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Merry meet every one. Before I had mentioned I didn’t have a witchy name and some of you told me to be patient. That it will come in time. I haven’t stopped thinking about it, the other day I started thinking about my love for dragonflies. I even have some tattooed on my back. Ever since I was little I don’t know why but I’m fascinated with them. I started doing research trying to figure out why. I came across an article about how female dragonflies are actually called damselflies. And they never stay in one spot they fly all over the place near water. I also find my self attracted to water. And I love giving along riverbanks in the woods when I go hiking or go swimming at the beach alot something I find in common with the damselflies. Then strangely my witchy name fluttered through my mind about how I don’t have one and the name damsel kinda stuck in the back of mind. Can anyone tell me why it what’s it mean. Thank you for suggestions in advance.
Blessed be everyone.


I would say that either Damsel is referring to freedom as opposed to a Damsel in Distress or depending on the context of how it is presented to you, it could refer to a Damselfly which is a more slender Dragonfly. So that would be something related to a transformation of some kind, whether it’s yourself or something happening with you, would be for you to interpret based on your experience. However, Dragonflies or Damselflies also were thought to be fairies in ancient times.

If you would like to change your witchy name, you can try to do so:

:name_badge: How to Change Your Name and Username on Spells8 or you have the option of reaching out to the moderator team & one of us can take care of it for you also. :hugs:


Thank you Sofie I appreciate you helping me with this does that mean it wasn’t a name coming to me but referring to me transforming into something better right?


Not necessarily, if it feels right as your witch name, then by all means make 1 with it! I would say that because you have embraced your journey, that’s where the word is coming to mind.

  • Your own personal freedom & the start of a transformation to your best self & highest good!

Dragonflies or Damselflies are types of “good luck” or animal totem, spirit animal for very inspiring & I would say in the most basic of terms a good transformation of some kind.

You are very welcome :hugs: If you would like to change your name to include Damsel or any other name, then just let us know! I’m sure you will pick the perfect name for yourself after you get through a little bit more of your learning & awareness.


Thank you again this makes about of sense. I really like that name and I also thought about including moon water in my transformation leaning practices. Following the water witch group, it’s what keeps calling me. I’m still gonna meditate over it a little while longer before I make a complete decision just to make sure it’s the right one. :heart::heart::heart::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::aquarius:I’m also an aquarius lol born in February


Greetings @Damsel,

Siofra gave you some awesome advice, so just adding in that if this name is calling to you it is definitely worth pursuing further! I think meditating on it a bit more is a great idea and should help you solidify both what this name means for you and how you are meant to use it :blush:

Everyone’s witch name is as unique as they themselves are, but there is a common trend to have a two-part name. This is often either a first and last name (Scott Cunningham, Gerald Garnder, or my own- Bry Wisteria) or a name that takes two traits or two parts (like Starhawk or Silverbear).

I’m certainly not saying that anyone needs to have a two part name (and there are plenty of witches with a one-part name, and witches with many more names, all of which are perfectly fine!), but the fact that there is something about Damsel that continues to call to you while perhaps still not feeling perfect makes me think that another part to your magickal name may still be out there waiting for you to find the final piece :jigsaw: :wink:

Wishing you all the best with finding a name that resonate with you- enjoy the search! Blessed be :sparkles:


I have decided that half of my witchy name still pulls for damsel how do I change it to that? Is it possible? And btw I have decided on crystal and oils for healing it sounds wierd but feels right. I feel the energy pull towards that path and I know I will still need help though my learnings. Any suggestions would be a blessing.


Good morning :pray: Siofra shared a link a bit further up about how to change your username. If you need help you can always reach out to one of us moderators and we can change it for you :blush: congratulations on finding your witchy name!


Thank you @MeganB


I’m sorry I missed this!

So I work with essential oils & anointing oils & I know others in the forum do too. We have several posts about making oils with recipes & such. I use essential oils in place of incense in some cases, for healing, connecting/offering/working with my deities & for aromatherapy

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Those are a few of the conversations about oils that we have here, any specific questions though ask away & we will certainly do our best to answer them for you.

Crystals are a common topic within the forum also. Do you have any crystals? Are there any that you would like to know more about or something you would like to start with?

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I use crystals to carry on my person for specific reasons, to work with my chakras, healing & because well let’s face it… they are gorgeous & addicting. A lot of us know quite a bit about them, so any questions feel free to create a topic/question & ask away or do the same on any open topic.

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