Trying new forms of divination with random objects and normal games

Ok so ive set myself on a journey down the rabnit hole looking at all the ways or items that can use fkr divonation…ecen games with tokens or cards where i can pre assign meaning and use as would other casting or spreads.

So far ive got the normal playing cards and a few random card games i had on hand.
Ive got a game travel set with dominoes, chess set etc
Ive got marbles
Ive even got the rubic cube n a sudoku and scrabble version.
I have dice
I have glass beads i can add runes to
I have crystals
I am looking at getting charms for charm casting.
I even had a look at those cards you can collect like magic the gathering and i can use the card and imagery, element etc to assign meaning. And colecting cards like that can mean so much variation.

Though id love to play the game im not sure if can use the cards using for divination for playing the game intended for or if maybe i just need to cleanse before using for divination if ive played the game . .
Other games that have cards with imagery are good. They wont be as witchy as orihinal tarot or oracle cards but can still have meanings i assign based on imagery. And ie if an animal or element on a card, colours, numbers etc i can combine to a meaning.
Oh i even can use my scentsy sample containers as like they have colours and scents that the ingredients would correspond to things too.

But anyways so i was just wondering does anyone else have other ideas not thought of or that have tried. . Im like thinking out of the box so im trying to think of any everyday stuff even that could use for divination. Ive relied so much on cards n more so my apps on my phone but im limiting myself a bit by not seeing other options so i really want to thibk outside the box, get creative with stuff,

i even tried uno cards and got 3 number 5 cards upside down, a reverse card and a change colour card. The colours were green, yellow and blue. I can see the potential of using colours snd numbers using that. Not sure what a 5 reversed would mean but clearly something with a revrse card as well and then a change colour card maybe pointing to the missing colour of red. So maybe whatever the upside down or reversed 5 means with colours shown, maybe i need to somehoe reverse rhe number 5 to the right side up and change rhe colour to red. What that all means number and colour wise id have to look more into it but the idea seems viable and i got the underlying message evej if im not sure what the surfacr message is yet…

But man im so excited to explore all the ways and objects vould use for divination even if not technically from a magic shot or what ppl might normally use. Butvthe possivilities are endless it feels so i thought id ask gor any ideas and suggestions for other divining methods or objects ppl use to divine with. :grin:
But of course for the grounding challenge i might use a oracle or tarot deck just so i can share that before cut off date. Still love my cards but im looking to expand that particular practice and not limit myself to traditional methods if that makes sense.


That sounds like quite the challenge @Phoenix_Fire
I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :hugs:


I have heard of using a regular deck of cards & used stones or charms as well. I believe we have a topic or 2 about it…

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Lithomancy uses different charms, stones, & tokens with assigned meanings too…

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We also have one on using dice too!

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We had a challenge for different forms of divination…

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There may be some other ideas in those entries too. :hugs:

You could also look at:

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I just have to say that I love your enthusiasm for divination, Phoenix- I can tell that it brings you a lot of joy and inspiration! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Siofra shared the previous Diving Differently Challenge- there were many creative and “out of the box” methods of divination shared by the coven during that challenge! There was also this interesting post shared a while back that features some curious forms of divination:

→ Spells8: Cromniomancy, Capnomancy, and Other Little-Known Forms of Divination

I also recommend a fun little divination class available for free online- it explores various methods of divination and fortune-telling used by different cultures around the world. It’s a fun little course (and it’s free!)

→ HarvardX: PredictionX: Omens, Oracles, and Prophecies

Good luck and blessed studies, Phoenix- keep on having fun with your divination! :sparkles:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry oh! I had forgotten about those & now I’m curious to revisit them :star_struck:


There are so many treasures around the forum- oftentimes when I revisit something or an old post comes back, I see something I missed or thought differently about before! I love bringing things back to explore them again :grinning: :books:

Blessed studies, Siofra- enjoy! :heart:


Ok this was just first attempt but i even redrew the image and it came up twice in row. Ok going to accept it. So i was trying bit of a go at divination with games with cards not specific for divination. I will need to assign meaning to images but first i tried was this one lol

So this game is origibally about making best memes out of cards have and thsre are 3 sets or cards. The word cards, image cards and thene cards. So i drew a word card then a picture card ( thats the one that came up twice in row. I dudnt get it so i reshuffled but got again lol so yeah ok ill accept thats the message

Still confused what may mean but again ive not assigned meanings to images yet, so kinda going on intuition right now n experimenting.
" Ill get it

First thing never "

Hmm seems to be a negative or no to a question lol silly me didnt ask a question was just drawing cards to see what would happen. . But then maynr the image may explain the message esp since i didn’t get the image so i redrew but got same card. Theres only 1 of each image in a deck of over 200 images i think it was. So im like ok ok thats the message… not sure yet.
Had a go at theme cards, not sure how might like to use or if use as part or orihinal dtaw to add context but i drew a theme card and another image and got this lol

