Energy Exchange Circle 🤗 June 5th (and 19th)

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to the next update from the Energy Exchange Circle Wiki 2021 - a wiki combining energy exchange requests made on Spells8.

As members of Infinite Roots we cast a metaphysical circle around the earth, :earth_asia: covering our friends and families in light, love, and healing energy. I have felt this magic first hand as you have thought of me in your rituals. Thank you. :pray:t3:

While the Energy Exchange category is the preferred place to ask and update requests, I’m thankful we all :heart: love and trust :yellow_heart: each other enough to be open about our needs across the site as we discuss other topics. (Links are provided to each request so you can find updates to them as they come in.)

Why Is This In The Activities Category?

For the next two weeks, please keep the following people in our collective consciousness. If you use a deity in your daily meditations :man_kneeling: :woman_kneeling:, magic, etc., please remember your friends from here in your personal practices.

:orange_heart: :orange_heart: If you are on this list, please provide an update, if possible. We have seen some truly remarkable things since these circles started and we want to see more. Even if things have not turned out as you may have hoped, an update will let us know how better to include your request in our practices. Thank you. :orange_heart: :orange_heart:

(I know I may have missed some requests. If I did miss any, feel free to put a request in the Energy Exchange category or as a reply to this thread.)

Christina's Distance Healing Box

Christina4 is providing a Distance healing box :gift: - offering loving energy to people that need it. Thank you, Christina, for your heart for the Infinite Roots family.

An Updated Note (05 June 2021) From Praecog29

Our amazing :star_struck: mods have created/edited this thread. It will be open for the next two weeks. Thank you, moderators, for helping me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: as I will be at my oldest son’s graduation and then moving him to his temporary home. (He moves into an apartment on June 14th! :upside_down_face:)

Those In Our Circle Over The Next Two Weeks

Energy Exchange Wiki

  1. Her husband needs help with his willpower and he’s doing really well so far.
  2. Help with anxiety and panic attacks. These two situations are creating added stress within her job and home life.
  1. Sister is 7 months pregnant with complications.
  2. Her brother has a pulmonary embolism. (Update family is doing better little bit more as each day passes.)
  3. Wisdom regarding choices.
  1. Her son needs continued love and light wrapped around him.
  2. Grandmother passed away during the first week of May.
  1. Looking for homes and wants to move soon. Also, needs some guidance and peace about a family situation.
  2. Asked for healing for her husband from long-term COVID symptoms.

Oh thank you for keeping my family on the list, but it’s okay to take them off. She is very pregnant & doing very well. They are having a boy! I appreciate all the love & healing sent our way when they were going through the process of getting pregnant. Thank you so much! :heart:


Will do! Thank you for keeping us updated!


No problem! The family is very excited. They will have 8 kids when the baby is born. I can’t imagine having that many kids, but they are the perfect couple for it.


Thank you very much!
My husband has been feeling a lot better the last few days and I think we may be getting some answers about what’s going on with his health.

The housing request remains the same as the market is extremely flooded. Still looking for our diamond in the rough!


It will come to you! I’m happy that he’s feeling better & that you may be getting some answers. I hope he fully recovers! :pray: :two_hearts:


Thank you so much, @Siofra! We are all very grateful he’s had a few good days in a row. :pray:t3:


That’s great to hear! I hope it continues!


I’m finally moving out of my house today at 3pm ET.

(I guess it’s EDT right now but I am so used to seeing it as EST. Then I found out people call it ET. I always think the alien :alien: but… whatever. :joy:)

This is bitter sweet. My poor friends from here that are also friends with me on Facebook have had to deal with so much crying from me. I’m hopeful for the future, but…

!!! Massive Trigger Warning !!!

mental illness talk

…my mental illness keeps me stuck in the past. June 4th my family moved out. Two years ago on that day I decided it would be better to be dead. My wife and friends talked me down but they never knew how close I was. Of course, I ended up actually trying last year…

Speaking of which, today is the 9 month anniversary of that event. Sept 6th. (Actually, I decided to do the deed on the 6th but it was late and I didn’t actually try it until the 7th.) Seems so long ago. So I am processing that while processing this move. My oldest graduated. My daughter is in a good home for the summer. My youngest is with my wife. And I am heading off to try and make peace with myself so I can be the person I once was, but better.

Bitter sweet. I am healthy enough to go through with this. I am hopeful. But I am also regretting not always appreciating the time I had. Please send love and light my way. I plan on being at my dad’s for two weeks before looking for a new job, a new home, and building a new life. On the plus side, I’ve made 3 new friends before I leave and they have been amazing as I got closer to this day.

I can’t wait to be doing more than just reading every post and hearting the things I love and the things that make me want to show how much I care. I am learning so much about each of you and your practices and I can’t wait to be sharing my knowledge and stories again.


@Siofra that’s amazing news :heart_eyes: the family must be so excited :heart:
@sarah29 I’m so glad your husband is feeling better :heart: and your perfect house is already waiting for you :heart:
@praecog29 any kind of goodbyes are always difficult :heart: but the 21st century is an amazing thing we can still share with our friends from a distance :heart: my Grandad used to have a saying that might help “change doesn’t always mean bad, sometimes it’s just different” :heart: have a safe and easy journey and I will send light your way :heart:


I finally got more candles so I will light at least one for you @praecog29. Safe travels & be kind to yourself


Thank you, @Liisa and @Siofra! Such love in this coven! It’s overwhelming. I am safe in Michigan. Let’s see what happens next.


I’m so sorry you’re going through such a tough time @praecog29! I never know what to say it seems. All I know is, if you keep hanging on it will get better. You may find an even better community for yourself, a better place where everywhere you turn around you won’t be chased by shadows. I wish you much luck on this new adventure and the Goddess’s blessing.


Wishing so much love and light to you, Benjamin! :pray::heart::candle: May the move be the start of a fresh new path for you, full of new adventures, self-discoveries, and a blessed new period of your life :hugs: I’m cheering you on- good luck, you can do it! :raised_hands:


You are very welcome :heart: now starts a new chapter and you have totally got this :heart::heart:


Wishing you so much peace, rest, and rejuvenation @praecog29 :heart: do you want to add yourself to the list up there or should I do it for you :laughing: ??