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Would you like some advice for the week ahead? Is there anything you should be aware of, or perhaps something exciting for you to look forward to? :eyes:

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~ Welcome to Horoscope Readings! ~

These readings - designed to be used as general advice, warnings, and/or encouragement, as decided by the divine - are provided with the hope of helping you get a peek at the coming days and prepare for your week ahead :crystal_ball:

When creating each specialized horoscope, the following details are examined:

  1. :scroll: The general qualities of each of the Zodiac sun signs
  2. :sun: The current position of the sun in the Zodiac
  3. :full_moon: The current position of the moon in the Zodiac
  4. :crescent_moon: The current moon phase
  5. :ringer_planet: The current position other planets in the Zodiac
  6. :sparkles: Any advice from the divine (delivered through a tarot card for your sign)

Before we begin, take a moment to find and learn about your sun sign if you aren’t already familiar with it :star2:

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Your sun sign is the Zodiac sign that the sun was in at the time of your birth. In order to figure out your sun sign, all you need to know is your birthday! :birthday:

Find your birthday in the list below. For more information about the general qualities and traits associated with each Zodiac, click on the link (the blue text).


  • Aries : March 21 – April 19
  • Taurus : April 20 – May 20
  • Gemini : May 21 – June 20
  • Cancer : June 21 – July 22
  • Leo : July 23 – August 22
  • Virgo : August 23 – September 22
  • Libra : September 23 – October 22
  • Scorpio : October 23 – November 21
  • Sagittarius : November 22 – December 21
  • Capricorn : December 22 – January 19
  • Aquarius : January 20 – February 18
  • Pisces : February 19 – March 20

For those on the cusp (those born at the very beginning or tail end of a Zodiac sign month), you may find that you feel closer to one of (or both of) the Zodiac signs on either side of your birthday. Feel free to look at the readings for both and choose whichever resonates with you most.

~ Horoscope Readings ~

For the week of Monday, September 11 - Sunday, September 17

:astrology_sun: Sun in : Virgo
:astrology_moon: Moon in : Leo, Virgo, Libra
Moon phases : Waning Crescent, New Moon, Waxing Crescent

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

:astrology_mercury: Mercury : ↓↑ Virgo
:astrology_venus: Venus : ↑ Leo
:astrology_mars: Mars : ↑ Libra
:astrology_jupiter: Jupiter : ↓ Taurus
:astrology_saturn: Saturn : ↓ Pisces
:astrology_uranus: Uranus : ↓ Taurus
:astrology_neptune: Neptune : ↓ Pisces
:astrology_pluto: Pluto : ↓ Capricorn

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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:aries: Aries

The night sky grows darker each day this week until it vanishes as a new moon on Friday. As the moon turns away to rest, you are left to find your own path forward and it’s frightfully easy to lose your way without a guiding light ahead. Who or what is your guiding light, Aries? This week, look to someone (of any gender) who displays strong divine feminine energy- they can help you navigate the days ahead. And when the troubles of the real world are piling up on your shoulders, you can find peace within yourself- a calming meditation, smoke cleanse, or sound bath might be just what you need to refresh. Pay close attention to your dreams- there is a message there that is important for your spiritual development. If you need companionship this week, look to a Leo- they are walking a similar path to you.

Tarot Card : The High Priestess, Reversed


:taurus: Taurus

Pick up those heels, Taurus- you’ve got some ground to cover! As the moon shrinks in the skies above, there’s a sense of preparation and anticipation for things soon to come. On Friday, the moon vanishes, entering a time of rest- and for you, this is hitting the reset button. Expect a sense of novelty and new beginning as the weekend arrives, opening doors of opportunity and helping you to see new possibilities, especially when it comes to business and financial matters. Just don’t jump the gun- with Jupiter still in reverse in your sign, it’s better to think before you act. Uranus, also in retrograde in your sign, may raise the bar and make it hard to get started- but once you get going, momentum should keep you moving forward. This week is a good time to redecorate your space. Consider putting money away in your savings account if you can spare it- you’ll be grateful for it further down the line.

Tarot Card : Page of Coins


:gemini: Gemini

Things are still a little topsy-turvy right now, Gemini, so it’s a good idea to leave some extra space in your schedule. Give yourself a bit longer than usual to get to your commitments and try to keep calm when things don’t go as planned. You may need to take the long way around- both physically and metaphorically- in order to get things to work. But the “scenic route” isn’t all that bad! If you keep an open mind, you may discover new things that spark your interest. Additionally, things are looking good at the end of the week when your ruling planet, Mercury, goes direct and steady on Friday. With Mercury back in line, misunderstandings and miscommunications may suddenly clear up and technology should be behaving better than it has been the past few weeks.

Tarot Card : Three of Wands, Reversed


:cancer: Cancer

Whatever difficulties or complications you faced last week have been overcome, Cancer, and your recent acts of kindness are yielding positive results. These small actions may not seem like much to you, but every smile or kind word means a lot to those around you, and good deeds add up! As ruler of the Fourth Astrological House of family, people often look to you as a source of love and warmth, and it’s only right that you get to enjoy that sense of belonging and comfort too. This week, your happiness can be found with those you love- take time to enjoy the company of your favorite people. It’s a great time to work on things with others, go on dates, begin a new relationship or meet new people. Remember that physical distance means nothing- what truly matters is the bond you feel in your heart.

Tarot Card : Two of Cups


:leo: Leo

Light is guiding you into this week, Leo, as you begin with the waning crescent moon in your hands. Her light fades as the days go by, and on Wednesday you will hand her over to neighboring Virgo where she will fade from the skies entirely as a new moon on Thursday. As the skies grow dark, you may find yourself struggling to step up to tasks and find the energy you need to see things through. This isn’t because you aren’t capable or are a failure- not at all! The proud lion of the Zodiac carries immense potential within. It’s just that you have been reflecting the light off of others without spending enough time letting your own beautiful inner light shine- remember that you have the ability to glow and the power to thrive. Venus direct in your sign is there to help you- let the planet of beauty and confidence empower you to step up, take control, and be the person you wish to be. If you need companionship, look at an Aries- they are walking a similar path to you this week.

Tarot Card : The High Priestess, Reversed


:virgo: Virgo

Expect a busy and productive week, Virgo! Things are aligning and it’s time for you to step towards your higher potential. You hold both the sun and moon in your hands this week as dual celestial forces become balanced in your realm. Here in the heart of Virgo season, you carry the bright energy of the sun, and the moon enters Virgo on Wednesday. In your hands, she becomes a relaxed and refreshed New Moon on Thursday. This is a good time to catch your breath and catch up on anything you had set aside to do later. Although the moon leaves you on Friday, another visitor in your realm- Mercury, your ruling planet- will swing back into line and go direct the same day. Blockages are falling away and the path ahead is becoming clear- in many ways, things are becoming what they are meant to be. Keep your head up and walk forward confidently- your higher purpose is calling you and you have the ability to thrive in what you do.

Tarot Card : The Empress


:libra: Libra

There is a moment of peace on Wednesday during the new moon in neighboring Virgo, but it’s the calm before the storm for you, Libra! Energy is picking up on Thursday and on Friday, Virgo will hand over the brand new moon to you. In your hands, she will begin to grow, and you will feel like a beacon- it seems like everyone’s attention (and needs!) are suddenly falling into your hands. The weight of expectations and responsibilities is a lot to handle, and Mars direct in your sign is further amplifying energy and pushing the need to act. With the push of his fiery energy flaring up with your nature as an air sign, even carving out time to rest may feel like a chore. Just remember that the power is in perspective- if you begin to sense that it’s too much, that is your sign to step on the brakes. Although it can be hard to compete with the expectations of others, the people who truly care about you will give you the time you need to rest and work things out. Take good care of yourself this week, Libra, and you will be okay.

Tarot Card : Eight of Swords


:scorpius: Scorpio

There’s a shift in the air this week for you, Scorpio- things that were once just ideas in your mind have developed and grown into real forces in your life. You have created, nurtured, and developed things over the past year that are worth recognition- not all of them successes, but each with their own meaning and purpose. There is value in all of the lessons you have learned and things that you have experienced, and some of that knowledge is going to be essential for you in order to move forward. This is your sign to slow down this week- take stock of what you’ve done, what you’ve learned, and how that knowledge can help you going forward. Right now you are the caterpillar in the cocoon, preparing to emerge as the butterfly.

Tarot Card : Four of Cups (sub: Three of Wands, Reversed)


:sagittarius: Sagittarius

Some of the good things you have done recently are coming back around, Sagittarius- karma is a welcome visitor for you this week! The acts of kindness and warmth that you shared with others in the past are being remembered and people are seeing you in high esteem. This week, don’t be surprised when people come to confide in you- sharing secrets, gossip, news, and ideas. You are easy to talk to, fun to be around, and come across to others as trustworthy- truly a beacon that others want in their lives! Just be sure to save aside some “me time”, especially on Thursday as the new moon arrives- having some time to yourself to work through your thoughts and enjoy your own company will help you stay refreshed and positive through the weekend.

Tarot Card : Queen of Cups


:capricorn: Capricorn

Tread carefully this week, Capricorn, as things may not be as they first appear and situations are more volatile than they seem. As an earth sign, you appreciate when things are grounded and straightforward, but the path this week is a windy one that will require a bit of flexibility to navigate. Be aware that transformative Pluto, who is in retrograde in your sign, is casting a further shadow of uncertainty over your path- making things hard to judge and choices more difficult to make. When faced with tough decisions, remember to stick to your ethics- do not let temptation veer you onto a path you will regret later. If you feel you cannot trust someone else, remember that you can always trust in yourself. Now is not the best time to go to court or seek legal advice from others. Avoid places, people, and situations where corruption is allowed to fester freely. If you work with a deity or spirit of justice, allow them to help guide you safely through the week.

Tarot Card : Justice, Reversed


:aquarius: Aquarius

You have had a lot on your shoulders, Aquarius, and although things are easing up, you are still hanging on for dear life- it’s okay to ease up a little now, okay? After going through a hardship, overcoming a challenge, or surviving a stressful situation it’s natural to need time to heal and adjust, and that’s what you need right now. Who or what gives you strength, Aquarius? As ruler of the Eleventh Astrological House of community, it’s likely tied to your identity- what groups or activities bring you happiness? This could be anything from your family to a local club or hobby that you do with others. In order to let go of the stress you’ve been feeling, now is a good time to immerse yourself in things that help you feel good. You don’t have to hang onto the edge of the cliff, Aquarius- let go and find the many hands of those around you there to hold you up.

Tarot Card : Four of Pentacles


:pisces: Pisces

It’s a new moon in Virgo in the heart of Virgo season, and The Maiden is the sign exactly opposite of you in the Zodiac cycle, Pisces. As such, there’s a bit of a magnetic effect going on this week, gently pulling you towards something unknown while at the same time, you feel a little out of touch with yourself. Events that occur may seem distant or even like they are happening to someone else and you may find it harder than usual to remember things. Even the influences of retrograde Saturn and retrograde Neptune in your sign feel far away, as the days seem to come and go by like repetitive waves from the sea. Let it all help you to relax, Pisces- this is less a time of action and more a time of rest and renewal for you. As the moon passes her new phase and begins to grow with light, leave your heart and mind open- your energy and spark will return to you when you are recharged.

Tarot Card : Ace of Wands, Reversed

Disclaimer: Horoscopes are based on sun signs as this is the sign people are most likely to know about themselves- but a person is much more than their sun sign alone! To help you explore your full natal chart, you can use the many resources in the Astrology Master Post :star:

Whatever the divine has in store for you over the coming days- wishing you a blessed week!



I needed this today, thankyou stars, thankyou karma. :kissing_heart::sparkling_heart:


Sounds like a wonderful new moon and weekend to come. :partying_face:

It’s also a bit of a relief after breaking two mirrors in one go on Friday and my partner telling me I now have bad luck. :joy: I told them, “No! I deny this bad luck!” And I’m doing great, but you know, reassurance is nice. :smile:

Thank you, @TheTravelWitch_Bry. :black_heart:


Wait, What? What happened to those wonderful readings for the Goat?.. I guess I’ll just go with my moon which is in Virgo this week. :sweat_smile: She looks much better. :rofl:

Thanks Bry. :goat:



It’s nothing to do with us, chaos is on holiday today. :rofl: :sparkling_heart:


This makes a whole lot of sense for me right now. In fact, the entire horoscope is pretty spot-on. There are some things in the works for us as a family right now, and the process is going to be stressful and scary, but better for us all in the end. :clap: Thank you for this horoscope, @TheTravelWitch_Bry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I always enjoy reading them!


:libra: Libra :astrology_sun:

I will certainly enjoy some quiet and peaceful time while I can because it sounds like it will be a chaotic and challenging week! It’s supposed to be cooler so maybe I can spend more time outside in my “Magick Garden” which always heals my soul! :smiling_face: :sunflower:

:scorpius: Moon :astrology_moon: & :scorpius: Rising Sign

I love the beautiful visualization, Bry, and I’m looking forward to the butterfly phase! :butterfly: I love how your readings align with the energy that is coming in this week! How lucky for Scorpios to have 2 cards this week, giving us some more information to help guide us! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With love :pink_heart: and hugs :hugs: always


:hugs: :star2: :sparkling_heart:

Nice! With superstitions like breaking mirrors and black cats and what-not, I really think the only bad luck there is the bad luck someone creates and welcomes in for themselves- and you shut it down and closed that door! May it be a wonderful week for you, Katerina! :blush:

Sorry, Shadeweaver! :laughing: I suppose we all have to take a turn with the chaos from time to time- and like Tracy said, perhaps chaos is on holiday in Sea Goat land right now! (Hopefully it’ll move along soon!) :handshake: :heart:

So mote it be! :heart: I’m happy the horoscope resonated with you, Megan! :grinning:

You’re very sweet, Marsha- it’s my pleasure! Wishing you all the best with everything coming this week, I hope you have plenty of time to enjoy some cool weather and peaceful moments in your beautiful garden :sunflower: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lots of love to you too! :two_hearts:


I said no to this one as well, when I adopted a rescue black cat in February. :joy:

Not sure he’s really a cat, though. He looks like a cat-sìth, is way too smart for his own good, and is a fey-tier trickster. I might have to ensure I give him a saucer of milk during Samhain, for his blessings. :thinking:

Edit: He’s now watching birds on the balcony and trying to copy the sounds they’re making. It’s freaking me out. :joy:


Oooo… I definitely feel like there’s some contemplation needed to move forward right now. I have a few things needing to be taken care of & I’m trying to get to them the best I can with some surprising delays. But working through them the best I can right now :smiling_face:


This is so sweet, and I’m feeling it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Sometimes it baffles me how classical example of my sun sign I am! :sweat_smile: :crab: Being a source of love and warmth is my highest calling, something that feels both meaningful and natural to me. :hugs: :sparkling_heart: And it is most accessible when I’m feeling comfortable and in the company of people that I feel good with, and who love and appreciate me in return. Like y’all :smiling_face: :pink_heart:

I had a dream day today, sleeping late after staying up into the witching hour, having a beautiful Goddess encounter while still in bed. Writing my experience here, an unhurried breakfast and cuddly chat with my girlfriend in Germany. Yoga with my beloved teacher and a warm hug, no words but a quiet understanding and appreciation of each other’s energy. My father waiting patiently and picking me up, having bought me my favorite energy drink. A quiet drive home enjoying the setting sun, followed by a delicious meal and a refreshing shower. Cozying up to tell my girlfriend the story of Goddess Durga defeating the asura brothers Shumbha and Nishumbha, and her pointing out the similarity to Éowyn defeating the witch king of Angmar. She’s just a huge nerd like I am, and I’m in love. Meanwhile typing up a customs declaration to send a heartfelt gift to someone I also love, on the other side of the Moon. Distance truly means nothing :blush: :sparkling_heart:


What a beautiful dream. :black_heart:

I need to learn to dream from you. :joy:

There are good parts to my dreams, such as when I was wandering a night market and eating food last night. The food was good and I woke up feeling sated. :grin:

But there are many not-so-great parts, like when I watched the world burn to cinders last week. Although, that being said, I did get to see the strength and sense of community that rebuilt the world better than ever.

Oh, it was a rebirth dream, now that I type it out. Interesting. :thinking:


Oh, I mean this one happened physically, in a dream come true kind of way! :wink: Though I do have very vivid dreams too… :smiling_face:

Awww, that sounds beautifully liminal :blush: :silver_heart:

That’s the other side of the coin, I had a pretty disturbing dream involving someone get tortured the other night. Shine the light higher, and the shadows get longer too…

If you’re okay with darker imagery I made a thread some time ago with a kind of rebirth dream too, and the beautiful people here also offered their interpretations :heart: It involved fire and the world falling apart too.


:woman_facepalming: Sorry, I missed the word “day” in reading.

Let me reword that. What a wonderful day, you had. :black_heart:

I routinely have disturbing dreams as well. But fortunately, they don’t leave me feeling disturbed all day anymore. :relieved: For example, I was telling one of my friends recently about a dream I had about a month ago where I watched a young woman run onto the train tracks at a station while a train was passing through. Needless to say, the results were horrifying and in so much gory detail that it didn’t seem real, and my friend was like, “Whoa. What the fwurk.”

You really seem to have. :smile:

I only started journalling at the start of the year and often write my dreams down when I remember them each day. However, I often skip it because I either forget the dreams shortly after waking up or because the task is too daunting.

Sometimes, it takes two to four pages to outline my dreams. If I actually went into full detail, I’d be writing books. :sob: It makes me tempted to type them up instead, but I do really need the feel of writing on paper and how it slows me down. The act of writing itself just calms me.

That being said, there are dreams I remember very vividly from the rest of my life, between my childhood and now. So, I’m thinking of writing those up sometime soon and delving into them, to interpret. Their memories have stuck with me this long, so some part of my brain must find them significant.

I might have to compile and share them when I do. It seems I’m in very good company to help me with interpretations here. :smile:


I’m glad you did :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have this theory that nightmares and other disturbing dreams are here to help us process our shadows. Usually once something stops disturbing us and loses its power, we very rarely see it again.

I feel that this happens routinely in waking life too, but that gets a little bit wilder there… :sweat_smile:

My method is picking up my phone, wishing my girlfriend good morning, and telling her the dream as I remember it :smile_cat: I do it in short messages, that describe a small event in the dream, to let it flow more easily and not get stuck editing. After being done with a dream I ask her if she has any interpretations, and we go back and forth, and move to the next until we have them all. When she has a dream, we do the same in reverse.

Now that I think of it, the same kind of short message style could work for journaling / Book of Mirrors work too! :blush: My message log is pretty much my journal though.

This is a thing for me too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Sometimes though, I’d like to take a burst of speed, when something really wants to get out… :smile_cat:

I know the kind of dreams, I’ve had them too. And I’ve shared a few of them here also. If you want to share your dreams I’d love to offer my interpretations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like your theory. It also explains why some scenarios or locations keep coming back over the same night, weeks, months, or years.

Also, funnily enough, my worst nightmares involved a shadow person coming for me. A bit literal, right? :joy:

I think I saw it for a moment in real life a few years ago, too… That was absolutely terrifying. But fortunately, I think the fear part is over. :relieved:

Ohh, good idea. I’ve done that with my partner only a few times. I’d wake up, want to remember my dream for later, and message a line about it. Then I’d use it as a prompt once I’d get up and write it out properly. I should remember to do that more.

One time, they were lying next to me and said, “What are you doing? I’m right here.” And I, still half asleep, said, “It’s for later!” I think they’ve accepted that I can be a mercurial weirdo sometimes. :smile:


Yes! :sweat_smile: The fear of the unknown is also a powerful one, it’s why sometimes we’re threatened by something faceless in dreams. I also see the theme of being attacked in person…

I’m glad to hear that it’s holding less power over you now… :people_hugging: When something like that happens, the image of it can stay with us for years, showing up in dreams and triggering us in daytime… I’ve experienced it too.

Mine accepts and appreciates my weirdness too, and I hers :smiling_face: :heart: We can spend hours meowing at each other :joy: When I get to be with her in person I’d like to start doing that too, to have a record of my dreams :pink_heart:


:people_hugging: It took a long time, but it was worth it. I think it ultimately stemmed from things other people have done to me in the past, from physical and emotional abuse from family to sexual from others. I think once I accepted and worked through that last one, those things went away.

You two are adorable. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you get to be with her in person soon, but am glad it seems to be going so well even apart. That’s something special.


Warm hugs :people_hugging: :pink_heart:
I’ve gone through similar, it’s definitely a lot to recover from. I’ve thought of it as a kind of hero’s journey, it’s helped me a lot to take back my sense of agency.

Awww thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We’ve been together for six years like this now, and meeting each other is still like meeting the very first time! :smiling_face: :revolving_hearts:


Your kitty sounds like a real character! :smile_cat: Well, whatever he may or may not be beneath the fur, it sounds like you’ve won his favor- may he watch over you, protect you, and keep you entertained with his cute bird noises! :bird: :smiley_cat: :two_hearts:

You’re doing your best and that’s all anyone can ever do- good for you, Susurrus! :hugs: :heart: I hope you’re able to continue to move forwards. Onwards and upwards from here- lots of love!

Awww this made me smile, you’re so sweet, Celestia! :heart: You really are a beacon of warmth, positive energy, and joy- we are so blessed to have your light around! May you always find yourself in the company of those who appreciate you and reflect back the wonderful love and light that you share :hugs: :two_hearts:

I’m with Katerina- that sounds so beautiful! I’m glad you had such a wonderful day full of blessings that brought you joy- may you have many more days like it! :blush: :heart:

That is so sweet- you and your girlfriend are so cute! :heart: