Tips for Making a Wand

Hey everyone, I’m very curious to hear any tips you may have on wand making. Ideas on materials to decorate and/or rituals to energise it. I’m just about to make my own for the first time. Thanks :slight_smile:


I bought my wand off Amazon but I think it’s pretty much whatever you want. Feathers, crystals, ribbons. You may want to look up what magical properties the tree you take the wood from has, but you can just as well pick up a pretty stick from the ground and use it. It’s all up to you!

Good luck crafting!


You can make one out of a nice stick that you connect with from any tree around you or where you may be.

I bought a crystal wand from a website that specializes in Pagan supplies. Its hand made & once I cleansed it, I really connected with it. Its a petite size, but perfect for me.

The name of the website is:


Hi Vicky, that’s great that you’re making your first wand!! :smiley:

I recommend that you read this post:

And here’s a useful Youtube video of a timelapse carving of a wand out of a tree branch:

Good luck and if you want feel free to share a picture of your process!


Ooh what a coincidence! I just found the perfect stick a couple of days ago and was thinking it could be my wand! Very apprehensive about getting started as it’s likely to take a lot of work :sweat_smile:


Thank you everyone. This is all great :kissing_heart: