Krissie's First Spell Jar for Good Luck and Protection- Spelling Bee Weekly Challenge

:honeybee: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- The Spell-ing Bee

Good Luck and Protection on My Path
This spell is to open the road with good luck and protection on my new path

You will need:
❖ Tiger Eye and Black Tourmaline for the jar
❖ Marjoram North and the jar
❖ 1 Incense Stick East
❖ Chalice with Water West
❖ Sealable jar
❖ 1 Black Candle & 1 White Candle South
❖ Rice
❖ Pink Salt
❖ Cinnamon
❖ Bay Leaf to burn with Rosemary
❖ Ginger for the jar
❖ Rosemary for the jar and to burn
❖ Rue for the jar

Set up the altar with the Marjoram for the North, Lavender incense for the East, the
chalice with water for the West, and the White and Black candles for the South and
clarity and protection.

Arrange the other items on the altar and sprinkle salt around them
for protection.

Light the incense for the air, rub hands together until they get warm and
visualize a ball of energy while holding your crystals, Light the candles.
Gently dip 3 fingers in water then say the following prayer:

“By the Elements of the Universal Light,
I call to thee to give me your might,
Open all doors and watch over me,
May roads be open and protection surround me
So it is said So mote it be.”

Sprinkle the cinnamon over the salt for luck and place and write on the bay leaf the
problems you would like to be gone. Place the crystals, herbs, salt, rice, into the jar and
seal it with the white and the black wax.

Download here:
Krissie’s First Spell.pdf (2.0 MB)

Hi, once I realized I was on the right path, I wrote a spell for good luck and protection and I think right now I am resetting and recharging to get ready for what is coming in the next couple of weeks. It was my first shot and I think if I use it again I will tweak it a little bit, seems long to me, but it was my first time.


What a lovely little spell @Susurrus! I hope it works well for you and you have good luck the coming days!


Thank you @Amethyst! I have the jar all done and on my witchy shelf in my room. I think it’s going pretty good. Some things have happened that I never imagined in my life and it’s been a nice little surprise.


It looks like a great first spell :green_heart: and I don’t think it’s too long! It looks like it fits what you need perfectly, and that’s what matters in most spellwork.

I hope you’ll keep us updated on how it goes!


@Susurrus this is gorgeous!!! Not too long at all, it’s perfect :heart_eyes:

This is wonderful to read :hearts: :hearts:
With your permission I’d love to add it to the recipes section as well for ease of accessibility? (just thinking if I was on my mobile the pdf might not work :sweat_smile:)


Absolutely you can! I would be honored! Thank you!


Ok - took me a moment to realise what I was doing :see_no_evil: I figured it made more sense to merge the recipe and this topic into one as we’re all here already. I hope this works?! :joy:


Thank you so much for that! I appreciate it!


I’m glad for you! If anyone could use a nice surprise, it’s you! :hugs:


Oh @Susurrus- this is lovely! :heart_eyes: The chant you wrote is beautiful. I love how the words flow and feel warm- you did a great job weaving in your intentions :blush: It sounds like your first spell jar went wonderfully- congrats to you, and thank you so much for sharing :clap: May your magick bring you plenty good luck and keep you safe and well :two_hearts:


Thank you so much! It took me a while to get it right for me, but at the time I was really nervous and didn’t know if I was doing the right thing. I am, but currently taking time to weave through the weeds to get where I need to be. Today I am definitely feeling like I have some kind of cold, so I’ll be in my bed if anyone needs me.


That was a beautiful prayer and spell! Congrats on your first spell jar and lots of blessings on your new personal path!! :raised_hands:

Get better today! When I’m feeling about to get sick, I make a point of blessing a beverage (drinkable yogurt for me) and mindfully sip it imagining that it is protecting me and preventing any harm. Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Sorry you’re feeling run down :worried: I hope it passes quickly! I was feeling all snotty and sniffy today too and went straight for the Ginger tea - works like a charm :kissing_heart:


I’m about to make some tea! I’ll have to add some intention while I’m stirring.

Thank you both!


I did this spell last night!
I started off with the Black tourmaline and Tigers eye meditations and then went straight into the spell as created by @Susurrus :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It was lovely!
I’ve added a gold knotted ribbon for luck and success with a white feather for peace to the outside for decoration.
I’m so pleased with my jar and looking forward to having some good things come my way too! :heart:
Thanks again for sharing this beautiful spell :hugs:

The ribbon bit:


Oh awesome! I hope there’s an abundance of love and light with your jar spell! I’m so happy that you tried it! It will definitely keep your positivity going today! Thank you so much.

I love the little additions that you put on the jar. Those are awesome too.


Agreed with Krissie!! The gold ribbon was a great choice and that’s a great picture of the finished jar!

Krissie, can we add this picture to the recipe above, to illustrate the spell? It would look amazing! :smile:


@Susurrus, great spell! Looks like you put in a lot of thought!


Thank you! I really worked hard on this one because I wanted it to stand out and be able to work for me in the best way. I have done another one since then and I think everything is working out with that one too. It was a Freezer Jar Spell and I thought it appropriate for what I was dealing with and since then things have been fine. I am very happy with what I have been able to accomplish since taking this on for myself. I am very at ease with the outcomes too.


It sounds like you’ve got a talent for jar spells, @Susurrus! Congrats on the successful spellwork- I’m glad they turned out so well for you :blush: