Psi Ball & Other Energy Work Techniques πŸ’«

Here are a few interesting techniques for those β€” like myself β€” who consider energy work to be a fundamental part of Magic. Handling energies can be a fun exercise which can be added to any physical or meditation routine! :sparkles:

My first formal experience with energy work was when I was about 10. I took the initiatory course at the Spiritist center my mother attended. Even before that, when I was around 4, I remember practising visualization exercises like these at home. I’ve used them ever since then, in one way or another, to create, transform, or release energy. :crystal_ball:

What is energy work?

Energy work is the creation, transformation and control of your own personal energy (or life force). While the concept of vital energy has been abandoned by the scientific community, it is still a central principle in many forms of traditional healing and spirituality. It can be the basis of a harmonious life, vibrant health, and well-being. :person_in_lotus_position:

How can I use this energy?

Before you start using your energy, you have to be able to feel it. A good way to practice this: Clear your mind of any thoughts and focus on your body, your muscles, your breathing. This way it will be easier to feel what’s happening.

First Technique

  1. Find a quiet place. Sit in a comfortable position, and breathe deeply until you are totally relaxed.

  2. Open your hands and place your palms facing each other, not touching but close enough to fit a penny between them.

  3. Breathe deeply as you focus on the space between your hands.

  4. After a while you should start to feel a tingling, heat, cold, or a combination of all in your hands. Some describe it as if there is a magnet between the fingers. That’s your energy!

Second Technique

  1. Start with the first two steps from the previous technique.

  2. As you focus on your hands and breathe deeply, visualize a small sphere of light (of any color) between your hands. Visualize it until you can almost feel it present in that space.

  3. Focus on this feeling in your hands. It may feel cold, hot, tingling or pulling like a magnet.

That’s your energy!

β‹˜ ──── βˆ— β‹…β—ˆβ‹… βˆ— ──── β‹™

Energy Work Skills :dizzy:

Here are four basic skills that involve energy manipulation.

Grounding :zap:

To ground is to create a connection with the earth, to connect, balance, and absorb or release vital energy.

How to do it

  1. Relax, either in a meditation posture or lying down.

  2. Take a moment to clear away any thoughts you may have and completely empty your mind.

  3. Visualize a root or cord that stretches from the beginning of your spine (the back of your neck) to its end (the tailbone). Once it reaches the end of the spine, see how it keeps stretching, traveling downwards. It breaks through the ground and enters the Earth like the roots of a tree.

  4. Once your roots are in place, visualize the energy of the Earth being absorbed by your roots, flowing into your body.

  5. If you can feel the change in your energy, you are effectively grounded.

β‹˜ ──── βˆ— β‹…β—ˆβ‹… βˆ— ──── β‹™

Moving the energy through your body :raised_hands:

This means: Being able to control how the energy moves through your entire body. It can be a useful skill when trying to target a specific part of the body to send energy there.

First Technique

  1. Relax, take a deep breath.

  2. Clear away any thoughts you may have.

  3. Start by visualizing your energy as a sphere of light between your hands, as explained above.

  4. Imagine the energy in your hands moving up your arm and traveling to another part of your body. I find it easier to start by sending it straight to the heart or core.

  5. Keep visualizing it until you can feel the energy in that part of the body. If you can’t feel it, go back to the energy sphere between your hands and try again moving it slowly. Try this exercise until you can feel the energy moving to any region of your body.

Second Technique

  1. Breathe and relax.

  2. Clear any negative thoughts from your mind.

  3. Visualize the energy sphere between your hands.

  4. Let your dominant hand hold the energy alone.

  5. In your mind, visualize your receiving hand as an energy magnet.

  6. Bring the receiving hand toward your dominant hand and allow the energy to pass onto it. Practice moving the energy between them alternating the giving and receiving hand.

β‹˜ ──── βˆ— β‹…β—ˆβ‹… βˆ— ──── β‹™

Energy ball (Psi ball) :white_circle:

This is a simple way to manifest with energy. You will need at least some experience visualizing and feeling your energy.

How to do it

  1. Relax and breathe deeply.

  2. Put your palms together as if you were going to pray, then separate them leaving enough space to fit a tennis ball.

  3. Focus on feeling the energy.

  4. Visualize the energy in your hands forming a very dense ball. Keep doing this until you can feel it in your hands.

  5. Now you can do several things. For example:

A. Bounce the ball back and forth between your hands.

B. Visualize the ball moving gently between your hands.

That’s your first energy ball!

β‹˜ ──── βˆ— β‹…β—ˆβ‹… βˆ— ──── β‹™

Psychic Shield (Shielding) :shield:

A psychic shield is a layer made of energy that surrounds and protects your body.

First Technique

  1. Relax and breathe deeply.

  2. Feel the inside of your body and focus on feeling energy.

  3. Think of a color that represents pure light to you (it could be white, blue, purple, red, or any color).

  4. As you breathe in, visualize that light expanding into a large bubble around your body.

This is the basic shield. You can do this exercise to protect yourself from negative people, entities, or energies.

Second Technique

  1. Relax and breathe deeply.

  2. Feel the energy in your hands and focus on it until it is very intense.

  3. Place your hands on your head. Slowly move them down around your body, spreading this energy to create a protective layer around the body.

  4. You can assign a color to your bubble and consecrate it with a word or chant so that it will keep you protected.

For example:

β€œMy shield is unbreakable, I am protected from all harm”

β‹˜ ──── βˆ— β‹…β—ˆβ‹… βˆ— ──── β‹™

Always remember to be clear about your intention because that is 90% of all Magical work.

  • Once you can feel your energy, begin to work on feeling the energy in your surroundings.

  • Being aware of the energy in the environment is good for minimizing the effects of spending time around people or places who project negative energy.

Feel free to add these techniques to your Book of Shadows!

Have a Blessed Day! :sparkles:


Great information <3 as someone who has trouble with visualization, energy work helps me to feel what I am doing which, in turn, helps me to visualize it


Thank you :slight_smile:
I definitely am going to to put this in my bos
Blessed be :hibiscus:


This is great! I have problems with energy work so this is going in my BOS. Thanks so much! :hugs:


You’re very welcome, @Jeannie1 and @kasie!! I encourage both of you to give it a try! The psi ball is a great way to gain confidence with energy work :point_up_2:


This is great information @Francisco! May I add, if you still are struggling with feeling an energy ball, just rub your hands together and then try to feel the energy between your hands


I just created my first energy ball and bounced it from hand to hand! :blush: Energy work is something that’s been calling to me these last few days, this is a really good beginner’s guide @Francisco! Also trying out these exercises I found the color of my energy, it’s midnight blue! :night_with_stars:

Also very helpful @christina4! The closer the palms are to each other without touching or even barely touching, the easier it feels to feel the energy between them :zap:

I’ll also have to thank my university physics professor, though I’d like to see his face if he heard how I’m applying his teachings :joy: The concepts of electric potential, potential difference and electromagnetic field help quite a bit with the visualization!


Yes! My professor would be amazed too! I was always so tired to pay attention :joy: