Energy Exchange Circle 🤗 February 13th


to the fourth update from the Energy Exchange Circle Wiki 2021 - a wiki combining energy exchange requests made on Spells8.

While the Energy Exchange category is the preferred place to ask and update requests, I’m thankful we all :blue_heart: love and trust :blue_heart: each other enough to be open about our needs across the site as we discuss other topics. (Links are provided to each request so you can find updates to them as they come in.) I do encourage you to use the category, though, as this is a valuable, but often overlooked, resource on Spells8.

Why is this in the Activities Category?

For the next two weeks, please keep the following people in your collective consciousness. If you use a deity in your daily meditations :man_kneeling: :woman_kneeling:, magic, etc., please remember your friends from here in your personal practices.

Some of you may know from personal interactions with me, I weep when I see the pain some on here are feeling and I rejoice with those that have wonderful news. My wife sees all of this first hand and I want you to know, at least in my personal practice, you are mentioned to My Goddess and part of my rituals EVERY DAY. You are loved here. You are needed here. Blessings to you over the next two weeks.

(I know I may have missed some requests. If I did miss any, please forgive me because it wasn’t intentional. Feel free to put a request in the Energy Exchange category or as a reply to this thread or the linked Wiki.)

  • christina4
    Asking for wisdom as she navigates choices at home.

  • christina4
    Her brother had surgery on his spinal cord due to a tumor wrapped around his spine. He’s not able to lift his head and he may need another surgery. (Update 1-31-21: Her brother has a pulmonary embolism.)

  • SilverBear
    First grandchild was born today. :partying_face:

  • kasie
    Results on heart test came back with news she needs more tests.

  • Cinnamonoob
    Wife is getting better after a bad fall on the back but nowhere near 100%.

  • Tamera
    Grounding and internal guidance away from negativity

  • berta
    Continued medical tests and seeing specialists.
    Her health and her father’s.

  • vanessa13
    Has a friend who is in pain due to surgery and might need surgery again.

  • vanessa13
    New job and place but money is still tight and roommate needs to help more.

  • mrs
    Her husband needs help with his willpower and he’s doing really well so far.

  • diavoline
    Father has a painful stomach illness. They are trying everything medical thing they can try but he’s pessimistic of the results and she asks for spells to help.

  • NickWick
    Need wisdom and guidance entering a new department with a new job description

  • robin77
    Father will be getting a kidney transplant this year. First he needs a tumor removed from his lung. - Update: Tumor was fully removed and sent off for tests.

  • krissie117
    A big change with hopefully a positive outcome going on

  • krissie117
    Severe pain from the weather we have been having

  • Jeannie1
    Son going into surgery Feb 23 - Update: Her son is out of surgery and will be home soon.

  • elizabeth18
    Physical and Mental healing after a recent accident


Can please be added to this !
Need wisdom and guidence entering a new department with a new job description


Added to the wiki and anyone who reads this thread over the next two weeks will see it, too. :slight_smile:


Thanks for adding me to this again. I’m on pins and needles until the 4th of next month over my test. I’ll find out my results then. I figure that if something was really wrong, someone would call me but you just don’t know. So, thanks again. And don’t forget to put yourself on there if you need it @praecog29!


I hope only good things happen to everyone.

@Amethyst I think if there was something that needed to be taken care of, they would call you as soon as they got the results. If it’s something that isn’t time sensitive then you would find out at your next appointment.

@NickWick good luck! You will do great!


That’s what I figure but I still worry. After all, this doctor’s office seems to have forgotten I have two insurances. :roll_eyes: I got a bill the other day that was over a hundred bucks, I had to call and fix that. So I’m hoping they’ll give me a call if it was something bad.

Thanks for the encouragement though @Siofra!


Thank you hun! @Siofra


I learned that one of my coworkers had a seizure earlier today! :cold_sweat: Lately, she’s been stressed out, not getting enough sleep and drinking too many energy drinks, which I think is what brought it on.
If you could send her some positive, healing vibes, I’d appreciate it!


Sending lots of love and light to those (and their loved ones) going through hard times at the moment :pray: :candle: :heart: May happy things and good health be coming your way soon!


Sending my prayers, love and light to everyone or their loved ones going through stuff right now! :muscle:t3::revolving_hearts::candle:


Love and light being sent her way this week during my morning meditations, Stephanie.


@Kasandra much love and positivity to your coworker this week. I hope she recovers fully!

@Amethyst you’re welcome. I do the same thing when it comes to tests. You should have seen us when we were waiting for the Covid results! If you want to chat just let me know!

@NickWick You’re very welcome also!

Our hot water heater went the other night around midnight, and it was a Saturday. Since today is a holiday we have to wait until tomorrow to hear back from the plumber’s office. So my daughter & I are going to my friend’s house to take a shower today. I hope everyone has a great week! I have been doing pretty good the past week physically, my anxiety hasn’t been too bad either for the last couple of days. Overall I’m doing pretty good minus the hot water heater situation.


Thanks everyone!
I read everyone’s requests and will be sending healing light and love to those people as well! :heart:
I got a text from my coworker her this morning. She’s doing better, but she’s on medical leave for two weeks.


You’re welcome @Kasandra. Probably needs the time to recharge & rest afterward. I’m happy that she is doing better. That’s great news. I hope she has continued healing.


Too much caffeine is terrible for you. I’m sorry your coworker is sick. I’ll keep her in my prayers.

Thanks, @Siofra! I got good news from my leg doctor about my arteries so that’s one less thing to worry about. Now to get my leg finished healing! I’ll be thinking of you getting your hot water heater fixed soon! They always seem to break down at the worst time.


Usually my household things happen in January and it’s usually threefold when things go wrong. My January was really easy & I remember thinking that usually something happens, so I guess the Universe is giving me 1 big household item to fix this year instead of 2 or 3 appliances. I’ll take it if that’s what I need to do to get through this part of the month!


Sounds like you were ready to fix something at the very least! I hope it goes well for you getting it fixed.


Thank you! I will let you know how it goes!


Thank you Once again for my placement on this, I should report that I’m coming around to a new way of responding to the doubts that ran rapid through my mind. Im still working on grounding myself when things get a little heavy, but improvement there as well! :slight_smile:
Still healing the hurt delivered by my son, which is a repetitive thing ( the hurt ), but realizing that he could be a narcissist is sad but helps in sense…
@NickWick You have the wisdom and perseverance to rise in this situation, I feel like you’ll be in a position for further advancement.
@Amethyst Glad to hear the heart results came back good and that your legs are healing as well. @Abs53 Sending strength to your husband
@berta Healing energy is directed to you and positive thoughts.
@christina4 Healing Light covers your brother and Positive energy to you while going through the situation at home.
@Siofra Wisdom and Positive Energy to you as the path to what you desire for yourself and your family nears, Strength in your choices and the outcome. You Got This!
@praecog29 Healing light to your Pink Eye, and Cheers to the Concert!
Healing and positive energy to all who seeks it and needs it either for themselves or those they care about.
Blessed Be,


Thank you so much @Rowan! I’m sending you the positive energy you need to keep going. You got this and are doing great! Baby steps are still steps! :heart: :hugs: :star2: