Orange Kyanite - My Newest Find

Over the weekend while I was working with the resin crafting, I picked up some orange kyanite. I had never seen it before & it was like calling to me for my craft when I picked it up to look at them in the little bag. So I decided to look into it, because what did this crystal want with me? So here is some information about it & some images! So far I have made it into some keychains/jewelry & I added it to my negative energies pouch & floral offering with a bloodstone, quartz, & black tourmaline to keep my room free of negative energies & help ease my depression.

Orange Kyanite Information:

“The Supportive Stone”


Orange Kyanite has an uplifting and optimistic energy. It is an excellent energy tool that comes primarily from Tanzania. While it will align all the chakras, it is particularly good for clearing, activating and balancing the Second, Svadisthana, Sacral Chakra. Clairsentience is the psychic sense of the Second Chakra, aka the “gut instinct”.

Orange Kyanite can help us perceive the root of our pleasures and desires and bring Light and creativity to bring them into our lives in a positive manner. Orange Kyanite is a super tool to enhance all types of creativity, whether it be in creating art, the way you work with people, or any other place creative thinking is used.

The energy of Orange Kyanite in unlimited in application, making it one of the very best attunement stones. It aligns the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and subtle bodies. Orange Kyanite is a great grounding stone that grounds spiritual energy and balances the yin/yang energies.

This is a great stone for Artist/Musicians, or anyone that is drawn into something that allows for self-expression, as it encourages one to share their work with others.

It will never absorb negative energy. Therefore, Orange Kyanite will never need cleansing.

Orange Kyanite Information Link

Image from Orange Kyanite Image/More Information

I bought a small bag & they remind me of toothpicks or matchsticks. They are fragile & some can be quite small. I like them, they make me smile. It’s interesting that instead of absorbing the negative energy it destroys it so it never needs cleansing. I still cleansed it before I used it in my crafts because, just in case, I wouldn’t want something negative to be transferred in a gift I made for someone. I had a lot of fun working with it over the weekend.

Does anyone else have this stone or work with it?


Thank you for sharing @Siofra . It is a beautiful piece, I like how you felt called to it.
I’ve never heard about it so your information is very helpful, I might have to look into getting some for myself, maybe it can help me with my writing.
Blessed Be


Very cool looking stone! I’ve never heard of it before either but it sounds like a great stone for you! Good luck with it!


It’s great for anyone that writes, does art of any kind, or music. I love that it “destroys” negative energy.

Thank you @Rowan, I think you should get some too! I love it so far! & Thank you @Amethyst!

I had never heard or seen it before Saturday at the Crystal Shop. This little shop is so neat! It’s where I get my dyed agate slices in bulk.


I do have a few small pisses. I broke one up for a crystal grid. I love all kyanite, the energy is amazing


I bought a small bag. Some of them I used in my resin craft over the weekend. I also have blue kyanite!


Aaaand Kyanite is going on my stone shopping list :joy:

What a great treasure to find, @Siofra! It’s always amazing when a stone calls out to you- it’s meant to be :blush: Thanks so much for sharing the information, I was able to learn a lot! Enjoy your new Kyanite! :orange_heart:


Right @TheTravelWitch? I want to get some more. I made them into gifts with the resin. I couldn’t walk by it without looking at it or picking up a bag of it. So I just kept it in my hand & it came home with me (I paid for them). I had never seen it before but I am definitely getting some more the next time I go there. I also picked up rough sapphire which I had never seen before. So I got a few pieces of that too! I also saw Dalmation Jasper little crystal balls! I had never seen those either. I’m definitely going to be going back there on a regular basis.

I’m so happy that you learned a lot from it & I find it interesting that it doesn’t need to be cleansed & “destroys” negative energy instead of absorbing it. So I put some in my empath pouch that I made from Silver Bear’s Spell for Empaths


This is such a pretty stone I see why you were drawn to it! I am going to get one for my collection! I like the way it looks. I can use the magical properties as far as being creative and when I need some information I can reach for this stone! And it dispels negative energy! My kind of stone too!
Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


You’re welcome! I have it on my altar in a glass candle holder because of all of the slivers. It’s really pretty though. I add it to things that I use for protection of some kind. I love it.


Haha I said pisses.:joy::joy::joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth: I meant pieces!!! Thanks to @Siofra I have beautiful oh beautiful orange kyanite :tangerine::orange_circle::orange_heart::large_orange_diamond::balloon::orange_square:


You’re very welcome! I don’t mind at all! :heart: