Energy Exchange Circle 🤗 July 31st

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  3. Updated Notes (31 July 2021) From Praecog29
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to the next update from the Energy Exchange Wiki - 2021 - a wiki combining energy exchange requests made on Spells8.

While the Energy Exchange category is the preferred place to ask and update requests, I’m thankful we all :heart: love and trust :yellow_heart: each other enough to be open about our needs across the site as we discuss other topics. (Links are provided to each request so you can find updates to them as they come in.)

Christina's Distance Healing Box

Christina4 is providing a Distance healing box :gift: - offering loving energy to people that need it. Thank you, Christina, for your heart for the :infinite_roots: Infinite Roots family.

An Updated Note From Praecog29

(If you are on this list, please provide an update.)
If you don’t need to be on the list anymore, we would like to know. If you need to be on it still (or put on it the first time) we would like to know, too.

Those In Our Circle Over The Next Two Weeks

  • @Abs53
    She has requested support during a transition in her home life.

  • @Amethyst
    Good wishes for quick healing in regards to a leg infection.

  • @Princess_Tara Helps for spiritual counselling.

  • @christina4

  1. Wisdom regarding choices.
  2. The doctors won’t say how much longer her uncle has but they said he isn’t doing well. (10 August 2021)
  1. Her son needs continued love and light wrapped around him.
  2. Requests support for herself.
  • @joy4
    Healing from past traumas. ^

  • @mary25
    Healing energy for her sister who is suffering from post-concussion syndrome

  • @Peaches
    A favorite client of hers is in ICU with covid.
    (Added 10Aug21)

  • @phoenix_dawn

  1. Mother-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer and placed on the transplant list a month ago. Found out yesterday the cancer has spread to her brain. They are keeping her sedated right now. Prayers for my family and especially my husband as he is taking this the hardest and I can’t be there to comfort him :sob:
  2. Asking for healing and prayers. Tested positive for covid and today :mask: all I can say is thank goodness being an empath turned me into a hermit. I’m in quarantine for the next 10 days
  3. Overwhelmed by life and needs help and relief with money, mental stress, and physical wellbeing.
  4. Mother-in-law is on life support. Her husband and brother-in-law are working on a DNR.
  1. Requests love and positive energy over the few weeks as she reviews with her doctor what can be done about her wrist.
  2. Her family needs lifted up.

Opening this early and closing the old one early. It’s the 31st somewhere on :earth_americas::earth_africa: right? :wink:

This weekend I’ll be traveling. I’m hoping for some of the best news of my life on Monday but first I need to get through this weekend. Thank you for your support.


Good luck Ben, I hope everything goes well!


Sending love and light to all those on the Energy Exchange this cycle- may good things find their way to you!

:candle: :heart: :dove:

Thanks so much for putting this together @praecog29- wishing you all the best with your travels and good news today :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you! And safe travels. Sending positive abundant energy for the BEST NEWS EVER for you!!


Thank you, everyone. I’m “home” safe. No travel troubles. Yay!

Outside of the birth of my kids and my travel to India and Switzerland, this is the best news ever for me.

It’s made even better that I will be with “The Eternal Goddess Who Owns My Soul” (the girlfriend) on this trip. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sending continued healing and light to the others on this list. I removed Christina’s request about her sister in law being pregnant because the child was born. :slight_smile:


Thank you for keeping my sister in your thoughts. I talked to her yesterday. She’s getting physical therapy but still has a way to go. They think there were maybe 3 concussions and that’s why her recovery is going on for a bit. On the positive side, she is really coming around to the idea that she needs to devote time to self-care.

Now, I am doing the legal blessings spell tonight (the one on Spells8) and may connect with Hecate. I have a hearing tomorrow for a family matter. I think I am not supposed to get too specific about it. Let’s say this is a matter that is very close to my heart and that the past 10 months have been painful. So, I welcome any good vibes from my witchy tribes :slight_smile:


Hi Mary. Good luck with your court case and with your sisters health. I hope everything goes well. Sending you lots of healing and positive thoughts.


Sending you good vibes! Hopefully, things will work out the way you need them to tomorrow!


The Wiki and the Circle have been updated. phoenix_dawn needs our support.

Amethyst needs more support this week.

Siofra has a blessing in her life. Brigid is good. :slight_smile:

These are the updates I know about. Blessings to all on the list. Thankfully we have seen miracles from our energy and I look forward to more updates in the future.


As always Ben you are such a comforting “presence” in my reclusive bubble. Thank you again for all you do for all of us. :hugs:


Thank you, kind sir! Hopefully my legs will finally get better soon!


Thank you for all of your continued support as I move through the changes. :two_hearts:


Added Abs53 by her request for all of August. She has requested support during a transition in her home life.


Thank you, Ben :hugs:


@mary25 I had very good results when I used the legal blessings spell @Francisco suggested when I needed help with My husband’s court case. I also made sure to snuff my orange candle that I used to do the spell so that I could relight the same candle next to my jar (I try to tweak as many spells as possible and put them in jar form because I have a constant focal point to direct the energy and I have a higher success rate with jar type spells) weekly until court. When I relit my candle on the week after I cast my jar spell I said my prayer and snuffed my candle back out to use once more when he was scheduled for court the next week and the next day after only repeating the candle step once. Best wishes :pray:


I’ve began the process of separating from my husband this week. It’s something I’ve tried to do a few times before but have never succeeded as he simply refuses to let me go and due to the isolation I have, through his control, I haven’t had any support to help me see it through before.

I’m hoping once I get through this weekend it will be easier but I honestly cant see an end to it at the moment. It’s a constant barrage of emotional abuse and I’m starting to get concerned for my safety. He rang earlier to say we’re not breaking up, he’ll give me space until Sunday but he won’t ever let me go… We’ve been together for 18 years, I guess he cant imagine being without me but it’s starting to scare me.

The house isn’t secure, even when I’ve convinced him to go out for a while and locked and bolted the doors he always manages to get back in somehow. I can’t change the locks as he’s on the tenancy and it’s so hard trying to shield all this from a very intuitive 7 year old, who’s very concerned by her father’s behaviour.

Please help me out, if you can, over the weekend.

Oh and if anyone has any advice, feel free to share… I’m in England so the rules might be different here.


First of all, prayers and love, and light are being sent to you. Call your local police department and ask for the numbers of the closest domestic violence shelters. He’s crossing a line and I don’t want him to hurt you trying to keep you. Download the Aspire App for your phone.

It will help you form a list of things you need to take with you, and hopefully will have some local phone numbers that might help you out. But most of all it’s a panic button, you can program it to dial the police if you need it, with a preprogrammed message.

If you need it, you press the button three times and you don’t have to say anything, the police or whoever you connect to will come and help you. It will also start recording any conversations to use in court so if he’s threatening you, it will record it.

Take care of yourself Abs, and be safe.


Sending hugs and love and light to you


@Abs53 oh sweet heart my :broken_heart: heart is breaking after reading this. first off I want to tell you how much I admire your strength and courage. Both for trying to get out of a toxic situation and also for being so strong for your daughter and trying to protect her from seeing what you are going through. I know it’s exhausting having to carry around so much hurt and constantly having to pretend everything is okay so no one knows…I’ve been in those shoes before. That’s a lot of why my husband and I are separated now. he got bad on drugs ( or possibly always) and kept me away from everyone. I’ve never had much of a support system myself as my family is just as toxic and I’ve as always preferred not to keep a large circle of friends because I’ve never fit in anywhere anyways but people have shown me over the years that people are temporary and always leave so I kept hanging on hoping my husband would change and stop hurting me physically and emotionally. I allowed it to continue just so I could feel the love he gave me when he tired put after every time he nearly broke me. Until the day I woke up and within the flash of an hour I was face down on a nasty hotel floor with him on my back and a phone cord around me neck as I gasped and clawed for air. I finally got him to ease up enough to give my phone back to be me and then I called the police and he was arrested and I took the first ride home to my mom I could get. It’s not much healthier here but at least I don’t have to fear for my life. He’s sober now because he ended up having to stay in jail for being behind on child support. And things look promising for us but I’ll always live with the fear of what happened.
Some people aren’t that lucky. I wish I had some advice for you but all Ive got is the mask I used to wear and a whole lot of love and positive healing prayers for you. You are so strong and beautiful and brave and smart and you definitely deserve more than what you’ve been given. Keep your head up love and know that you ARE loved and I am going to light a candle and pray for you so hard that you find a way out of this and can find peace so you and your beautiful daughter can heal from the trauma you’ve endured. No one deserves to be made to feel less than they are. The only suggestion I have (and I’m sure you’ve already tried it too) is perhaps a freezer spell, return to sender or a binding spell? I even came across a jinx months ago called a Flame of guilt When I first left my husband (however jinxes go against my personal beliefs of harming people so I’ve never gotten brave enough to try it) keep your head up sweet girl. Better days are coming for you. I’m sure of it. Blessed be :pray: