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Merry Meet !

Welcome to your weekly update about what’s happening in both the forum and the witchy world at large :mage:

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[ [ Witchy Holiday: Sabbat :wheel_of_dharma: ] ]

Blessed Sabbat! We will be celebrating a pagan holiday this week:

Wednesday, December 21

Those in the Northern Hemisphere will celebrate the Sabbat Yule :evergreen_tree: and the Winter Solstice :sun:


Ready to celebrate? Here are a few suggestions for how you might enjoy this holiday:

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Friends in the Southern Hemisphere will be celebrating the Sabbat Litha :sunflower: and the Summer Solstice :sun:


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[ [ Group Ritual :infinite_roots: ] ]

Group Tea Ritual Meditation 2022 Yule Version

Thursday, December 22

Join in for a shared group ritual meditation and coven chat- this activity is open to all active coven members :tea: The ritual has step-by-step instructions that you can join in on your own schedule at any time during the day.

Group rituals are held on Thursday in A Sacred Space and remain open over the weekend. This week’s ritual post will appear in the forum on Tuesday, but until then feel free to check out last week’s group ritual to get an idea about what to expect.

[ [ Moon Phase: New Moon :new_moon: ] ]


Friday, December 23

This week we will be blessed by the presence of the New Moon. The exact time of the peak phase will vary according to your location.

While many witches see the New Moon as a time of rest and reflection, others choose to cast magick specific to this phase of the moon cycle.

You can learn more about the symbolism, traditions, and best-suited spellwork for this moon phase in the New Moon Rituals Guide :new_moon:


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[ [ Freebie Friday - Free Readings :flower_playing_cards: ] ]

Picture from Pexels

Friday, December 23

Have a question on your mind? Seeking some guidance for how to best approach a problem? :thinking: This is your chance to find some answers, as the talented @MeganB is kindly offering free readings via tarot and oracle cards! :crystal_ball:

Free readings are held in the Energy Exchange Category every Friday. As we wait for this week’s reading session to begin, you can check out last week’s Freebie Friday to get an idea of what to expect :tada:

[ [ Group Healing Session :handshake: ] ]

EEC Group Healing Session

Friday, December 23 at 1:00 PM EST

Join a group healing circle to support those who are passing through hard times this month. Microphones and cameras will be turned off during this one-hour open space, and coven members are welcome to come and go as they please. This is the second of two live healing sessions this month.

You can visit the current EEC discussion: Energy Exchange Circle :hugs: December 2022

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Blessed be! :christmas_tree: :sparkles:


Good morning everyone :heart:

There are so many exciting things happening this week – Yule, the Winter Solstice, a New Moon – such an exciting time!

Look at you @Marsha! That’s so amazing! Your contributions here in the forum, your kindness, your empathy – you are truly an amazing part of this forum and it shows :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m really looking forward to the solstice this year. I’m thinking about holding vigil throughout the night! My yule log has three holes in it for three candles. I’m thinking of lighting one at sunset, one at the peak of the Solstice night, and one at sunrise, keeping watch over all the candles overnight and greeting the sun in the morning. (I can’t take full credit for this idea. I got it originally from Lora O’Brien!)


Good morning on this Merry (even if it’s chilly here) Morning! :sunrise:

Congratulations @marsha! A 3-Week streak & a shiny new badge! Way to go! You’re truly a gift to the coven :infinite_roots: I can begin to thank you enough for everything you have done & also the assistance through November with the Single Draws & Tending Brighid’s Flame :revolving_hearts: while I was recovering & finding my footing while doing so! You are amazing with all that you do throughoIut the coven :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I did finish my challenge entry, I will be posting that once I am finished going through this post :laughing: Better late than never!

I am going to be making my annual Witches Ball to add to our tree & then it will move to my sacred space for the year. I will also be making up an intentions pinecone, also that will hang on our tree until around Imbolc when I will release them into a fire with some other things from this past year. Plus, I get to have a fire! Woo hoo! :fire:

The New Moon :new_moon: is my favorite phase for reflection & I will also connect with The Morrigan :triquetra: & thank her for all of the assistance throughout the past cycle & ask for continuance through the next one. I will do some reflective journaling also. Something I have really come to enjoy & practice each day, even if it’s just one page.

