Newly Working with Hecate

I am thoroughly entranced with Hecate and would love to learn how to work with her more. I have an altar dedicated to her but don’t know which “workings/spells/rituals” draw her in best.
Any ideas and suggestions are more than welcome!


Since you already have an altar to her, this will be pretty easy. While at the altar, you can do one of many things. The only thing is, it might take some practice, patience, and time. :black_heart:

The one I personally use is this one:

Instead of a sigil, I use the :hekate_wheel: on a wooden circle, shown below:

The following two are from:

Invocation to Hekate of the Gates

One Who Stands at the Gates
Lady of the Crossroads
I invoke thee
Nocturnal one of the saffron robe
Torches in hand, you light the way
A choice to make at the crossroads
The darkness of the underworld to fare
Titaness, keeper of the keys of all the universe
Show me the way
Help me unlock the parts of myself that I have kept hidden
Help me unlock the path before me
That I may walk it
Not in fear, but with you at my side

Drawing in Hekate

I am older than they say
I am the conception of time
And will be there at the demise of all
I am the governor of all your crossroads
I am the footsteps along your path
And carry you when you can no longer walk
I am the brightest star in the night sky
I am the universe within
And the darkness without
I am magick in all things
I am poison of no things
And cure to life and transform death
Know me now by this name, Hekate

This one is from:

A simple chant to invoke Hecate, goddess of the crossroads and Queen of the Night:

Quiet is the night, Dark is the Moon
I ask Hecate, the Crone To take Her throne.
Sleep, sister, sleep, Be not alarmed,
For the Great Goddess Keeps you from harm.
Quiet is the night, Dark is the Moon
I ask Hecate, the Crone To take Her throne.
Sleep, brother sleep, Be not alarmed,
For the Great Goddess Holds you in her arms.
Quiet is the night Dark is the Moon.
We honour Hecate the Crone Who has taken Her throne.”


Chiming in to say hello as a fellow admirer of Hekate. I’m not sure I can give you a better answer than @starborn has especially since I am still new to following her!

(FWIW: I’m absolutely NOT correcting your spelling of her name, I prefer this spelling personally as I am a K-named person myself)


You reminded me of another idea…

When I was started out, I struggled a bit. Then, I found that being immersed in water helped me a lot. Maybe I’m more of a fish than I’d like to admit, and that’s why water works for me.

Now, I’m not saying to go have a bath and do the same. But that the environment you’re in can make a huge difference. So, if you’re having trouble in one situation, try changing that up as well.


My daughter worships Hekate, I don’t know alot about her, but I do leave her a glass of red wine when my daughter’s away, along with when I give Loki his, and she feels lovely. She watches over my daughter too. :sparkling_heart:


Hello @B.Dane,

It sounds like Hekate/Hecate has been reaching out to you- congrats on jumping into your deity work! Just want to say that today, November 16th, is known as the Night of Hekate- it is a particularly auspicious time to work with Her :hekate_wheel: :sparkles: :blush:

There have been some wonderful suggestions and resources shared already, so I’ll just add in a few more links from the Greek/Roman Deities Masterpost (there may be some duplicates to what was already shared, so consider this seconding them!)

Wishing you all the best- blessed be! :sparkles:


Hi @B.Dane :wave: although I don’t personally work with Hecate/Hekate, I’m here to also say that we do have quite a few members that do regularly work with her & can help you get started with her. I don’t want to repeat anything already shared, because the lovely previous responses I think have it covered really well! :revolving_hearts:

Tonight is Hecate/Hekate Night, November 16 & there is also:

:sparkles: Spell A Day: November 16, 2023 that has a recipe for use with her tonight :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you do have any other questions or anything, feel free to ask away!


Thank you so much for this wonderful information! I will definitely add this to my ritual!


Thank you so much for these lovely links of suggestions! I greatly appreciate it!


It’s my pleasure, @B.Dane- blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


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