📖 Spells8 Book Club XXXV (Jan 19 - Feb 16)

Welcome to all of the witchy book-lovers here in the forum!

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Thank you again to everyone who joined in for last month’s reading session! For those who haven’t yet shared their thoughts about their book (or anyone who enjoys reading book reviews!) you still have time to do so in :memo: Spells8 Book Club XXXIV - Readers’ Reviews!

As of today, the 35th book club reading session has now begun !

spells8 book club

On Your Mark, Get Set, READ! :books:

  1. Begin by announcing your book
    The first post below is an editable wiki post- add your book title and name to the list! (instructions below)

  2. Know that you have [[ 4 weeks ]] in this reading session
    While it is great if you can finish your book during this time, it is okay if you break it into chapters or sections- do as much as you can and know that doing your best is always good enough!

  3. As you’re reading, feel free to share your thoughts!
    You are very welcome to share any thoughts or tidbits while you read in the comments below or in a new post in the forums. Just save the best parts for the final discussion at the end of the reading period!

  4. Join the final discussion
    After four weeks, a discussion post will open encouraging all readers to share a review of their book and any personal thoughts they have about it. A mini-review is perfectly fine, and there will be a suggested format for anyone who would like to write a longer review.

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A note about sharing books:

While everyone is free to choose their own book, you may consider reading along with someone else ! It is fun to share thoughts and insights about different books and even more exciting to do in-depth about a book with fellow readers :handshake:

If the book you plan to read is already on the list below, add your name to the list of others reading that book! Please keep in mind that everyone will reconvene and chat together in the Reader’s Reviews discussion, regardless of which book you read :books:

Not sure what to read?

You can find book recommendations in:

And also:

Reading on a budget?

Free online books can be found in:

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If you have any questions about Book Club, please feel free to check the Book Club FAQ and/or ask in the comments.

Blessed be and happy reading!

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Please announce your books here :blush:


  • Book Title by Author
    (@) your username

Out of respect to others, please only add/edit your own entry

  • Card of the Day Tarot by Kerry Ward @Amethyst

  • Witchcraft Unchained by Craig Spencer @MeganB

  • Spirit keeping and Spirit vessels by S Connolly @tracyS

  • The Old Norse Spell Book by Alda Dagny @Nixi

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Numerology by Joy Woodward @Mystique

  • Intuitive Witchcraf: How to Use Intuition to Elevate Your Craft by Astrea Taylor @AileyGrey

  • The Middle Pillar by Israel Regardie (Finishing it this time! :rofl:) @Wysteria_Norn

  • Weave The Liminal: Living Modern Traditional Witchcraft by Laura Tempest Zakroff @BlueAngelite

  • Imbolc Llewellyn Sabbath Essentials by Carl F. Neil

  • Βασικες αρχες της πρακτικης μαγειας (Basic principles of practical magic) by Israel Regardie


For anyone who has trouble with adding their entry to the wiki post above, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

How to Edit a Wiki Post (with pictures!)

If you’ve read the instructions but are still having a tough time- no stress at all! For anyone who prefers, I am happy to add you in. Just write your book title and author in a normal post and I will take care of it :blush:

Blessed be! :heart:


I’m excited to continue reading Weave the Liminal as it’s one of those books that I read a bit of, then put down on my bedside table, and never picked up again. Now I have the opportunity to finish it! Happy reading to all of you! :green_book:


Look at that gorgeous cover! The black and white do a good job at conjuring that feeling of liminality- this sounds like a really interesting book! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it, @BlueAngelite :star_struck: :open_book:

Blessed reading! :heart:


I’ve got this one, too :clap: I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my TBR list for sure!


Imbolc Llewellyn sabbath essentials Carl F. neil @celineelise


You and your book have been added to the list! I hope you enjoy Imbolc Essentials, @celineelise - happy reading! :candle: :open_book: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@BlueAngelite This book has been on my wishlist for a while. I’m interested to read your review!

I’m deciding which book to read. I started Pagan Portals Brigid it’s a short book. I have a stack of new books to read too, so I’d better decide soon! :laughing::blush:


I know you got some good ones! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Always fun to have choices, wishing you all the best with Pagan Portals Brigid and any other books you choose to read- enjoy, Sivonnah! :heart: :open_book:


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Friendly reminder time!

:grey_exclamation: The current reading period will conclude in one week from today (on Friday, February 16) :grey_exclamation:

A Reader’s Review post will appear in the forums at that time for everyone to share their thoughts and hear all about what your fellow coven members have been reading.

I hope everyone is enjoying their reading so far! I’m looking forward to hearing about your books :open_book: :sparkles:

Happy reading and blessed be! :books:


I am slowly making progress on my book - better slow than never, I suppose! My TBR list is growing huge though and I need to catch up :rofl:


I got distracted :rofl:, so what’s new. But I think I’ll finish this one.


@MeganB Any progress is still progress- good for you! :heart: You’re certainly doing better than me haha. I haven’t managed to pick up a book and get through a worthy chunk of it for months now, I miss reading! :face_holding_back_tears: :books:

For the time begin, I’m reading vicariously through all of you and your interesting books :laughing: :+1:

@tracyS I feel that! :handshake: :laughing: Hang in there, Tracy- you’ve got this! Cheering for you! :partying_face: :open_book:


the mind opens all doors to the reasonings and dictates of the soul…
from the book
Basic principles of practical Magic
I bought it today and have read almost half of it
it shows that Buddhism and Magic are not opposites but also what are the basic steps for someone to properly start Magic
excellent! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pentagram: :pentagram:


How old is this book? I might go look for the physical copy at this old bookstore I know


@john1 It’s pretty new. It came out last year, I believe.


This book looks rad. Is this a Tibetan Buddhism book? I find that Tibetan Buddhism is the one that is the most mystical and magical.


@BryWisteria I have to remember to do my review for bookclub by tomorrow, right?

I started reading the tarot book you recommended. The title is escaping me. What I’ve read so far is much different than others I’ve read. It goes beyond the meanings of just the cards!