Walking Toward the "Broom Closet" Exit

Hey, everyone! I’m Wade, a 25-year-old trying to find his Way in rural Ohio. I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks, and have finally decided to take the plunge and become a more active member of the Spells 8 community.

I’m still VERY new to my exploration of Witchcraft and Earth-based spirituality. Even though I grew up in a relatively Christian household, it never really sat well with me (although, I have nothing against it), and once I discovered Witchcraft and Wicca (and Paganism in general), it instantly became clear why: I’ve always had much more Pagan-oriented spiritual beliefs.

While at the moment I tend to identify as a more Wicca-leaning eclectic Kitchen Witch, I am keeping an open heart and mind because I want to learn about everything life and the Universe has to offer – I don’t want to limit myself in any way.

My goal here is to learn as much as possible and to potentially connect with people who share similar (and different!) ideas and beliefs. I’m not currently out of the “Broom Closet” – or the “Closet” Closet for that matter. Well, actually, I’m out to my friends, but I haven’t come out of either of those closets with any of my family members yet. I’ve found it fascinating and encouraging that so many people in the Witchcraft and Wicca/Pagan communities are either members of the LGBTQIA+ communities themselves, or very LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Hopefully, I haven’t rambled too much – something I tend to do quite often :sweat_smile:

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe and happy. I look forward to interacting with and meeting y’all! :slight_smile:



Merry Meet Wade. I’m Tamera here in South Carolina. So glad you’ve joined Spells8, you will learn a lot and meet a lot of wonderful people. Rambling is Welcomed here, no worries…:grin:.
Blessed Be,


I say to myself, I do not want to eat same omelette everyday, like variety.
If something do not agrees with me, I have the power to change it or modify it to suit my needs.
I was raised Catholic, but nowadays find that changing my believes is more fun.
Enjoy your stay here :pray:


@wade it’s nice to talk to you! I haven’t fully come out of my broom closet, I’m like sticking my toes out a little further each day. I have met some wonderful people & made the best of friends here, so you are in the right place. It’s your path, so walk it with your head held high! Definitely come out of either closet when you are ready to do so. It will feel good once you do, but do it in your own time. You will know when that it is.

No worries about the rambling, I do it quite often & they haven’t kicked me out yet. It’s more welcomed here than you might think. @Rowan is right too, you will learn a lot. Always something new & exciting going on here.

I hope you pop in the forums more often! We have all kinds of things happening in here & the people are so supportive and helpful. You will love it.

I was brought up Catholic, but that never really resonated fully with me. I found witchcraft through my step-,mother introducing parts of it to me when I was growing up. I don’t think she fully expected me to take it on, but I have been so much happier since I did. My children know that I do witchy things & my daughter will help me. My husband knows & a few close friends. I haven’t come completely out to everyone, because there are parts of my family that have no idea. My brother, father, biological mother, they have no clue. They just think I like pretty rocks. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :rofl:


Merry Meet! It’s nice to meet you, Tamera! Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile: I’m glad rambling isn’t frowned upon – I can be quite wordy :sweat_smile:


I love the omelette analogy! :slight_smile: That’s been one of my favorite things I’ve discovered so far in my exploration of Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism – the diversity and the ability to change and adapt things to suit me and my current ideas/beliefs :relaxed:

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It’s nice to meet you too! Thank you for the warm and thoughtful welcome message :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see that at least several people here are on-board with the rambling :heart_eyes_cat:

I haven’t done too much exploration of the forums until today, and I’m loving what I’m seeing so far! I’m definitely going to have to look into getting involved with the reading discussions when the next cycle starts! :heart_eyes_cat::nerd_face:


Merry meet and welcome @wade, I think you will find people on this site are very helpful and will assist with guidance whenever you feel the need to ask. As for the closets I think as long as the people that are in your circle know, that is what is most important. I am just past my first year as Wiccan but I have not announced it to the world mostly because it isn’t their business, it is mine. I’m not out at work for either but I would not deny it if the question on either subject was raised.
Fortunately you have a lot more freedom and protections now than when I was your age, but that conversation is probably for another place and time.
All I can say is Be You, and be true to yourself and your beliefs. Those close to you will accept you as you are and the others, well you may find that there is less negativity in your life without them around if they do not accept you as you are.
Just know that you are not alone on this journey but it is up to you to choose the path that finds you the most joy. Blessed be.


