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Wishing everyone a very Merry Meet Monday ! :woman_mage:

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[ [ Moon Phase: Last Quarter Moon :last_quarter_moon: ] ]

Depending on your location, you will be blessed by the light of this moon phase today Thursday, July 1st .


The last quarter moon is a time of rest and the banishment of negative energies or forces in your life :broom: .

For more information about specific spells recommended for the last quarter moon, visit the guide Moon Magic: Spells for Every Lunar Phase: Last Quarter .


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:grey_exclamation: The Zoom meet has been postponed this week, apologies for any inconvenience! Please look forward to more Zoom meets in the near future.

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Dragon Magick Witchy Challenge

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In honor of Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, feel free to share the craziest/most fun ice cream flavor you’ve had and your favorite kind of ice cream!

:ice_cream: :yum: :heart:

The weirdest ice cream flavor I’ve ever had was Sesame Ice Cream (sesame seeds!) and my favorite flavor is Creamsicle :drooling_face: :icecream: Yum!


My least favorite flavored ice cream is probably anything with nuts!! Uh! It just ruins the texture for me.
My favorite flavor is (I know sherbet doesn’t count) mint chocolate chip. Mmm :yum:


Merry Meet Monday!
This week is starting out with a tropical storm in the Atlantic headed right towards Savannah and Charleston. I am 27 miles from Charleston,so it’ll be a dreary soaked start to my week. :slightly_smiling_face:
I feel as though the last two weeks I’ve been going through something like some kind of transformation maybe. I had that weighted blanket feeling, and since then I just feel off, not really myself. I’m trying to keep myself grounded and an amethyst in my pocket most days (and of course my tiger eye bracelet on). I don’t feel sick, just I guess disconnected a bit…idk. Anyone else experience this ?
Anywho…no big plans this week.
Hope everyone’s week is rich in abundance and flowing with positivity.
Blessed Be


If you didn’t just describe my last 2 weeks @Rowan I don’t what to call it. I definitely feel better, but there’s still something just not clicking. I was going to say it may be we are going through some kind of awakening or transformation. So hopefully the best is yet to come.

I did use my new tarot deck after the full moon & sleeping with them under my pillow. It was a great reading, really resonated with what has been happening & I could tie it to some things. I deactivated my FaceBook & removed Instagram, Snapchat & others that I rarely use. The only social media of any kind that I have been on is the forum here.

For about a week I was totally immersed in my family tree. At one time I had over 8,000 entries of the family back to Henry VIII & beyond. Somewhere I lost the links to them so they were just floating as people not related. So I had to start over. I’m definitely more careful now though & run the consistency checks more often. I also made the tree private so only I can change information & not anyone that is viewing my tree. I didn’t even know others editing the tree was an option, to be honest. I’m up to 1,700 people & have gone back to the 1200s in some places. Lots of records to go through to get there.

I have my very first set of Oracle cards coming in today. I knew the right deck would find me. They are called the Way of Brighid & they definitely found me & I’m so happy they did. When I get them I will share them with everyone!

I only have 1 appointment this week for my migraines with my neurologist. That’s Thursday afternoon.

It’s gotten busy on the Cape! Started a little early this year too. So I try to get things done as early as possible. The tourists are everywhere. & there’s no housing for the J1s that come over from other countries. Everything is full. Even people that live here can’t get their own place without paying skyrocketing rents this year.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Oh! I picked up some more Orange Kyanite too! They had 4 bags left when I went with my daughter. She got a ring & this week she starts her sailing lessons again. She didn’t have them last year, but the year before she did great. She a water baby that’s for sure.


Hi everyone! Happy Monday! I just got back from the doctor where she cultured my leg for infections, again. Boo, hiss! Hopefully, she’ll find the right antibiotic for me.

Other than that and a mammogram later on this week -sorry, guys- I’m doing good. The book I picked for this month is a good read, I’m really enjoying it so that’s great!

As for the weirdest ice cream flavor, I’d have to go with rainbow sherbert. My favorite is chocolate. I don’t like mix-ins, so I just like plain smooth chocolate, or a nice scoop of coffee ice cream with chocolate syrup. Mmm. I’m making myself hungry and I have no ice cream. LOL.

Congrats to @christina4 for being the most loving person here! You rock!


Congrats to @christina4! You’ve made me feel welcome in my short time here! Keep up the great work.

@Rowan, be safe! Living in Houston, I’m familiar with the damage TS and Hurricanes can do.

For ice cream, I’m not very adventurous so if it sounds weird I don’t try it. I think the Blue Bell Bride’s Cake and Groom’s cake are probably the weirdest I’ve had. They had chunks of actual cake in it and I didn’t like it. I have two favorites, also by Blue Bell (what can I say, I’m a Texas Gal): Cookie Two Step (vanilla ice cream with brown sugar, chunks of Oreo cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough) and Butter Crunch (vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate peanut butter candy).

This week I’m taking it easy as I managed to sprain my collateral ligaments in my knee last week. And I have a trip to Matagorda, TX planned for the 4th of July/US Independence Day weekend. I’m recovering well, just lots of rest on my part doc says.

Shout out to all the new members, especially my mother @GypsyRed and brother @ulysses! You two will love it here!

Have a blessed week everyone!


I love coffee ice cream also! I keep putting off my 1st mammogram but finally have the appointment with my doctor where she will request the test scheduled. I finally gave up on an unenjoyable book I was trying to plow through and picked up a different one and am now breezing through this one! Its a pleasure reading when you enjoy the book!


The mammogram isn’t that terrible I think unless you’re flat-chested which I am not. It’s the standing with your arm around the machine that gets to me, you can’t move and you’re basically hugging this huge machine to keep all your boob in the picture. Blah.

Good luck with the new book! I hate it when I pick a lemon. Glad your new one is fun to read!


Ohhhh mint chocolate chip- nice, @Christina4! :chocolate_bar: :herb::yum:

It sounds like you’ve been living The Tower card, @Rowan- may the storm pass (both figuratively and literally) and lead to clear skies. After The Tower comes the bright and reassuring light of The Star- so I hope you also have wonderful things and positivity on the horizon! :star2:

Sorry things have been rough for you too, @Siofra- same message to you as to Rowan, may whatever haze is haunting you pass quickly! :pray: It sounds like you’ve been connecting with your family history and ancestors- that’s wonderful :deciduous_tree: Enjoy your new oracle cards (would love to see them and hear what you think!) and hope you have a good appointment!

I agree, @Amethyst, there’s something almost sacred in the pure happiness of plain chocolate ice cream :drooling_face: :chocolate_bar: Although I’d never turn down fudge brownie or those decadent chocolate flavors that Ben&Jerrys makes too :joy: Hoping the infections heal quickly (c’mon, doc- find a good antibiotic for Amethyst! :raised_hands: ) and that your mammogram goes well :+1: Good luck! :heart:

Reading your ice cream descriptions made me hungry, @jessica55 :laughing: I’d never heard of Blue Bell Bride’s Cake and Groom’s cake ice cream, so I had to look it up out of curiosity, and found they have a whole YouTube video!

Looks decadent :drooling_face: Take it easy as you heal your sprain and hope you have a safe trip, Jessica! :pray:


Just like @MeganB

I am also willing to give free tarot reading. Please feel free to share your questions with me too. Always there for my friends.



Thank you! This actually made me cry happy tears!! Thank you!! I love you girl!! :heart::cry:


Thanks love! Hopefully I’ll get a new antibiotic, and someone will tell me it’s there. LOL. So many times the doctor just calls a medicine in and forget to tell me it’s there. Thanks for the good wishes!

Glad they were happy tears! Love you too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Not so weird I know but here in Idaho Huckleberry ice cream is a huge thing and a little store in Northern Idaho sells this thing where they put layers of Huckleberry pie, Huckleberry ice cream and whipped cream. Thinking of it makes me want some.


@MeganB I would appreciate any wisdom you get from the cards about an upcoming trip that I am taking. Thanks and Blessed be!


When I was little, I used to get cotton candy and/or bubblegum flavored ice cream with Oreo mix-in – my parents always thought it was a gross combination, but apparently I loved it at the time! I’m not sure I’d like it now because cotton candy and bubble gum ice creams tend to be WAY too sweet for my current taste in sweetness level, so I’m not sure I’d be such a huge fan of that combo any more :sweat_smile: lol


Oh my goodness I’m reading through & I never congratulated @christina4! I’m so sorry. The perils of being slightly disconnected, you miss the obvious sometimes.

My daughter likes the crazy ice creams. I’m partial to Patchwork… if I can’t find anything else, Patchwork is my go-to for ice cream. Peanut ate Coffee Oreo Swirl (something to that effect) she loved it. I do like Double Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough though. That has to be my second favorite.

I haven’t had the pleasure of a mammogram yet. I did hit menopause about 10 years early. It’s my own fault I guess. I had to have an ablation & my tubes tied after Peanut. So… things stopped happening early & my hormones made their own plan. I wish they had asked me, but this is the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

I am currently laying in bed with a headache on the right side & through my right eye. I just told my husband that it’s one of a few things. I just have to figure out which of those it is. It could be that I don’t have my daily pain medicine yet. It’s being filled… or because I’m due for my migraine treatment on Thursday… or just a migraine from the heat that we have been having. it’s been brutal the last couple of days. I bought an oscillating fan for my room & the dogs haven’t left my side.

I pulled from my new Oracle Deck this morning.

I am going to keep it nearby & TRY to meditate with it today. I don’t know how I’ll do with this headache though. I will at least keep it nearby & refer back to it when I need to do so.


That is very kind of you to offer your tarot readings, @anneshakargupta! :blush::flower_playing_cards:

Uh-oh, medicine is no good sitting on the shelf! Hopefully they’ll get you what you need and make sure it reaches your hands, @Amethyst- you’re in my thoughts! :heart:

Huckleberry pie, Huckleberry ice cream, and whipped cream sound like a deeeeelicious combo @SharonD! :yum::ice_cream: As for the wonderful @MeganB’s Freebie Friday readings, the post will open on Friday- so be sure to keep an eye out for the thread where she is collecting questions! Wishing you all the best of luck on your trip :pray::blush:

My sweet tooth is throbbing at the idea of cotton candy/bubblegum/oreo combo @wade- that sounds like a kid’s dream come true! :laughing: :+1: :icecream:

Cheers to chocolate and vanilla ice cream, @Siofra! It’s a classic combo that never gets old :yum: Sorry you’ve been feeling bad- keep resting and I pray the headache leaves you alone soon :pray:


Thanks love! I’ve decided to try a new doctor. I hate meeting new people but this has gone on crazy long, something’s got to happen to make it better.


Good for you for taking the leap. I’ve had that problem before too- when one doctor isn’t able to help you in the way you need, it’s time to move on and try a new one. May the meeting go well and the new doctor be able to help! :pray::heart: