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[ [ Sabbat: Pagan Holiday :wheel_of_dharma: ] ]

Get ready to enjoy a pagan holiday on Tuesday, December 21st!

Those in the Northern Hemisphere will experience both the winter Sabbat Yule :christmas_tree: and the Winter Solstice :sun_with_face: .


Here are a few suggestions for how you might celebrate this holiday:

Feel free to share your festivities in Yule 2021: Coven Celebrations :evergreen_tree: !


Meanwhile, friends in the Southern Hemisphere will enjoy the celebration of Litha :sunflower: and the Summer Solstice :sun_with_face: .


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Have a burning question on your mind? Seeking some guidance for how to best approach a problem? :thinking:

Now is your chance to find some answers, as the talented @MeganB is kindly offering free readings via tarot or oracle! :crystal_ball:

Picture from Pexels

The next Freebie Friday post will be Friday, December 24th . For more information and to get an idea about what to expect, check out last week’s Freebie Friday :tada:

[ [ Moon Phase: Last Quarter Moon :last_quarter_moon: ] ]

There is no major moon phase this week, so consider this a heads up for next week! :wink:

On Monday, December 27th , we will be blessed by the light of the Last Quarter Moon.


The last quarter moon is a time of rest and the banishment of negative energies or forces in your life :broom: .

For more information about specific spells recommended for the last quarter moon, visit the guide Moon Magic: Spells for Every Lunar Phase: Last Quarter .


The Last Quarter Moon is a Waning Moon phase. For more Moon Magick and the best spells for this time of month, visit the Waning Moon Magick Guide. :last_quarter_moon:

For additional astrological insights, check out the wonderful Astrological Forecast for this week by the talented @Abs53

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Art by Emily Balivet shared in The Yule Faeries: A Winter Solstice Story

Blessed Sabbat and happy solstice! :partying_face: Will you be celebrating this week? And believe it or not, the year is almost at an end- are you ready for 2022? :clinking_glasses:

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Busiest week of the year for me! I’ll have my quieter Yule celebrations tomorrow. A customer gave me a tiny European Cyprus tree as a gift. Perfect for my altar this time of year. I wanted to make a pagan version of a nativity scene, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I have a mother and child dragon statue and tabletop snow covered pine trees. If only, I had some small forest animal statues! Not sure what could represent the Three Wise Men, but I will give three offerings to the newborn solar dragon: sun salts, beef jerky, and edible golden flakes.
After that I resume baking and wrapping gifts in preparation for Christmas Day or the 6th Day of Yule. I have to work in the morning on Christmas Eve, but I have the evening off, at least. My parents want me to go to midnight mass with them. We didn’t go last year because of COVID and the snow. It’ll be the first time I’ve set foot in a Christian church since I started practicing.


This will be me on Thursday, my daughter has a half day at school & the baking & wrapping will start all over so she is all set too. Then the boys just kind of follow suit. :joy:

Congratulations to @Garnet :partying_face: We appreciate all of your love, kindness, & guidance. :infinite_roots:

I’m having a very off Monday, but I know what the issue was with my anxiety earlier & now it’s more of a general running list of checking off things & whether or not they need to get done before Christmas Eve.

I have 2 doctor appointments this week, 1 Tuesday & 1 on Wednesday. They are in the mornings though. Plus the 1 on Solstice :snowflake: /Yule :christmas_tree: is a really quick appointment. It will be nice to see this doctor, she is the 1 that recognized my Brigid’s Cross from where she is from in Ireland. So I enjoy my visits with her even more than before.

I’m trying to take things one at a time & think before reacting adversely to situations that arise & the time of year just increases those types of anxiety. Everyone is busy, banks, shipping, stores (retail/online), & anything to do with transporting ANYTHING :hugs: So trying to keep that in mind & look at the positives. :two_hearts:


Congrats to @Garnet for being a wonderful poster! LOL. Makes you sound like a centerfold, doesn’t it, love?

And good luck to @Kasandra on the busy week for her. Don’t let the customers get you down!

I just got back from my doctor’s appointments. It looks like I’m not going to be able to get a procedure done that I need for my legs to keep the swelling down without changing insurances. This means I"ll have to wait till next year. Bummer. When it’s open enrollment I can change insurances and maybe get it done then. We’ll see.

Other than that, everything was fine. My boo-boo is slowly getting better, I’ve just got to keep my feet up and exercise. Both of which are easier said than done.

Hope everyone has a lovely solstice tomorrow! And a wonderful holiday week!


Amethyst, I’m lighting a candle and sending a strong blessing.
Much love and strength.


Many thanks, @Garnet! I appreciate the light!



Happy Solstice and May the light start shining in on your days to come! I love you all with arms wide open to all my friends and family! I went to my first ritual for Yule! A friend of mine made us cookies :cookie: that were sweet!

I have been making a Yule log 🪵 that is taking more time than I anticipated but it’s looking good :blush: I am so picky about the way it looks! I just know it will turn out okay and if it doesn’t, at least I did my best into it! Not to mention the fact that I am trying!
This year is the first year without me and my husband’s mom; honoring them in spirit. Honoring my vow to theme and smiling, cooking and decorating for Yuletide. Know it is my job to carry on the traditional
values we had. So it’s a little late but never to late to hang to stockings up and put the tree :evergreen_tree: up!

Garnet -:sun_with_face: “You are a ray of light” A friend with so much wisdom and encouragement! A archetype of a Empress with so many nurturing aspects with your talents of poetry are healing and magical! You bring community :hugs: Makes me happy :smiley: that your my friend.

Kassandra- the Nativity sounds good I have one too I would like to shine :sparkles: in some too thank you for sharing why not! I have many memories and I think it’s a brilliant idea!
Soifra- I totally agree it is busy and the people came over today to fix up and sell the house! On top of the wrapping and shoppingand cards etc! I am going to lite my candle on the alter that is my goal this next year!
Amethyst- I I’m so happy that your leg is beginning to get better and I am continuously praying for you that this procedure goes well for you. You have a friend in me always!
I am looking forward to the sun God coming back! We are so lucky to be so blessed to have each-other!


I’m sorry to hear about the insurance issue. Having been there in recent years, please keep in mind:

You can research what Medicare will cover because the commercial insurance bases their coverage & payments off the Medicare approved list first then they decide on payment of procedures. Otherwise, you can appeal with your doctor & caregiver assistance.

When I had to have a procedure done, the insurance didn’t cover it but Medicare did, so the other insurance didn’t deny it. My doctor at the time said, be prepared to appeal if this insurance doesn’t cover it. That’s when we found out that those insurances make agreements with Medicare about who pays how much based on if Medicare covers the procedure in the state you reside.

My insurance has changed since then, so I have Medicare but not 1 of the plans for part D? C? We have coverage through my husband, so Medicare gets billed first then my 2nd insurance through my husband gets billed.

I hope that makes sense. It was really helpful to me when I was having uncomm9n procedures done & multiple ones on a year.


Well, the doctor won’t do the procedure unless I switch insurance. Which sucks, I may have to find a new doctor or new insurance. Either way, it’s up in the air right now. But thank you @Jeannie1 for the good wishes, it means the world to me. You’re a good friend!

It makes sense but the doctor has said that even if he gets an exemption he won’t do it because he doesn’t get paid enough. Which sucks because I need it. Not sure what to do, I’ll be spending part of the day on the phone I guess. Sigh. I don’t want to go back to my old vein doctor, and I wouldn’t trust them to do it, you know? We’ll see. But thanks for the good advice. I’m going to try to talk to them and see what’s going on.


@Kasandra Hang in there, Kasandra- sounds like a very busy time indeed! That customer was really kind, and a cyprus is a lovely gift to add to your altar :two_hearts: Wishing you the best of luck with your preparations and the possible visit to church with your folks- have a very blessed solstice! :blush:

@Siofra I hope you’re feeling better- this time of year is definitely one with lots of stress and tension in the air, hang in there! :heart: Wishing you all the best with your doctor appointments, and I think you’ve got a great plan- one thing, one step at a time! Hope you and your family all have a wonderful solstice :tada:

@Amethyst Oh dear- I hope you’re able to switch insurance/whatever needs to be done in order to get that procedure! I pray you can get it asap :pray: But it is good to hear that your wounds are healing and that you’re doing well! Wishing the same to you- have a lovely solstice and blessed holiday week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Jeannie1 Happy solstice to you too, Jeannie! :blush: I am sure your Yule Log will be gorgeous- do you think you’ll share a picture when it’s ready? :star_struck: I keep going back and forth about trying to make one- it’s been years since I made a roll cake like that :sweat_smile: Sending love and light to you, have a blessed day Jeannie!


Guys… I finally paid attention to the weather forecast for Perth last night… 40 C (104 F) Christmas Eve, 42 C Christmas Day (107 F) and 40 C Boxing Day (104 F)… anyone wanna trade? I mean I know here in Perth it’s hot over Christmas but… really? Heat wave? :hot_face: :sun: :sweat:

Oh well looks like Santa will have to bring his 6 White Boomers instead of the 12 reindeer this year. :laughing: :kangaroo: Jackaroo, Curly, Bluey, Two-up, Desert-Head and Snow.


I’ve always wondered what Santa did down under where it’s summer when he comes by. But you’d think kangaroos would make for a bumpy ride! LOL!


hahaha I never thought of that! Good thinking.


Omg @Jessica72 I am loving Santa and his “Six White Boomers”- the video and the song and everything is just perfect! :joy: Like Amethyst, I never really stopped to picture Santa doing anything different in the Southern Hemisphere- but now that I’ve got the picture of the sled being pulled by six hopping reindeer in Australia I’m never gonna let go- that is so great :rofl::kangaroo: :heart:

It reminds me a little bit about the “Italian Christmas Donkey”- one of my favorite Christmas songs as a kid :laughing: :+1:


Miss Jessica, with Perth having a heat wave…big time!
I will no longer crab about 62F in Florida.
FreeZing my knickers off, G-G-Garnet


@Garnet oh my! now that is chilly. Sending some of Perth’s sushine and lots of warm hugs your way!

@TheTravelWitch :heart_eyes: OMG! I love Dominick the Donkey he is adora-bubbles! Thank you so much for sharing that. Safe travels to Santa and Dominick up and down the mountains this Christmas Eve! Isn’t it amazing all the different stories of how Santa adapts his deliveries all around the world! I think it’s fantastic! I wonder what else he gets up to?

Image source: Pinterest


Agreed- it really is fun to hear about local Santa legends! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And hahaha omg I’m loving the sand-snowman (sandman? :joy:) he looks like a very happy guy enjoying the beach! :beach_umbrella: :laughing:

If anyone else has/knows about other Christmas legends- be they about Santa, pagan, or otherwise- do feel free to share them! :heart::christmas_tree: :blush:


Thank you! :upside_down_face:


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