Now I have a few pages of journal prompts that I have collected through a couple of the challenges on SilverBear’s site & working with my providers over the last :thinking: 10 months… :exploding_head: (I can’t believe it’s been that long & what a journey it has been) I am definitely in a much better place as a person & have changed & transformed many times over those 10 months into a significantly better version of myself. So a great time to rest & reflect.

I had read… somewhere (it may have been an email from Tamed Wild… about the upcoming Winter :snowflake: Solstice that it’s a great time to learn or study something new during these next few months. I have decided to continue my courses through Biddy Tarot & enrolled in the full Tarot class & not just Master the Tarot Card Meanings. I had previously taken a course on reading the cards intuitively… which I have to say… even before that class I was already on my way to relearning to trust & listen to my intuition. The class just made that even better… it’s been amazing so far! Much more clarity & ability to move through my days. Plus, even though I am still only doing a one-card draw each day, I no longer need to look at the guidebooks that come with each deck!

I have a good routine in the mornings :sunrise: now & meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: practice. A few sorts of rituals that I do each week & daily… my path is flowing much easier & my connection to it is very strong. Once I accepted that baby steps :footprints: or one thing at a time was what really worked for me to stay grounded, present, & continue to progress.

I did miss the Group Ritual last week :cry: but I had a pretty good weekend. I was able to get a lot done on Saturday in my space as far as cleansing, cleaning, reorganizing, and consolidating. Even with the closet & overflow of boxes :package:… it seems that everyone that gets gifts :gift: for someone… puts them in my room… I really hope they don’t expect me to be wrapping all of these gifts :rofl:

I got to spend time with friends, neighbors, & family. I also got to speak with my brother who recently came home from his deployment to Japan :japan: We had a great conversation with a lot of laughs. My family also had a lot of laughs Friday through Sunday here & with our friends & neighbors on Saturday.

My Completely Unintentional Life of the Party Moment

I had unintentionally become Santa’s :santa: Spy :female_detective: to a 5-year-old boy that happened to turn around & see me in a reindeer onesie outfit with the hood up. (The hood has antlers & a red nose.) He was convinced that I was there to make sure everyone stayed on the nice list. My daughter had started to play a sleigh bells sound on Spotify from her phone that was in her pocket. So they all ran to the front door to check for Santa’s sleigh. Me being the Queen :person_with_crown: of the Irish Goodbye took that as my chance to go out the back door (yay for social anxiety) & played the same sound from my phone as I made my way down the side of the house. A friend of my daughter, her father went out “to the car” on the other side of the house :house: & started with “HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas!” and then went back inside. My daughter text me that the little boy & his father were getting ready to leave, so I continued playing the sleigh bells & scurried across the street to connect to a Bluetooth speaker. I played the sleigh bells from my front porch as they were getting in the car. My husband was outside & heard the little boy all excited telling his Dad that Santa must have come to pick me up because I was nowhere to be found & the bells were further away. :rofl: So that was a lot of fun watching him be all excited for Christmas :christmas_tree: & hoping that I told Santa he was still on the nice list still so he would get his presents :gift:


I love how you made the season magickal for the little boy! As adults the gifts we receive are the joys and wonders of the children. Thank you for sharing holiday joy :smiley: Very cool!



Sending you a huge thank you! @TheTravelWitch_Bry I’m honored! This is lovely to receive and especially so during my Lunar Return, :astrology_moon: in :scorpius:

Thank you so much @MeganB I am surprised because I didn’t know this badge existed :rofl: I am working to get the Devotee Badge! I don’t know how many more days I have left.

Thank you @Siofra_Strega and I hope you know that I enjoyed doing the card draws and tending Brighid’s Flame!

I’m still working on getting all the shopping and mailing done for Christmas! Ohhh woe as me . . . It’s a busy time of year, but it wouldn’t be if I didn’t wait until the last minute!

I am thankful and blessed to be a member of Spells 8! I love you all very much!

With love :heart: & hugs :hugs: & gratitude :pray: always


Good evening everyone! Hope y’all have had a good Monday!

Congratulations @marsha! You’ve been a blessing to this community!

Went to the doctor this morning and I don’t have to go back for two weeks which is great because I wouldn’t have had a ride in a week! LOL! I have hopes for my leg to be healed soon. We shall see.

I’m getting groceries delivered tomorrow and I’ll be all ready for the holiday! I have two more doctor appointments on Wednesday, so that’ll be fun. Other than that, I’ve got a few more versions of A Christmas Carol to watch before the weekend and I’ll be good to go! I love that story.

@MeganB I like your idea of sitting vigil, if only my meds would let me stay awake! LOL!

@Siofra_Strega yay for being Santa’s Spy! You’ve made a memory for that young boy that will last forever. That’s so sweet of you!

@marsha good luck shopping! I didn’t get any cards bought to mail this year, sadly to say, so you’re doing better than I am!

Hope everyone has a great week! Merry Solstice!


Congratulations @marsha


Thank you :pray: so much, @Amethyst :purple_heart:

When I was checking out the shiny new badge, I just happen to notice that you are also a member of the Hall of Fame Club, and @Siofra_Strega too! I’m honored to be a member!

I bought cards early, I found some that I liked when I was looking at Halloween stuff. But . . . then I decided to make my own, I used the Walgreens app to make photo cards. Even though the cards are going to be late, packages too, it’s the thought that counts! Or so they say.

Thanks so much @lisa65 much appreciated :pray:

Lots of love :heart: & Big hugs :hugs: to both of you always


We are honored to welcome you as a member! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have yet to send out cards :flushed: part of that is because my daughter wasn’t able to have her school pictures done this year & now I’m looking to make a sort of collage of pictures for a card & also have them printed either at Walmart/CVS/Walgreens. I may just have to buy some & start sending them, even if they are late to a few people, I’m sure they will appreciate that I sent them. I was a bit behind on those, from Thanksgiving to today was kind of a whirlwind between happenings here at home. I was shocked when I typed in the date on my daily posts this morning & then looked at the calendar for the date & days the holidays fall on :exploding_head:

@Amethyst & @Sarafeena_Sage it was a lot of fun & just the looks on his face were enough to make it worth going over there for a bit longer than I had originally planned. He was very excited & also on his best behavior so that I would let Santa know that he should still be on the nice list.


@MeganB The solstice vigil sounds amazing- watching the sun come up would be a really powerful moment! That being said, while I love the idea, I know I’m not strong enough to keep myself awake all night :joy: I’ll be cheering for you if you decide to give it a try, Megan! :sun_with_face: :heart:

@Siofra_Strega Merry Monday (well, Tuesday now haha) to you too, Siofra! It is a chilly one- although still no snow on the ground here. Wonder if we’ll get a white Christmas? Supposedly there is a storm on the way later this week :snowflake: Glad you’re doing well and having fun with friends and family! :heart::christmas_tree: :blush:

@Marsha You have most certainly earned your spot in the Forum Hall of Fame, Marsha- thank you again for all that you do! Between the birthday messages, tending the Flame, welcoming new members, being such a presence of light and warmth and so much more- the coven is very blessed to have you here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

Wishing you all the best with the shopping and mailing- you’re not the only one to wait to last minute haha! I’ll be tripping over myself this week too trying to get all the last-minute things together lol. Would it even be the holidays without the last-minute craziness? I think not :joy:

@Amethyst I’m so glad you’re doing well- may your leg keep on healing, Amethyst! :pray::two_hearts: It sounds like you’ve got everything in place and have some fun holiday plans in store too- enjoy watching A Christmas Carol, it’s definitely a classic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wishing you the same- blessed solstice and start to Yule! :partying_face: :star2:

I’m bopping around trying to get things done and ready for the holidays- we had to make the call to do our Yule Log a bit early this year, as the evening of the solstice will be spent at the dentist’s- my partner needs to get a wisdom tooth pulled. Fun! :sweat_smile:

We’re sending the tooth off in style, though- hopefully the super chocolatey cake won’t cause any additional dental issues! :joy:

(I won’t double-post all the cake pics- there are more in the Winter Solstice 2022 :snowflake: Discussion if anyone wants to see them! :cake:)

Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy, and blessed start to Yule! :star2:


If it were up to my daughter, yes there will be a white Christmas :christmas_tree: The first thing she said when she returned from her trip was that she was Wishing, Hoping, & Praying that we have a :snowflake: White Christmas… then my husband had also mentioned that there is a storm possibly heading towards us with snow :snowman_with_snow: So :crossed_fingers: that we are able to have one! She comes home & the first thing she does is put on her Christmas song :musical_note: playlist :laughing:


Nice of them to do that, isn’t it? It’s great to have you along with us!

I’m sure people will appreciate cards whenever they get them. My friend from Georgia is sending Valentine’s instead of Christmas cards which I think is a nice idea. I might do that.

Let’s hope he’s a good boy these last few days so Santa doesn’t change his mind! LOL!

We appreciate all you do for us year-round, Bry! :hugs:

My gosh, that’s bad luck or something! I hope it all goes well and your partner feels like eating on the weekend!


Update to the MMM:

This week’s group ritual is now LIVE in the forum! For more details, please view the full post by clicking the picture/link here:

12-22-2022 Group Ritual The Star Courage Hope 3rd Day of Yule

(Group Ritual - Dec 22) :star2: Third Day of Yule - Courage Ritual

Yule walks us through the darkest time of the year- as the longest night passes and the sky goes dark from the New Moon, this ritual summons courage and strength. Face the end of the calender year (and the birth of the new one) with fire in your heart and a guiding light in your soul :candle:

Looking forward to sharing a warm cup with you then- cheers, Infinite Roots! :heart::sparkles:


This is a great idea! I am using a Nordic-like guide for each day this Yule. December 29th honors Sunna and light. Here you keep candles lit throughout the night to welcome Sunna at sunrise the next morning.

Oh my gosh! How fun!! That little boy will remember those for ever.

I’m the Queen of Procrastinating when it comes to holiday shopping. :rofl::rofl: Every year I say I’m going to start early, and entry year I’m scrambling at the last minute. Congrats on the 3-week steak, @marsha. I love reading all the love and wisdom you offer to us.

That is great! I’m continuing to send you healing energy. And I live by grocery delivery now. I hate the general public so if I can avoid going into the store, sign me up!

We have a freeze warning starting Thursday through the weekend here in Houston. :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat: Here’s hoping our power grid doesn’t fail again. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I’m excited for this Yule. I’m following a nordic-like guide to celebrate this year. I created a separate post on the Yule Celebrations of Nordic Traditions.

I have the next two weeks off from work so I’ll be able to accomplish many things over had to put off as well as have fun celebrating.

My Old Man (Wilson, my oldest dog) had to have surgery last week to remove a couple masses. He’s recovering nicely and gets his stitches out next week. Now that he’s feeling better, I have to keep an eye on him to not mess with the stitches.

Wishing everyone a Merry Yule!


Hahaha… I just bought some cards today to send to my father & brother… I think I’m going to go with @Amethyst’s friend’s idea & do the Valentine’s Day cards :rofl:

I thought that too & it was a lot of fun to do & I miss that part with my kids. We used to make Santa’s footprints on the rug with my husband’s boots, glitter, & some flour from the front door around the tree & back. Then when we did that & with my daughter, there is an app & it’s still a thing… where you take a picture of your tree or house… but you can add Santa into the picture in different poses or peering into the windows. That was a lot of fun too. I would never discourage or take away from the Magic of Christmas for the little ones. :smiling_face: I believe it’s called Capture the Magic or Capture Santa… I can’t remember anymore, but it was a lot of fun when we would tell her that we caught Santa when we got up in the middle of the night to get a drink or use the bathroom.

@Amethyst… yay for not having to go back for two weeks! I have a weekly appointment that has a good chance of going bi-weekly after the New Year, so I can understand that type of excitement! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




haha I’m not gonna lie – I didn’t know the badge existed either :joy: but I’m glad you got it. You’ll get the Devotee badge one day too, I’m sure!

That’s one thing I’m going to struggle with. I have a medication I take at night that tends to make me tired. I have a feeling I’ll be drinking plenty of coffee and green tea :laughing:

haha thank you! I’m already creating a list of things to do over the vigil to keep myself awake and occupied, both mundane and magickal!

That sounds very similar to what I’d like to do! I’ve definitely got plans and I’m just crossing my fingers that I can stay awake long enough :laughing:


Thank you :pray: so much for your kind words @Amaris_Bane :heart:

Queen of Procrastinating! :rofl: I love this! I’m right there with you!

The extreme cold :cold_face: will be here Wednesday evening, and the high on Thursday is predicted to be -4 degrees! It’s crazy that this storm is all the way to the gulf!

I’m happy that Wilson is getting better. We have a rescue kitty, Harvey, that is having dental surgery on Thursday.

With big hugs :people_hugging: always


Is there a way to see how many consecutive days I have? And/or how many more days do I need to get the Devotee Badge?

With gratitude :pray: always


Yikes! :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face: I won’t complain about my low of 18°F. Although we aren’t built for the cold, people or infrastructure. Thankfully we aren’t traveling this weekend