@Saulamay Thank you for the thoughtful reply and for sharing a bit about your experience. I appreciate hearing other peoples experiences :relaxed: I 100% agree that my experiences/beliefs/etc. are just that: mine. Anyone I want to know certain things about me already knows, and for everyone else, it’s none of their business. (Which, of course, is conflicting when it leads to the need to feel that I can’t 100% freely express myself around certain people. >.< But, such is life, and it makes me appreciate my freedom I have with my closest friends all that much more! ^_^)

Thank you for reaching out and walking part of our respective paths with me :slight_smile:


@wade sometimes life is just a leap of faith. And you may be put in a position where you stand tall or you find away around a situation that does not quite fit how you feel. Just remember one more thing, other people’s opinions about you are none of your business. Stand tall. :slightly_smiling_face:
Blessed be.


Every Monday there is a post Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! March 8 :blossom:. Also each week we have a challenge of sorts to do some work with your craft & learn something new & you get a shiny new badge! :art: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magick in the Arts. I know we have a coven poll going on to try name the coven :ballot_box_with_check: [POLL] Choosing a Coven Name: Final Round!

There’s tons of informational posts if you ever need some extra support for something going on in your life we have the Energy Exchange Posts Exchange Circle hugs :hugs: March 13th feel free to add to it or to the wiki directly Energy Exchange Circle - 2021 Wiki.

I hope you enjoy the forum! I look forward to talking to you soon! Tomorrow there will be another Merry Meet Monday post. & on Thursdays we have the Tea Ritual with the whole coven. Last week’s is: (Group Ritual - Mar 11) :new_moon: Release and Relax


Oh wow! Thank you for sharing all that with me – I’m going to have to write those dates down! :heart_eyes_cat: I read over last week’s Tea Ritual and I can’t wait for this coming Thursday! :star_struck::coffee:

I wish I would’ve discovered this community earlier on into all this COVID stuff – better late than never though, eh? :sweat_smile:

Update: I added my name to the list for Book Club V! :star_struck::nerd_face:


Merry meet Wade!
Quickly before I start to digress I want to share I was brought up in a more christian vein also however in my practice I’ve decided to take from all avenues that which serves me and to incorporate it into my craft~so in some cases a lot of the teachings from the bible I’m able to work with. And I feel that in all honesty it’s all the same big picture~be it your higher self or a god like figure~that simply being able to offer yourself up to that essence is spiritual.
I too consider myself to be an eclectic witch, with roots in the more traditional sense, less beholden to the structures.


Hi @wade! I’m Kasie from West Virginia! Welcome to the forum! The lovely @Siofra has shown you around, feel free to jump in on any of the activities. They’re what makes this group special.

I’m glad you’ve decided to come out of lurkdom. Not that I mind lurkers but I think it’s more fun to participate. I look forward to seeing what you bring us. Feel free to post recipes since you’re a kitchen witch!

It’s nice meeting you Wade! Hope to see you around! If you have any questions just pop up and ask!


Be strong child, may She grant you strength, tolerance, endurance and patience. All will be well.


Merry meet! :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing a bit about your upbringing and beliefs :smiley: I’m the same in that I enjoy reading the Bible and other religions’/faiths’ texts so that I can pull what I like from them :slight_smile:


It’s nice to meet you, @Amethyst! I’ll have to remember that word: lurkdom! It’s a great one :star_struck::joy_cat: I love me some clever vocabulary :slight_smile:

I definitely look forward to learning more about kitchen witchery! I’m OBSESSED with cooking and collect cookbooks (read: HOARD cookbooks :see_no_evil:) and read them cover-to-cover the way most people read novels :sweat_smile:


A very warm welcome to you @wade! :heart:

Thank you for the lovely introduction- it is a pleasure to meet you! As you have probably already realized, the coven is a welcome space for practitioners of all types and backgrounds. It is a truly friendly and supportive place for all! :rainbow: :sparkles: We are very blessed to have you join us :hugs:

Hooray for joining the book club and I am looking forward to the group ritual with you on Thursday as well! It looks like you have been able to settle in very well here in the forums :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I’m really looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


I can’t claim to own lurkdom, that comes from somewhere over in the fan fiction fandom, where people read your stories but don’t comment on them. I understand that, sometimes it’s difficult to find anything useful to say so why say anything, you know?

Scott Cunningham has a great Book about kitchen witchery and what each ingredient means. It’s very good. You’d probably love it.

I post a recipe every Monday just for fun. I try to find one for the season or I take requests. If there’s anything you’d like me to post, just give a holler and I’ll look for it!


I have this book and I do love it :heart_eyes_cat: I’ve read a few of his books and I’ve loved them all :heart: In fact, I loved them so much that after reading the e-book versions through my local library, I decided to buy them even though I’d already read them! They have such calming, down-to-earth energies that I really resonate with :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll have to keep an eye out for your recipes! :star_struck: If you’re ever in the mood for a chat about anything food-related, you can hit me up – I’m always down to talk about food! :star_struck: lol