halpin, just send me a message and a request so I don’t accidentally deny the request.

I will be home all week, I only have my counseling appointment this week, so I’m going to try to relax and give my body some love after that walk, we went about 3 times as far as we normally do and that takes its toll on my body. Having hEDS is easier said than done in daily life.

I hope everyone has a great week! Blessed Be!


Merry Meet Monday! Today I feel rejuvenated after going and sitting by the water yesterday, I went late enough to catch the sunset and early enough to see the moon rise. I also cleansed my Clear Quartz. Today, I salted my entry ways, sprayed my patio with Lemon grass and Rosemary, and made a Squash Casserole to go with dinner ( got a little witchy with it ) :wink: :sparkles: I love incorporating a little more magick in my day to day.
My Florida Water came in today as well.
Completed 3 more Deities in my mini Dibble too!

Blessed Be!


Wow! Is that near your home, Tamera?? All that water makes it a perfect spot for watching the Full Moon in Pisces :pisces: !! :star_struck:

I wish I could be near the ocean! I’ll have to do with charging some Moon Water and have it absorb some of that lovely pure white energy…!


It is a short ride from my home. I wish I could just camp on the beach, that would be amazing!


Thank you, @kira-marie! You are very kind, I’m so happy you feel that way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You are a big contributor as well, thank you for sharing all of your love and positivity too! :heart:

It sounds like you had quite the adventure, @krissie117! I hope the fresh air helped to lift your mood, and I think some self care and recovery time after such a long walk is a great idea. Kick back and relax, girl- you deserve it! :blush:

Good luck to your daughter starting school! It sounds like she will join in on an online education with many students around the world this Fall. Online classes are a big thing these days- I hope she has fun and has some interesting subjects to learn about! :open_book::two_hearts:

Sounds like a very successful day- well done, @tamera! Those pictures are amazing, and I love your kitchen witchery~ that squash casserole looks deeeeelicious! :drooling_face::two_hearts: What 3 deities did you decide to add to your Dibble? :open_book: :star_struck:


Thank you for your kind words brianna thats very kind of you.

@krissie117 good on you for staying active. I think youve earned yourself a nice cup of tea and to put your feet up. I agree with brianna self care and rest to recharge is important too.

@Tamera oo your baking sounds delicious. Id love to learn more about kitchen witchery seems like a nice way to infuse the craft into every day acts would love to hear any advice you have on this topic.


@TheTravelWitch and @kira-marie thank you! My friend and I go for a walk once a week. It helps with my mood and we get to spend time together after the hustle and bustle of the week. Some walks are harder than others, and some are noisier than others. Sometimes my knee braces squeak as I take a step. We have yet to figure out how to get some WD-40 on the hinges. Lol

I think Peanut will do fine with online school this time around. We had her clean her room too and she has a desk and we explained that she will have a school schedule and her classroom will be her bedroom until it’s safe enough for her to go back. She has asthma that gets bad when she is sick, so the safest place for her to learn is at home. I hope she likes the experience, right now we have her back on a bedtime routine so when school starts it won’t be a shock to her system.


Thank you! I added the Horned God, Triple Goddess, and Selene.


Ahh, apologies! I saw in the other post after this one- all great deities! Your Dibble is coming along very nicely :open_book: :blush: Do you think you’ll continue with a few more additions this week, @tamera?

WD-40 is like duck tape- it seems to magically fix just about any problem that comes by! :laughing: Hopefully a little bit and your knee braces will be squeak-free in no time, @krissie117! :+1:

I can imagine there will be pros and cons to school at home. It sounds like you’ve done everything you can to make her feel comfy and ready to learn :books::blush:. Maybe to help this semester feel a bit more exciting for her, you might consider including a few “field trips”? Maybe to the beach, park, even a local museum (if it’s safe to visit). Small little trips can help break to break up a long day learning on the computer, while bringing to life ‘real-world lessons’ about the world around us! Not sure if this would work in your schedules, but it could lead to some fun mother-daughter time, which I know you both enjoy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@TheTravelWitch we are in Falmouth, so there’s a lot of local places we can go for nature walks or to historical sites from Plymouth to down the Cape. I don’t know if the National Seashore is open, I should look into that though. The kids her age go there to see the dunes and there are a couple of monuments. We also have the Otis Air Force Base with the National Cemetary and it has a little vestibule that you can look at how far back the cemetery goes. It’s a great idea! It will make for some good little day trips to break up the being in her room all day.


That’s awesome that you are blessed with many interesting sights and beautiful nature around you! The National Seashore is gorgeous- I spent last summer in Truro and every day was a delight by the ocean :ocean::beach_umbrella: You’ve got some exciting choices of places- I hope the two of you are able to have some wonderful trips! :blush:

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@TheTravelWitch I will definitely post our adventures when we go on little field trips. Right now the rest of the student body has a crazy schedule that involves, half days, remote weeks, in-person weeks, issues with the buses. I’m just not sure that every parent will be able to keep up, especially if they have children in different schools and be able to work. So I feel for them and I’m very lucky that I am home every day to be able to have Peanut do her schooling 100% remote this year. I’m hoping that it is just for this school year and that by next year we have a better idea of how the school days will go and how to manage the exposure and such.


My cousin has heds and he has a hard time holding small things like a fork/spoon and a pencil. Does that happen or is everyone different? I’m sorry you have a bad condition that effects your joints/bones!


I bring my kids to field trips. Sometimes it’s to the grocery store :rofl: seriously, we’ve gone to the beach, I made fair grounds in the yard, we had a huge slide, bouncy house a ton of games and I bought a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine and I made a lot of ‘fair food’. this Oct, were making hay rides and a haunted house. Although my house is already haunted lol I invite my nephew’s over and a couple neighborhood kids and we have a blast.


Everyone is affected differently but also have similar experiences. My fine motor skills have been a problem for a few days, but I also had my wrist and thumb go out on my right hand a couple of times in the last 2 weeks. I have to go to the orthopedic surgeon for it and I may have to have a muscle release on my tendon that goes from the base of my thumb to my wrist. When this happens it makes crafting harder and writing with this brace on is so uncomfortable. It affects most of my joints, so I have braces for my ankles, knees and hands/wrists. I have already had my si joints fused, but my hips subluxate just while doing simple things. Today I woke up in a lot of pain just kind of everywhere and fibromyalgia is a common condition that goes with hEDS.


Oh I’m awfully sorry you have to endure harsh conditions! :pleading_face: I have fibromyalgia so I do know what that crap feels like! I was taking Lyrica and it actually worked. But I became allergic to it. My lips, tongue and cheeks swelled. At the end, my throat began to swell. I went to the hospital.


Oh, that is scary. I have had that happen with wellbutrin. My everything was swelling and I was in the hospital for a day.

Some days are harder than others and it was hard accepting my new reality. I have limitations but I have a great support system. Right now because of my insurance I can’t get any hours for a person to come in and help me with anything whether it’s a PCA or Home Health Aid, so we have made adjustments at my house. My new bathroom has a walk in shower with a built in seat and extra long handheld showerhead, we have a ramp to the back door because stairs and I are not friends, I can’t ride in a regular car, so I have an SUV, and we got an adjustable bed to help me get up in the morning. So I spend a lot of time in my room, especially in the morning. I have so many rice pillows, strengthening putty for my hands, the stretchy exercise bands, a TENS unit, cryo packs with a sleeve. I have quite the collection for easing my pain and being able to do things. Repeetitive bending, stairs, reaching, and lifting anything over a gallon of milk are all no no’s. But I do well each day and I have a tendency to feel good and then without meaning to, I over do it.

I understand the chronic pain part of fibromyalgia. If you ever have questions or just want to vent, feel free to send me a message here or on FB, I have messenger on my phone and will see it sooner.


Ok I’ll reach out if need be. Thank you :heartbeat: I have my limits and am able to only work part time. Grr! But it was like a slap in the face when I learned I have this condition. Mornings are the worst for me. I have to keep moving, otherwise the laziness will set in and moving will be more a struggle. Stretching oh so helps!

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