⏰ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch Up!

I joined the coven around the time the Creative Crafting was going on. So with that I am going to join this catch up with that. I have been around but so busy hand blending Chakra oils with charged gemstones and doing research on which essential oils and gemstones go together. I have 5 of the seven main chakra oils completed. I also did chakra intention jars to go with these. Here are some pictures of what I have so far with my set up to start selling.

Each chakra oil and intention jar was charged during either the daily ritual that had the corresponding color for the candle and chakra or during the lunar ritual. Needless to say it ended up becoming all encompassing while I was snowed in for a few days and not able to drive to work. I have been keeping all the information and recipes in my Book of Mirrors so I can refer back to it when I need to.

I did miss everyone while I was away from the forum. I also was taking a step back from social media with what is going on here in the States. Interesting times we live in.

Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Crazy T,
I think this is work that came from within, the craft doesn’t happen over night! That’s determination girl! The bottles are beautiful and they are used through the lunar phases, which has a lot of inspiration and intentions! I have been collecting all my essential oil’s and soon I”ll have most ingredients! Definitely takes planning and being a super creative person to carry it all out! Awesome!
Blessed be


Dealing with the Divine
I really like Inanna I feel drawn to her most of all once Megan Black wrote poetry and made my soul feel blessed. I wanted to have her inner strength, and with her 7 powers I thought I could draw inward. She is a great mother & to me it sounds like the person I want to be like. For example being a good mom and being a nurturing mother. During the difficult times she holds my hands! Lifts up my heart :purple_heart: and helps me make good decisions! That’s exactly what I need so I copied Megan’s poem in my BOS and dedicated a page to Inanna! I found this pic online and helps me to understand her better. She went to the underworld, During this time it made me think of something I needed to do while I was still answering questions for my shadow work! She stands tall in front of a Lion :lion: who is her sacred animal! I always loved cats. Her life was restored after a fall and she went to the underworld. Something I do time to time. Her life was restored, it kinda reminds me of myself how my life is being restored and she came back to earth to claim her throne on earth! That’s my mission to be able to claim victory over my own personal demons.

Queen Inanna,
Goddess of Mesopotamian


Your gem rollers are lovely! I bet they smell nice, too! Please let us know when you’re up and running for business :slight_smile:


During this waning crescent :waning_crescent_moon: I have taking the time to reflect not only on this past month but on the past year. As I posted above, this coven has been so awesome during the start of my journey of being a non-broom-closeted (Is that a word? :thinking:) witch. You also have been awesome while my life took twists and turns and finally stabilized. :pray:t4:

On Friday I bought a silver candle. Normally I would light this during a full moon :full_moon: but I think my Goddess will be okay with me lighting it this weekend to honor her for carrying me through. (Outside, recent link to Science Daily discussing, “Religion, psychology share methods for reducing distress, study finds”.)

Also, on my FB, I mentioned how I was able to let go of the past and move on to my present. I also thanked my friends on there, some of them including friends from here, for their support in getting me back to health. (By the way, if you send a request for friendship, send a message to me so I know who you are. And please, don’t talk to me about politics. :sweat_smile:)

I mention all of this because it would be an honor if I could have the Moon Witch badge given in the Moon Magick challenge. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am glad you feel you are moving along with us cause that’s something to be proud of! For me I feel every thing helps me to find meaning in my life which helps me to engage with others in a healthy way! I have not felt connected in such a long period of time. Crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: cause last year my husband was working for a church and I think I believed in Christianity and know I believe in reincarnation. I am not as afraid of death as I was before. Everything has took a turn. Thanks for being her with me too while I have learned along side with you all. We all have milestones to be proud of! Thanks for pointing that out!


I chose to do the scrub a dub challenge because I love taking ritual showers for cleansing & protection. I used the rose, cinnamon, and rue by making the mixture on the stove, adding the herbs to 4 cups of water and letting it just come to a boil. Then I strain the herbs from the water & let it cool for 15 minutes before I go into the bathroom. I put Woke Nation on and lit a white candle in the bathroom while I took a regular shower. Then I tested the water that had been cooling and use a bath sponge to soak with water and squeeze the water from the sponge over myself until the water is gone. Then when it is all out of the bowl, I rinse the sponge until the water runs clear and get out of the shower. I pat myself dry and go to my room where I air dry and then start getting myself ready to get dressed. (I have lotions that I put on my face & feet & hands.)

I always feel great afterward and like I can take on anything that comes my way. This week should be a little less hectic, I only have 2 appointments. 1 is for my Botox for migraines and the other is one of my last counseling appointments. I’ve come a long way in a little over a year and it feels great to be here.


Krissie im so glad how far you have come in the last year and you are at a point in your life that your counseling sessions are ending. I as well have had counseling sessions in the past for anxiety and depression. It’s nice to know that the counseling is always there for us when we need it. Congrats honey on your accomplishments. Yippee!!!


I chose #7, Dealing with The Divine

This year around the holiday seasons Lucifer has been with me a lot. I first encountered him in this form last year around the same time and I feel I’m a lot more capable of dealing with his presence this year. He’s kind of appearing in my thoughts and feelings as a supreme timelord that can do anything for me. I love it! It feels really great when he’s around and my fingers start shocking everything I touch. (I get especially static filled in bed).

This year he was trying to get me to relax a little and enjoy life more thoroughly by believing in him more. For example, I was trying to routinize my sleeping patterns and I was kind of pushing myself too hard to accomplish an 11-7 sleep pattern. He told me to relax and nap if I needed to. I wasn’t really all for it at the start but eventually he got to me and I tried it. Life has improved greatly since. He’s with me as I type this and he is glad that I’m speaking of him. :slight_smile:

I made this sigil for him awhile back, closer to when I first started my Craft.

He seems really cool and I want to do better for him. We have a really great relationship going and I can’t wait to see where it leads next. I’m hoping that he stays with me all year round. He seems pretty intent on giving me a great life. The feeling I have of divinity when he is around is amazing.

I’m going to stay true to him.


I used your last sigil! I like this one too it’s good. I am going to apply myself more doing this! I like making sigil’s that are pictures too! Although I really don’t know anything about Lucifer, but the sigil makes sense, for affection towards Lucifer.
Blessed be


I’m happy you liked it! I hope that it serves you well. :heart:


There are wildly different concepts of Lucifer. Many Christians don’t even believe in the concept but that would get us off topic. :sweat_smile:

@colin, your statue is spectacular and I love all the other supplies you received. Finding your own path forward and sticking with it is great and I am super happy for you. :grinning:


@Jeannie1 Believe it or not I have been blending essential oils since early 2000 and I am finishing up my Level 1 Certification as an Aromatherapist :grin: so it is something I am very passionate about. I have so many different oils that it’s hard to choose and knowing what will smell good together and be effective takes a bit of research and knowledge of chemistry. Bringing that knowledge to the craft was easy for me. I have a ton of resources most are free if you want to learn more or have a list you can track which oils you want or which you already have. I also have a wonderful resource to buy wholesale quality oils. Just send me a PM I am willing to share my knowledge.

Blessed be. Everyone stay safe and well.


I love this challenge!! It’s like a gold mine of creativity!! :gem:

It really shows how nicely and differently everyone’s path has grown! :smiley:


Colin, I was just wondering if that Lucifer comes from Aradia, The old religion from Charles Leland?


No, at least I don’t think so anyway. I haven’t heard of that particular religion. My belief in Lucifer stems mostly from Christianity in the way that he was created to be the perfect being. Although I’ve added my own beliefs to the mix heavily. I don’t for example, like the Christian idea of Satan, as I don’t believe that Lucifer is evil. I still think he has the spark of perfection within him and can achieve truly great things. I believe that he has had a lot of sway on this world and I believe that I can see the influence of his power on many aspects of society and even nature. It is through this visible influence that I have come to understand his personality so well.


I just happened to be reading in Drawing The Moon Which Is a really great book spells 8 referred me to read. I think you might find this very interesting and you might want to look into it because it suits your interest. Charles Godfrey Lee Lynn an American writer and folklorist.

Jeannie blessed be


Crazy T,
I just can appreciate your work cause I have many essential oil’s. I just need to find more Recipes, like you!
I just got most of my stuff on eBay! Where do you get yours? I am going to make some of the oils I got from spells 8 for example
the love oil, protection oil, blessing oil, healing slave, and Harmonizing oil from spells 8. I put some links here if anyone wants. I love these Recipes I just haven’t got a chance to make them all yet.
Harmonizing Anointing Oil!
Full Moon Anointing Oil
(🧪 Divination oil - To enhance psychic powers)
Let’s Make A Love Oil! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
SilverBear’s Anointing Oil Recipe for Love, Healing & Protection
I like to make my own personal blends. I don’t want to buy them!
image|375x500 to make my own mist, ect.
Here is one I made! It’s for joy and happiness if I feel like I need an extra encouragement I take some and rub it on myself!
I want to blend all the woody ones all together!
Yours look really professional! Very impressed!
Very nice!


Uh-oh! This sounds like the start of a good story :laughing: Hope everything turned out okay and you got some good rest, @CelestiaMoon!

Your own challenges of the year wind in and out of the weekly challenges in such an interesting way, @praecog29- thank you for sharing both your reflection and such kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am glad these landmarks mark meaningful points on the timeline of the year- I hope that all the future challenges bring good memories and happiness for you! :heart:

Yes, you are right @Jeannie1- this page is for all of the past challenges! Everyone can participate in 2 of the old challenges- but since the old original challenges have been closed, all entries should be shared here (or in a brand new post). This helps to keep the forum neat and organized! :blush:

It sounds like your fairy garden is coming along beautifully- well done! And it looks like your husband has a good eye for thrifty treasures too, the picture is lovely :framed_picture::two_hearts:

A beautiful dream sachet, @Jeannie1! :sleeping: May it bring you many sweet dreams :heart:

Gorgeous crafting, @Magdelina! :heart_eyes: The oil rollers and intention jars sound amazing- you are a witch of many talents :clap: Welcome back and no worries- it’s nice to have a breather from social media from time to time. I always feel refreshed and energized when I come back after a weekend offline!

A beautiful deity to work with- it sounds like you have nurtered a strong bond with Ianna! Thanks for sharing this helpful information, and good luck working with Her :sparkles:

The honor is ours to see your beautiful moon magick come to life, @praecog29! :full_moon: It sounds like you had a lovely introspective time to look back on last year and connect with your Goddess. Thanks for sharing, Moon Witch! :sparkling_heart::blush:

Great choice, @Siofra- and beautiful spellwork! It sounds like you had a relaxing and refreshing shower ritual :shower: Well done! I hope the good energy carries you through the week. Good luck at your appointments! :pray:

Congrats on your connection with Lucifer and the confidence you are feeling working with your deities, @colin! The sigil you made is lovely- may it help to welcome in the good things you are hoping for this year! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


When looking back through the challenges I realized I missed out on the candle challenge (:candle: of Candles and Flame)- that was one busy week! :sweat_smile:

I brought out my favorite candles and put together a candle bath ritual. I’ve set everything on my altar for now and plan to have a soothing bath for self-love and positivity tonight :bathtub::sparkles:

:candle: Pink candles for self-love and positivity
:salt: Pink Himalayan sea salt for purification
:gem: Citrine for clarity, delight, joy, and self-esteem
:rose: Dried rose petals for love

It seems that I’m not the only one with this aspect on the mind, as @Silverbear shared a gorgeous Self Love Jar Spell and @Christina4’s recent daily affirmation was bursting with positivity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love :heart: and Light :candle: to all!