Energy Exchange Circle 🤗 April 10th

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  2. Why Is This In The Activities Category?
  3. Updated (10 April 2021) Notes From Praecog29
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to the next update from the Energy Exchange Circle Wiki 2021 - a wiki combining energy exchange requests made on Spells8.

As members of Infinite Roots we cast a metaphysical circle around the earth, :earth_asia: covering our friends and families in light, love, and healing energy. I have felt this magic first hand as you have thought of me in your rituals. Thank you. :pray:t3:

While the Energy Exchange category is the preferred place to ask and update requests, I’m thankful we all :heart: love and trust :yellow_heart: each other enough to be open about our needs across the site as we discuss other topics. (Links are provided to each request so you can find updates to them as they come in.)

Why Is This In The Activities Category?

For the next two weeks, please keep the following people in your collective consciousness. If you use a deity in your daily meditations :man_kneeling: :woman_kneeling:, magic, etc., please remember your friends from here in your personal practices.

(I know I may have missed some requests. If I did miss any, feel free to put a request in the Energy Exchange category or as a reply to this thread.)

An Updated Note (10 April 2021) From Praecog29

  • If you are on this list, please provide an update, if possible. We have seen some truly remarkable things since these circles started and we want to see more. Even if things have not turned out as you may have hoped, an update will let us know how better to include your request in our practices. Thank you.

  • While mentioned below, please remember Jeannie’s upcoming test on April 15th and Rowan’s daughter as her oral surgery is coming up on April 20th. Also, Jypsy is healing quickly but with their permission I would like us to keep them in our practices two more weeks while they continue to heal.

  • Speaking of healing, we have seen improvements in the lives of Kasie, Siofra, mrs., and diavoline’s father. The Energy Exchange Circle is not full of depressing news. It contains stories of healing and proof that what we do is not in vain.

  • Finally, @sarah30 and @jada1 have had some sensitive requests that need to be remembered. I will add links to them here but please be treat these matters with the respect they deserve. SarahJada

Those In Our Circle Over The Next Two Weeks

  • @Jypsy
    Had surgery on March 23rd. It went well and they are feeling better. Leaving on the list for continued healing over the next couple of weeks.

  • @Rowan

  1. Grounding and internal guidance away from negativity. This includes an ongoing concern for her relationship with her son.
  2. One daughter’s wisdom tooth is sideways and the surgery is April 20th.
  1. Asking for wisdom as she navigates choices at home. Things are truly rough. She could really use your prayers and positive vibes/thoughts.
  2. Her brother has a pulmonary embolism.
    (Update family is doing better little bit more as each day passes.)
  1. Takes the ASVAB on April 15th. Congrats and good luck!
  2. Her son needs continued love and light wrapped around him.
  3. Grandmother with Alzheimer’s only eating pureed food. Family, especially the aunt taking care of her, needs love.

Thank you! I am happy to say that my cousins are pregnant & the baby’s heartbeat is strong from early checks. She had some problems with bleeding but no real cause can be found, so she is home resting right now. Dr says that the baby is fine & growing as it should.


@Siofra That’s amazing news <3 May I have permission to ask for Freya’s protection along with my sister’s pregnancy the next time I give an offering?

I will of course be including everyone in my daily mediations <3 Love and Light <3


That’s great! I’m so glad for them!


Greetings All, I did a little extra spell work in my ritual tonight to help those in need of a little extra energy. I will light it each day in hopes it will assist in your area of need. Blessed be.


Hi @Liisa, yes that would be appreciated. They are very excited & deserve a happy, healthy baby with each other.

Thank you @Amethyst & @Saulamay :hugs:


Thank you all, for this! I’m still waiting on my unemployment. Have to talk to a rep. It’s almost impossible to get through! You just have to keep trying until you get someone

All healing vibes and prayers to all if you. I will light a candle in your names…

Blessed be


I’m sorry you’re still waiting on unemployment @walter. Will they pay you retroactively? Not that that will help now but still, you shouldn’t have to wait so long.


Thoughts, prayers, and good wishes to all the coven members listed here- both those overcoming hardships and also to those who are celebrating happy happenings.

:heart: :pray::candle:

And as always, thank you to the wonderful @praecog29 for taking the time to bring the coven together! :two_hearts:


I’m a bit late requesting this but hope you all can send some positive vibes my way. I have MS and receive twice monthly infusions. My doctor had added another infusion that I am going for today and again on April 26, This has the potential for some pretty bad side effects. Obviously I’m hoping for some relief and reduced symptoms especially relief from the constant pain and NO SIDE EFFECTS! Thank you :heart:


I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that these infusions help and you don’t have too many side effects. :purple_heart: :candle:


@walter You’ve got this, already know you’ve got it :slight_smile: Sending an abundance of positivity your way!

@malinda Sending you all the most radiant, positive vibes and putting you in my daily prayers :candle: :sparkles: Blessed Be! :pray:


Thank you all for the good positive vibes ! Im home at 7pm my appointment was for 10:15. I did have a very mild allergic reaction to they had to stop the infusion give me more IV Benadryl then wait 30 mins started the infusion again but a half the rate…so needless to say a VERY long day!

Positive side one down one more to go…I’m alive and I’m not dying (well we all are dying i’mjust not ready yet), My quality of life is 100% better since starting the IVIG infusion 3 years ago and this infusion will make it better to some degree. Since I started smoking pot as advised by many docs my sleep has been more restful…AND since I found Spells8 and have been mediating in the am and pm, sleep has improved even more!

Once again thank you all so much…I can feel all the good vibes and hope I can provide the same to all of you.

Blessed Bee (<<I’m a beekeeper lol)


Thank you @praecog29 for the continued energy support. After my ritual yesterday, I feel as though removing the request in relation to my relationship with my son is appropriate. Personally, I feel as though I have done all that I can to save what I thought we had, he is just a bit jaded right now. That has nothing to do with me being able to salvage what we had. I feel in my soul and heart that I have been a good mom to him and that his actions or treatment is based on his own need of realization in some way. I believe he has narcissist’s personality traits, it is the only thing that explains to me why or how he acts and treats me, his sisters, and his step dad. I cannot keep the cycle going by trying and trying, only to be used and lied to over and over.
I love him, I always will and I wish him everything good in his life, but me continuing to wish or try for the relationship we had is just at its end. Sad but necessary for my own self care and his sisters.
I will continue to put out energy for his eyes to be opened to the lies and manipulation that are in his life circle, but nothing more than continued love for my child.
I thank each of you for your compassion, positive energy, support, and guidance during this situation.
And I ask for the continued energy support and guidance for the 20th of April at 10 am est, for my daughter Danielle’s surgery and recovery.

Blessed Be Infinite Roots,


Blessed Be @malinda I am so glad that things turned out in a positive way even though you had to go through the allergic reaction.
Medicinal Marijuana is a great tool for so many and I am glad it is benefiting you. As well as the meditations.
I will keep you in my thoughts for continued relief and healing,
Blessed Be


I’ve added @christina4 request to the list :heart:


Oh, @Rowan I’m so sorry. I wish I could do something to help you. I will certainly keep your daughter in mind for next week, but I don’t mind praying for your son too. Whatever makes you need and makes you happy. :hugs:


Happy for them too, your lightened I am so glad!:relieved:


Thank you, Amethyst. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


May the Lord and Lady protect you and give you the power to know what to do! May you be given the strength to overcome! May doors open for you in your rite! May you prosper and find a better opportunity for good health and well being. I pray for you brother to the gods that the right one will give you their power. May the cosmos guide you during this time and give you blessings! My heart goes out for you but I know and have a good feeling you will be provided for!
I thought of you and imagined you finding employment and you are happy!
Love and light
Blessed be!