Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Mar 7 - 13 🌓

Merry Meet !

Here is your weekly update about exciting happenings in both the forum and the witchy world at large this week:

Upcoming Events :spiral_calendar:

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[ [ Group Ritual : Together with Your Coven :infinite_roots: ] ]

Join in for a shared group ritual meditation and coven chat on Thursday, March 10th - this activity is open to all active coven members :tea:

Group Ritual - Imbolc Time

  • The group meditation ritual has step-by-step instructions that you can join in on your own schedule at any time during the day

  • If you’d like, there is a scheduled hour-long live Zoom chat to do the ritual as a group as well as meet and greet fellow coven members

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[ [ Moon Phase: First Quarter Moon :first_quarter_moon: ] ]

This week we will be blessed by the light of the First Quarter Moon. Although the exact time will vary by your location, expect to see this moon on Thursday, March 10th.


The First Quarter Moon is an excellent time to take action regarding your deepest wishes and to address your biggest blockages. It is a great time for growth and self-healing .

From the Spells8 Moon Magick Guide to First Quarter Moon Magick

Looking for ideas for spells and rituals specific to the First Quarter Moon? Know that this special moon phase is part of the Waxing Cycle .


Check out the Waxing Moon Spell Page for more information including history, meanings, and a collection of spells and rituals that work in harmony with this part of the moon cycle :first_quarter_moon:

[ [ Freebie Friday :flower_playing_cards: ] ]

Have a burning question on your mind? Seeking some guidance for how to best approach a problem? :thinking:

Now is your chance to find some answers, as the talented @MeganB is kindly offering free readings via tarot or oracle! :crystal_ball:

Picture from Pexels

The next Freebie Friday post will be Friday, March 11th. For more information and to get an idea about what to expect, check out last week’s Freebie Friday :tada:

[ [ Witchy Holiday Heads Up! :eyes:] ]

Not this week but next, get ready for a Sabbat on Sunday, March 20th .

Those in the Northern Hemisphere will experience the pagan holiday Ostara :blossom: as well as the Spring Equinox.


Friends in the Southern Hemisphere will enjoy the celebration of Mabon :grapes: as well as the Autumn Equinox.


Look for more information as well as celebration suggestions in next week’s Merry Meet Monday!

You can also explore the Wheel of the Year to learn more about the 8 Pagan Sabbats :wheel_of_dharma:

[ [ Other Events of Interest :mag: ] ]

A collection of curious (and perhaps conversation-starting!) events coming up this week that may or may not be witchy-related:

:spiral_calendar: For more witchy and pagan holidays in the near future, check out the 2022 Pagan Holiday Calendar and the Spells8 Email Newsletter

Ongoing Activities :raised_hands:

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[ [ Weekly Witchy Challenge :trophy: ] ]

Every week, a challenge is presented to all members of the forum to explore new areas of magick and bring out the best of everyone’s diverse talents.

The theme for this week is: Magickal Teachers :teacher:

Witch Challenge Magic History Teachers Legend

This challenge will close on Tuesday, March 8th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

After this time a Props and Presents post will appear to give recognition and prizes to all participants :gift:. A brand new challenge will arrive on Wednesday for all challenge enthusiasts.

Are you ready? Join the current challenge here: Weekly Witchy Challenge - Magickal Teachers :teacher:

[ [ Spells8 Book Club :books: ] ]

Calling all book lovers! The next reading period for the Spells8 book club has now begun!

You can find more details and submit your book to read in the current thread:
:open_book: Spells8 Book Club XV (Feb 18 - Mar 18)

Spells8 Book Club

Please note that this reading period will end on Friday, March 18th .

More information about the book club and how to join can be found in Book Club F.A.Q and Introduction .

Happy Reading! :open_book:

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Merry meet to all of the new members who have joined the forum over the past week!

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Will you be working any magick for the first quarter moon this week? :first_quarter_moon_with_face: And are you ready for the upcoming Sabbat? :sun_with_face:

Whether it’s magickal or mundane, feel free to share your current happenings or give a shout-out to your fellow coven members in the comments below!

Blessed be! :first_quarter_moon: :sparkles:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry I am looking forward to this week, thank you for doing up the Merry Meet Monday they are so helpful to remind us all of what is going on and it is a lot of work to do. I appreciate all that you do Bry.

Congratulations to @marsha for all her love. Way to go girl.


You guys, I saw a pretty flowering tree on the way home from the doctor today. We were driving so I didn’t have time to identify it, but it looks like Spring is coming to the Northern Hemisphere! YAY!

Not much going on for me this week, other than dreading the time change next Sunday. Spring forward, Fall back. I wish they’d just pick one and be done with it.

They’re waiting for my antibiotics to be done before doing anything for my leg. Hopefully, I’ll come up clear of infection next week. We’ll see I guess.

I hope to get off my butt and go out to the apartment gazebo this week for a little while. We’ll see what the weather says.

Hope y’all are having a good week!


Sounds like a great week ahead! I’m looking forward to devoting some time to myself and practice, getting back into a bit of structure and routine. Also looking forward to celebrating Ostara this month. A special Sabbat for me because last year’s Ostara was my first Sabbat that I had ever celebrated (formally lol).

Welcome to all the new members!!


Hi! I want to do my first money spell this Thursday. If I have planned it out correctly, Thursday is a day for prosperity, expansion, money, and generosity. The colour correspondence is green on Thursday, and also happens to fall on the first quarter moon which is a perfect time for growth and abundance spells, and spells to draw things to you.
I will have emeralds and a small jade on my altar. I will have fresh basil, cinnamon for money and prosperity, thyme to attract luck and money, and if I can find some, jasmine for prosperity. I need to find sea shells so I can do the Ocean’s Charm Spell, but I think I can find them at the dollar store. I absolutely know that the four elements will help me.
All advice is welcome!
I am so looking forward to this week!
Blessed be!


@Amethyst I can’t believe you have a flowering tree already! We had another snowfall yesterday, then ice, then rain, it’s a bit messy in New Brunswick Canada! We don’t usually see spring till end of April, early May. I hope you feel better really soon!


Congratulations to @marsha! A new shiny badge too! Not too shabby! Thank you for all of your contributions to the coven. :infinite_roots: :tada: :confetti_ball:

@Amethyst, I really hope that the antibiotics clear up that stubborn infection & that the weather is nice enough for you to go to the gazebo this week.

I’m looking forward to getting outside this week if the weather allows it. Time to clean up the leaves around the garden fence where my gladiolas are & then plant some climbing flowers around a couple of trees in the backyard.

I happen to have 1 appointment just about every day. Tuesday, tomorrow, I don’t but my daughter does have a half-day at school. So next Monday will be welcomed. The weekend is just hectic because everyone is home, there’s no quiet time at all! :rofl:


Thank you ladies :heart:


Very welcome! Well deserved!


Sounds like you’ve got a good plan! And the dollar store is a great place to look for shells. I need to get some for myself. I bet you’re gonna knock that spell out of the park!

Just the one! It was bright pink! I think if I wouldn’t been driving I would have run into the thing I was so shocked because none of the other trees are blooming and I haven’t seen any tulips or anything yet. I hope spring comes for you really soon! I know how tiring it gets for it to be that cold all the time.

I’m not feeling too bad, just tired of dealing with this ulcer in my leg. I’m going on a year and a half of having this giant hole in my leg and it’s getting annoying.

Thank you, my dear! I hope you’re able to find some time to get outside yourself. Sounds like you’re going to have a busy week! Good luck with all your appointments!

And ACK! I forgot to congratulate you, @marsha! You’re such a breath of fresh air for the forum, we appreciate you so much!


@Debra2 It’s my pleasure, Debra- I’m really happy that you enjoy the MMM! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you have a wonderful week full of good things that make you smile :blush:

@Amethyst The first sign of spring- woohoo! :partying_face: And goodness I completely forgot about the time change, you’re right! It’s coming up soon :scream_cat: :mantelpiece_clock: I’m in the same boat- I think we’d be better off without the hassle of changing the clocks back and forth twice a year lol. I hope your antibiotics help give that infection the boot- you’re in my thoughts as you heal! :pray: Enjoy your adventure to the gazebo, I hope the weather is warm and lovely for you :cherry_blossom: Have a great week too!

@Robin77 Sounds like you have some lovely plans in store this week, Robin! And wow- a huge congrats to you on one full year of formal Sabbat celebrations :partying_face: That’s an exciting landmark, I hope you have a wonderful Osatara :heart:

@Sophie2Wands It sounds like everything is alignment and it’s an ideal time for your first money spell- wishing you all the best with your spellwork this week, Sophie! :sparkles: As for shells, yes! The dollar store is a great place to go- and you could also check local restaurants that have seafood, as they may have extra shells from oysters or clams that would otherwise go in the trash :+1: Have fun with your spell, and may it help to bring in an abundance of fresh funds for you :moneybag: :blush:

@Siofra I hope the weather is nice there so you can enjoy some lovely walks! Wishing you all the best with your appointment this week too- have a good one, Siofra! :two_hearts:

@Marsha You’re very welcome, Marsha- it is indeed a well-deserved shout-out! :heart:


I’ll probably go out Friday, it’s supposed to be sixty-four and sunny. That’ll be nice.


@Amethyst Oooo, was it a cherry blossom tree? They are my absolute favorite!
I’m so sorry to hear about the ulcer! That sounds really draining. And for a year and a half! I really hope those antibiotics start working, I don’t know how you do it. And when you do make it out to the gazebo, take some nice deep breaths for me, I am so jealous :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@TheTravelWitch_Bry HA! I had never thought of going to seafood restaurants! Thanks for the idea!

@marsha Congratulations! That is really amazing! Bravo


That’s so exciting, @Sophie2Wands ! I hope it goes well! :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :moneybag:


Sorry for the late response, 1 appointment down 3 more to go this week! :smile: Thank you for your good wishes :hugs:, I will do the best I can! As for the weather, well, it’s New England so after a week of being in the 50’s & high 40’s there’s a chance for 2 - 4 inches of snow :snowflake: sometime between tonight & tomorrow night… um… what?!? :exploding_head: :no_entry_sign: So that will be a wait & see type of situation, prepare for the worst… nothing… don’t prepare… need to plow & sand & shovel & salt… seems to be a New England thing… :rofl:

Today we had high winds & no cable or internet or landline phone service :telephone_receiver: (I have a fax machine :fax: with my printer :printer: connected to a landline) for quite a few hours today. So I had to wait for it to come back to do just about anything I normally do at that time of day then around 2 PM Spotify had a hiccup of some kind for a little while (In the grand scheme of things Spotify :musical_note: wasn’t really a big issue, but it happened the same day : joy:) & then reset all of the equipment in the house. When I turned on my laptop the other things that I do all got uploaded to their respective clouds :cloud:, I guess :woman_shrugging:


@Amethyst I do pray those antibiotics really start doing their job and you get better real soon and go out and enjoy that gazebo. It’s like my ex-husband, he’s been fighting with infected boils for almost the last year. The antibiotics only help within infection for a while and then after a month or so they are back.


I don’t think so, it was more of a magenta color rather than a cherry blossom color. It could have been the native redbud we have around but I didn’t see it for very long. It was pretty, whatever it was!

Thanks. I’m hoping the antibiotics have kicked the infection’s butt and I can get my skin graft in two weeks. Cross your fingers!

I will! It’s a nice gazebo, I just don’t like going out there alone, you know?

Thank you, love! I hope they get your hubby some good antibiotics. The ones I’m on cost over $1400.00 a week! I’m really glad for my insurance. I don’t even want to know what the IV antibiotics I was on cost!


Wow that sounds amazing! :heart_eyes: Enjoy your gazebo adventure, Amethyst- I hope it will be lovely for you :heart:

We’ve got a low of 19 degrees F and snow here in Poland :sweat_smile: Anyone want to trade weather? :joy:

You’re very welcome, Sophie! :blush: Treat yourself to some tasty seafood and get spell ingredients- sounds like it could be a double win to me! :grin:

Good luck, I hope you’re able to get some lovely shells for your money charm spell! :shell: :sparkles:

I always forget how much of my life is reliant on electronics until the power goes out and suddenly I can’t get hardly anything done- it’s amazing how much is dependant on electricity :bulb: I’m glad your power came back on, Siofra! Hopefully the weather will start to improve soon- I’m sick of the snow too haha :people_hugging: :two_hearts:

Also, just adding it in here: the weekly group ritual discussion is now LIVE! You can check out the details for this week’s group ritual here:

(Group Ritual - Mar 10) First Quarter Moon - Intelllectual Blessing :first_quarter_moon:

3-10 First Quarter Moon in Gemini


It’s supposed to be 25 and snow on Saturday here so I think we are! LOL!