Need astrology book recommendations

I really need to sort a lot of this out. Any recommendations are appreciated. As if there isn’t enough to learn about witchcraft :rofl:


What specifically are you wanting to learn about?

Blessed be


This is the book I use, and it’s great! I would recommend it.


Hi Alan, I’m REALLY new to most of this and was looking to clarify terms and symbols to start with. So basics first then a deeper dive down yet another rabbit hole :sweat_smile: I’ve done some work with crystals, herbs and meditation, but astrology has always seemed more complex. So it’s time to venture into the cosmos :purple_heart:


Thank you @amandakay I’ll have to look into that. Llewellyn is usually a good bet for good information :purple_heart:


I don’t have any book recommendations but this website is pretty good!


Thank you I just purchased it from amazon because of your post. I am new to learning it, I find it fascinating and very accurate.



Not a book but i made these guides that i posted. You.may find them useful. I am currently making one about the elements and about the cardinal, mutable and fixed signs. I will post them soon

Guide to signs

Guide to planets

Guide to houses

Guide to retrogrades


Wonderful resourse @MeganB Thank you :purple_heart:


Thanks @Cosmic_Curiosity I’ll be back next week after reading all this :rofl:


You’re welcome! :hugs:


You are welcome. Hope they are useful


We do have the Astrology Information :milky_way: with information on all the astrology things contained within it.

The site @MeganB shared is where I took my free astrology courses for basic astrology.

A while ago there was a book club thread due to several of us reading the same book on astrology…

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: The Complete Guide to Astrology by Louise Edington

There’s a lot of information out there about astrology & within the site & forum. Astrolibrary & Cafe Astrology are great places for information.The site Cafe Astrology will give you a free Natal Chart & has other free reports as well. They are continually updating whats included in your chart & interpretations. So its good to re-do it every few months too.


@Susurrus Thank you. :people_hugging: I think astrology is going to take a much deeper dive than I am ready for right now to do it justice. I picked up a few books and the wonderful resources you noted and will study these. I’m very new to all of this and find it somewhat overwhelming for this 70 year old mind that is cluttered with so much already, useful and otherwise. :sweat_smile:
Still sorting out which path I’m on and what best suits me on that “quest” With so much new information it may take me a while to get to Tarot and Astrology in ernest. :purple_heart: I’ve only been a witch for 4 months :egg: but a pagan for decades :capricorn: :man_beard:


I completely understand that… on so many levels. At first I was like… All the things at once!!!… I have since slowed it down & more than a few times gone through my space to remove things I don’t use as part of my practice regularly if at all. Whether its tools, books, herbs, or otherwise.

I took the basic courses on astrology :milky_way: as I read the book that I linked the thread to. I’m 1 of those people that need to revisit things & sort of do refresher courses at times.

I’ve narrowed it down a lot though by working on 1 maybe 2 things at a time if they are related. It has taken me a while, but its easier for me so I don’t get overwhelmed with everything & can’t sort it out my own way. I’d rather take it slow then try to do it all at once.

The elements took a back seat & once they were sort of intertwined with so many aspects of my ever evolving practice, I work on those kind of 1 at a time. They are related to different things I practice, so I figure I should have a good understanding of them.

As of right now I have received my Advanced Crystal Practitioner certification & have completed a couple of courses & a challenge on 1 of my deities, along with a class & a “challenge” through the same school platform on my other deity.

I’ve also read books :books: from trusted sources (not every author on topics are necessarily trusted. Some are like… AI generated books & not actually from the authors knowledge or research on the subjects. Others are just… not worth reading because they aren’t reliable. Researching these is both a headache :face_with_head_bandage: & fun :partying_face: all rolled into one :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) on both deities along with their original stories/lore from either trusted sites with translations or authors that have translated them into books.

I also do the same for aspects of the craft I’m practicing or learning about to see if they are something I want to continue.

(That’s how I wound up deep diving into things like the Elder Futhark Runes :algiz: & Chakras :rainbow: & then created their Master Posts)

A few I have read more than once, because its just how I reinforce what I know over time. I also make changes when I need to so my craft evolves with my learning & practices.

Currently I’m finishing my courses to become a Certified Tarot Advisor & I’m starting a 6 month Intensive course on 1 of my deities. Which includes information & techniques for breathwork & meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: for neuro-spicy people. (I’m very neuro-spicy :joy:)

If I don’t do them in small chunks then I get overwhelmed, burnt out, or confused
… or any combination of the 3 including all of them :rofl:

Sorry for rambling… I understand though! I have been there & had to reset, take a break, or restart in the past. As long as you are working on them in a way thats best for you, then you’re doing it right :smiling_face: Don’t rush or take on too much.


@Shadeweaver Can’t add much to what @Susurrus says. I want to sink before I can swim, then drown :joy:. But one thing at a time, it’s ironically something my deity is actually “trying” to help me with. I tend to hop here, then get excited and hop over there. But lately I’m focusing on 1 thing, currently my pantheon, and 1 oracle (I’ve had to stop "searching on Amazon). Won’t move onto next thing until I feel comfortable.

There’s so much to learn, but hey we don’t need to know everything, this coven, someone will know something. So just focus on one thing that’s special to you and enjoy. As my Deity reminded me just today, smile, have fun, experiment and you’ll experience wonders. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


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