🛕 The Inner Temple for Casting Spells without Tools

Today I want to share an energy work exercise that everyone can benefit from trying! :sparkles:

There are many times when, even if I want to, I can’t seem to find the time or energy to prepare a ritual or spell. Sometimes we don’t have the privacy needed, the tools, or the right setting.

But we all have access to an Inner Temple, you just have to know how to enter it!

Inner Temple Casting Spells without Tools

The Inner Temple, as its name says, is within you. It’s a sacred space that you can use to meditate, to perform rituals and spells, to celebrate the sabbats and more!

Inside our temple, we can experience deep connections with the Universe and with our archetypes (deities, elements, astral planes). We can find healing, guidance, and answers.

How to Enter the Inner Temple

  1. Close your eyes and visualize a large tree (it can be any kind of tree: an oak, pine, willow, whichever). It is in front of you :deciduous_tree: and its branches reach the clouds and beyond.

  2. This tree is a sacred symbol. Its roots reach the center of the earth and it connects everything in the universe.

Illustration: Celtic Tree of Life

  1. There’s a door in the tree and you can open it. :door: Enter and you’ll see a spiral slide. You slide down and at the end there is a bright light.

  2. This is your inner temple, it is your most intimate space. It may be a cave, a forest, a beach, a cloud or even a day spa. It is your place, picture it to your liking. Explore or just sit there for a while.

  3. Meditate and once you have finished, imagine taking an elevator back through the tunnel and to the place where you first saw the tree. Dissolve the image.

  4. Ground yourself in any way you prefer.

Click to print the meditation :page_facing_up:

Casting Spells in your Inner Temple :dizzy:

Performing a ritual in the Inner Temple is not difficult. You just have to call upon your tools or their energies.

Casting Spells without ingredients in the Inner Temple

For example, if you need a red candle, visualize it. If you need rue, call for the Magical energy of rue. You can visualize that rue grows in your inner temple, or you may have a jar with the word “rue” written on it.

  1. To begin your ritual, simply trace the circle as you would on the physical plane, using your finger, athame, or wand. See yourself calling the quarters (elements) or deities and perform the ritual as you normally would.

  2. Visualize your intent. Say a prayer or chant a spell, and meditate on it.

  3. When you’re ready, dissolve the circle, give thanks to your deities, the elements and the tools, and return through your tree back onto the physical plane.

  4. Ground yourself after the ritual.

゚ ゜゚゚ ゜゚゚ ゜゚

I hope you find this exercise useful and try it out! If you’ve never practiced visualization, it can be difficult to build a temple right away.

Instead, try holding simple shapes in your mind. Or you can follow a guided meditation such as this one:


This is amazingly powerful! It would make an important entry into our Book of Shadows. Thank you for sharing. I owe you much for your supportive wisdom. Glad to have met you.


You couldn’t have shared this at a better time for me @Francisco.

I’m experiencing some fierce burnout from pretty much everything. My practice, my job in which I am running a company while my other half is away, even PARENTING. My daughter has been so good lately. I think she can feel my low energy other than me just mentioning how blah I feel.


Sounds exhausting, @Janelle! Take a quick break and stay energized! :pray:

I’m sending you good vibes from my temple to yours!! :raised_hands: :deciduous_tree:


Thank you for this, I find myself in this situation a lot with the kids here not in school. I am going to practice this one for sure!


Thank you :pray: I could use this for sure! I never would have thought that this could be possible. I have to try it out. Seems right up my alley.


This looks really interesting. I’m gonna have to try it tomorrow. Thanks, @Francisco!


I did the meditation last night and arranged my area with everything I might need for any spell, rite, or Sabbat. Very organic! I think I should do this once a week to really set this in my mind. Thank you again. Loved this meditation!


Super interesting, thanks for sharing! I’m going to try out the meditation tonight :blush: :sparkles:


I just printed it out with a couple of things I’m going to do tonight. I also read to make juice and crackers or a small snack part of my rituals/spellwork. So I am going to add that to my workings tonight and whenever I may be doing something externally or internally.


I’m glad you enjoyed the meditation!!

@wendy4 This kind of exercise once a week can be transformative! It really feels like “taking out the trash”, making space up there. Especially at the end of the day!

@Susurrus I just added a printable page to the post above :arrow_up: with the step-by-step meditation!


Thank you for the printable.


You’re very welcome!!


Oh thank you very much! I love the printables! Consider it added to my BOS


Thank all of you so much … I am truly greatful for the combined wisdom of the members .
I appreciate your guidance when I was hurt and or confused.
I am so overwhelmed by all of the information I find on Spells8… but having accessed to such useful information is also empowering. I always find a working solution for any problem or concern I imagine. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a bully boss about her imaginings, not about my performance… I am not concern . My Moto is if you pray /pratice why worry … if you are going to worry why pray. I can say that I have received proof or reaped. the fruits of my efforts and I am just beginning on this life long journey. I am looking forward to the future. @Francisco you are simply the best as well as the rest of you who have contributed to this media tool.

Thank you all

Be Blessed Everyone.


You’re welcome Krissie, and Deborah, you made my day with your words!!! :grin: :pray:

I really appreciate your participation as well as everyone else’s here! It wouldn’t be such a nice place without all the lovely people!! :brown_heart: :blue_heart: :green_heart:


This is awesome, @Francisco! I can’t wait to try the meditation later today- I’m excited to explore my inner temple and see what kind of place it is :hindu_temple: :heart_eyes: I imagine I’ll find my Personal Symbol waiting there for me! :compass:

This great technique of finding a sanctuary within your mind reminds me of something I heard about how memory experts use a “memory palace” inside their mind to help them remember amazing amounts of information! :thought_balloon: They mentioned it in one of the Sherlock Holmes adaptions too.

The depths of our minds truly have a lot of power and potential- finding your inner temple or making a mind palace are a great ways to delve deep inside! :brain::thought_balloon:

Thanks so much for sharing, Francisco! :sparkling_heart:


I can’t wait to try the meditation later today- I’m excited to explore my inner temple and see what kind of place it is :hindu_temple: :heart_eyes: I imagine I’ll find my Personal Symbol waiting there for me! :compass:
Travel Witch, If you listen to the meditation you can have time to create your own space. I found a space for all of the Elementals, a herbal apothecary, Thrones for my deities, a purifying bath within my river (water). a split in the earth where I could throw herbs for smoke (air). The south had a bank of candles needed for my purposed, and in front of me, drawers of all possible herbs and stones to represent and use the earth element. I imagined a river within a cave with pure water. I also constructed a kitchen, a clothes closet, and earth crystals in the drawers in the North. I wanted to invent a site that would be comfortable to Deities, Elementals, and my tools. It made me happy to create such a place. If I continue to evolve this meditation, I can use imagined tools, I can meet deities, I can honor all that I do not have the tools for. Such a very powerful idea. Energy manipulation is not hard for me. This meditation is the most powerful tool I have found so far! This meditation can bring you joy. Try it.


This sounds like it would be good for me as I can not set up an alter or have too many tools lying around. i was not aware that we could just visualize our tools.


This is absolutely perfect for me as I’m seldom alone to do things!