Maybe insult theme can be seen as negative message ( rather than a spirit or
deity just slinging insults my way) but the image looks like octopus hair. . Maybe saying something bout my hair all falling out earlier at work and thsn kids pulling on hair… i was so busy runninh around i hadnt fixed it and as hair kept falling down out of bun someone comnented it looked funny. If it made her laugh thats cool, im silly all the time and kids love it. . But i ficed it before got on bus to go home. Maybe it was making point that my hair did make me look like i was falling apart ( i felt that inside but now was showing) maybe i dont mind looking silly for kids or being silly or fun, they love it, but maybe things like my hair falling all over place making me look ragged and falling apart ( not just feel it) maybe might not be seen in good way by all and while i can laugh at myself maybe not everyones comments are laughing with me but at me… maybe why the 'insult 'themed card.

The meme reading part with huge hamburger and ill get it first thing never hmm first thing its in inches, we use cm so not sure if there is meaning t here. But it looks like the hamburger is 7inch high. Definatly never eat anything that big. And being coeliac unless its gluten free i dont eat burgers so i rarely eat. Few places do gluten free burgers. Is it the burger, is it the size, it it weight related, is it pointing at the fact im always running out of food lol or is there a deeper symbolism here or maybe its something lost in translation in Australia… hmm i dont know but i guess since i can assignnmeaning i can try translate it to relevent message… just not sure whar that might be yet, but… first attempt at divining with non divinination cards… not bad. Hmm lets see what else can do…


What a fun game- I think I played something like this a while ago with some friends! The cards make for a lot of laughs :laughing:

Good for you, Phoenix- it’s a really neat experiment! This sounds to me like a fun and creative way to practice intuitive readings as, after all, there’s no accompanying guide book to feel tempted to check for meanings. It’s all coming from your mind and your heart!

Wishing you all the best with your continued divination studies and exploring- blessed be! :sparkles:


I know I’m late to this thread but I’ve used different game cards as divination before. I can’t remember the name of the game off the top of my head – I think it started with a D – but the cards were all just different artwork and images. There were no words, only symbols, colors, and pictures to interpret. It was pretty interesting and I have to say I was fairly accurate with my interpretations of the situations!

I’ve never thought about using anything else though. Well, maybe Pokemon cards lol but that’s about it.


Divination with Pokeman cards is a legendary idea! :star_struck: I imagine it’d be a lot of work to go through and decide what each Pokemon card means ahead of time, so it’d be a good method for reading on the fly and trusting intuition on the spot. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun! :grinning:


I think it would be so fun but you’re right :laughing: there are so many different cards and types of cards that it could get overwhelming!


First attempts at making own card and astrology dice lol. Not perfect but a start…

Can maybe add symbols or charm images? Lots of choices for making own dice n lots of choices of premade onez. Just a bit fiddly if have to add symbols to template n try to get template to match up lol


But i can just write words to make easier lol sample

Not completed of course was just giving it a go😁just to see if would work…
Ooh the possibilities…


That’s a really cool app! Is that a free divination app?


Its just a dice app but i paid a few dollars to customise dice. Can use dice with just numbers or ones aready have. But i really wanted astrology dice
The app

Its free and got lots of options like change colour and backgroubd etc n choice of dice to use


Then for a few dollars can customise
These are templates can use

Im like omg so many things could use this for. Maybe for chakra or runes or ogham, or charm casting or just symboldls n associate mraning to. The numbers are great start for numerology. Could maje tarot or oracle dice might be simpler to write words so line up easier than trying to mess around with adding images to template not all work but omg its exciting still


That’s so cool that you can customize the dice! :star_struck:

Also… what a great resource for tabletop gaming… so many fun dice :eyes: :two_hearts:


That’s really awesome! I love that you can customize the dice and there are so many options – you’re right, you can do a lot with that! Thank you for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Now this may need some tweaking but this was a set created for major arcana weekly spread with colours associated to days of week

So if id done at start of week it be :

Monday ( white) - the sun
Tuesday ( red) - high priestess
Wednesday( purple/blue) - justice
Thursday (green) - the magician
Friday ( pink)- death
Saturday ( black) - hermit
Sunday ( yellow) - tower

Just a quick try at it to see how might work. Not sure yet how to include all tarot ( minor ) in without having dice per suit but it have to be more than 12 sided as otherwise the king got cut off lol i did already have a try with normal deck to dice but realised king missing :woman_facepalming:but if have dice with more sides maybe havevblank or reroll option. . :thinking:
Wanna even try lenormand n kipper plus then runes and ogham n make oracle dice… :joy:yeah excited


Discovered a way to make own oracle cards… i think. Lol card maker for yugioh you can make cards and add own images. Just not sure how id do the dtawing of cards yet ive only just found the app.


Ohhh that’s clever! Good for you for finding creative ways to use the tools you come across :clap: :grinning:

Did you give it a try, and if so, did the card maker work out okay for you, Phoenix?