Gem show this weekend

Maybe it”s one those magical things, but just when I was thinking about crystal and gem stones, my sweet father in law invited me to go to a gem show! I have been a rock hound forever and I have a good many gems, but can you think of any you love and use frequently that I should look for? I have amethyst, rose quartz, crystal quartz, aventurine, tiger’s eye, faerie crosses, and citrine. I have some red jasper too and some tiny chips of obsidian. What else do you love??


There are so many types of gems! So many choices! How lucky to get to go to a gems show. I really want to go to one someday. I love pink stones! Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite are very pretty to me. I hope you have fun at the gem show!!


I love them all!! I went to a gem show not too long ago. My best advice is to visit the back tables and booths before you buy anything. You can always grab the ones at the front on the way out if you didn’t find something cheaper and better in the back :wink:

I made a list of stones I didn’t have yet and tried for those. Anything you get will be awesome! Have fun :smiley:


I an obsessed with moonstones and finding the perfect ones that reflect that gorgeous rainbow of light! So gorgeous and my birthstone!


@Sarafeena_Sage and @JollyStar, I am so excited! I really think I’d like to find some moonstone. I should totally make a list, that’s smart! I’ll share my bounty next week!


@melinda6, yes! I really would like a gorgeous moonstone!


Well, it sounds like you need a blue stone!

  • Sodalite - truth spells, communication, creativity, writing (inexpensive)
  • Lapis Lazuli - Jupiter and Neptune energy, manifesting
  • Celestite cluster or geode - pretty, spiritual connection - I love it!
  • Dumotierite - denim blue, intuition, psychic ability
  • Blue tiger eye - courage, communication, truth, honesty

And to your collection I would also add selenite (which can charge all crystals) and protective black tourmaline, those are nice paired together.


So exciting @AileyGrey! :star_struck: I hope you and your father in law have a wonderful time at the gem show- you’re going to see so many amazing shinies! :sparkles::gem::grinning:

Although I enjoy crystals they aren’t a central point of my practice right now, and my little crystal hoard pales in comparison to some of the stunning collections of the coven!

That being said, a stone I hold near and dear is Carnelian for creative work- it helps me a lot with getting tasks done :orange_heart:

I’m also a big fan of Lepidolite for easing anxiety- it’s a stone I rely on a lot when I’m in stressful situations :purple_heart:

I’m sure whatever stones that call to you at the gem show will be the ones meant to come home with you, Kristin- have fun with your gem shopping and enjoy the show! :heart::blush:


These are excellent suggestions! I have loved rocks, minerals and gems forever! I’m very excited! Plus, my father in law is epically awesome, so we will have an amazing time! Thanks for the suggestions! Creativity runs unbound in our house and I can take all the anxiety help I can get!


These are amazing suggestions! I have been trying to look back at spells and meditations that have caught my eye to make a list of stones that I keep seeing, but I think you may have beaten me to it! Thank you!


Ooo… one of my local stone shops gets their stones from Gem Shows & people that work at Gem Shows in the area will stop there & offer them their choice of stones to sell in their shop. That’s where I got my Orange Kyanite!

I have Gold, Red, & Blue Tiger’s Eye & they came as a set. Blue Tiger’s Eye is also known as Hawk’s Eye

  • Gold Tiger’s Eye (my favorite & 1st crystal love) Courage, Strength, Personal Power… the stone of protection that is also stabilizing
  • Red Tiger’s Eye… Motivation, Passion, Confidence… a stone of motivation & enhances confidence & self-esteem
  • Blue Tiger’s Eye… AKA: Hawk’s Eye… Calming, Ease Anxiety, Balance… a soothing stone that aids in reducing stress, easing anxiety, & aids in speaking with clarity & acting from a place of integrity.

In all honesty I have quite a bit of gold, but also a portion of blue & red. Some of them are together others I have placed in different areas of my room. I gave my daughter a few pieces of gold & a couple of red & blue ones too.

I agree… Selenite is a good stone to have as a wand, carving, plate, bowl, tower… it cleanses stones & Black Tourmaline is another of my favorites & is known for its protective qualities. Clear Quartz points or double points are good.

Natural Citrine is gorgeous. It’s a translucent light yellow. The ones that are more of an orange with a white base & are like not geodes but clusters… they are heat-treated purple amethyst… I have a piece of each… but the natural citrine is so calming & peaceful to me. Like a ray of sunshine just brightening my day. I love it. I also have a piece dedicated to Brighid with Garnet & Agate & Amethyst flip flops.

I like the different shapes & carvings of stones. I have trinket boxes, bowls, plates, turtles, a camel, wands, moons, trees, a pendulum, hangers… they are on my mirror. One is a Herkimer Diamond in a wire heart. One is really pretty & should be in a window… It’s a crescent moon, sun, & a clear quartz point hanging from the bottom, an egg, spheres, points, towers, clusters… I love them all. Polished, tumbled, rough… palm stones, worry stones, coins, jewelry, a small bottle that can be worn or hung from something, keychains… I am so bad… my wallet can’t afford my affinity for crystals. :rofl:

I have white moonstone & black moonstone & I love them under the light or how the shades of light play on them. They are peaceful stones to me too. Calming sort of… the white I have in small pieces. The black is a sphere & the bands of color are gorgeous.

Shunghite is good for removing & clearing EMFs from your space. I have a sphere, a Merkaba (sacred geometry) piece, & some raw & tumbled pieces. It’s also a healing, grounding, protective stone & good for detoxification. It absorbs negative or health hazard energies… EMF Protection, General Healing & Well Being.


From your enthusiasm, I can already tell it’s going to be a blast for you- enjoying picking out your crystals and I hope both you and your father in law have a wonderful time together at the gem show! :gem::blush::two_hearts:


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