🔍 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Interpreting Signs & Messages

Merry meet!

Thank you once again to all those who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - Enchanting Herbs :potted_plant:

After admiring and absorbing the wonderful magick of herbs, we’re leaning in to look deeper. Take out your magickal magnifying glasses and get ready - it’s time for an exercise in interpretations! :mag:

The theme for this week’s challenge is…

Interpret Magickal Signs Challenge

:mag_right: :sparkles: Interpretations :open_book: :mage:

How to read and find meaning in magickal signs, symbols, and messages

Signs, symbols, visions, messages - there are many times when a witch will see something that calls to them. When we receive a sign, symbol, or message from the divine, it is then up to us to interpret it.

Interpreting is the act of finding the deeper meaning within a sign, symbol, message, reading, etc.

But how can a witch tell if a sign they see is magickal or mundane? And, once they determine that a message holds deeper meaning, how do they interpret that meaning in a way they can use? Grab your symbol dictionaries and hang on to your personal associations - we’re exploring the art of magickal interpretation!

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This week’s challenge is all about interpreting in magick - but as always, how you do so is up to you!

So are you ready? Because it’s…



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STEP 1 : Interpreting Magickal Signs :sparkles:

This challenge is all about magickal readings and interpretations - but how you choose to take on this theme is up to you!

Still not sure where to begin? To help you get started, here are a few ways in which a witch might approach this challenge…

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Is it a Sign? :thinking:

The first step in finding deeper meaning begins with finding a sign to read. When you catch sight of something during a magickal working - be it a spell, a divination reading, ritualwork, meditation, etc- chances are high that the signs you see or sense are magickal in nature and thus worth exploring further :mag:

Good places to look for magickal signs:

  • Spell candle flames
  • Spell candle wax
  • Tarot and oracle card messages
  • Images in a tasseography (tea or coffee) reading

Outside of spellwork, it is also possible to pick up on important things, but be wary - our daily lives are full of interesting, curious, and sometimes wild experiences. It can be difficult to determine whether or not something is a magickal sign from the divine, or just a mundane oddity.

Other places where signs may appear:

  • Dreams
  • Nature
  • Daily life

When in doubt about whether or not something has deeper meaning, it’s a good idea to double-check your favorite method of divination, wait for repeat signs, and listen to your intuition.

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Finding the Meaning :mag:

Once you have a magickal symbol, sign, or message that you feel has deeper meaning, it’s time to examine it! There are many ways to go about interpreting magickal messages. Three popular ways to find the meaning of a symbol and apply it include:

  • Following a guide
  • Checking a list of magickal correspondences
  • Using your own personal associations

Interpret Symbols
Step-by-Step Guide: How to Find & Intepret Magickal Symbols

Magickal Correspondence Charts: Find Magickal Meanings

How to Read and Interpret Candle Wax

How to Read Candle Flames : Meanings & Interpretations

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… And More! :raised_hands:

The suggestions above are just a few ideas to help kickstart your creativity- if you feel called to explore herbal magick in another way, you are welcome to do so!

As always, all witches are encouraged to embrace their own unique practice with how they explore the challenge theme :star2:

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STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

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Everyone is welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For lurkers and those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a public shout-out, it is required that you share your experience.

Getting Your Credit :white_check_mark:

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Where Should I Share My Entry? :thinking:

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Tuesday, May 14 at 7:00 AM EDT (Eastern US Time)

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From Spells8: Ceromancy: Reading Candle Wax

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Answers can be found both inside and out
So keep a sharp eye as you go about
In spellwork, in dreams, in meditation too
The divine will make clear Their messages to you

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Blessed Be! :mag: :sparkles:



Oooh … this is like my favorite thing to do is look for signs from spirt. Excited to practice this week!


This is something I’m not good at


@Devenne It has taken time for me and I have to start my day on the postive connecting with breath, spirit, and feel grounded in myself. I state this prayer every day:
Spirt of source, spirit of the universe, high vibrational spirits, guides, well ancestors, elementals, other than human kin, and all who walk with me for my highest good. Please show me what I need ro know today. I thank you, mote it be.
If i dont i tend to feel fearful, lost and like i need to control everything. Which feels like a huge weight to carry at this juncture in my life.


I love that is it cool if I try that prayer on for size?


Let’s get searching :grin:


This comes at a perfect time! I have had so many signs pointing to change. These signs have been showing up fairly regularly since last Thirsday. Now I need to know where the change is coming from. Does anyone have any ideas about how to pinpoint what area of my life is transforming? I may try the art of pendulum reading.

And here is today’s Saged Oracle card


Totally that is why i shared it with you :heartbeat:


Thankyou love I think I want to use what u told me for this challenge. Duh lol :laughing: thinking about it. Maybe try to look into it further an donate my findings. May not be much as I have block on .y third eye and only sometimes I see things.


Oh geez! A million ideas running through my mind! I’m going to have to decide which way I want to go with this one!


I’m going to have to make this one an easy challenge and go with what I know this week. I regret that I don’t have the time. or energy to learn about a new method and :rabbit: :hole: research something new to me. I only have so much bandwidth lately and that’s been getting smaller and smaller. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: So Tarot/Oracle it is! I think I have tomorrow morning to myself to take some me time and work on this.


I’ve been MIA for way to long and then this comes through my inbox today. Only a few days after I had a bone-casting reading done to confirm my deities. If that isn’t a sign, I’m not sure what is, lol!

For those who may not remember or who are new since I last appeared, I have been working with Hades and Persephone. Well, about two weeks ago, I started to feel as if they weren’t around as much. And I have had so much Celtic and Norse mythology/practitioners gracing my social medias that I begin to wonder if someone was reaching out to me. I had an osteomancy reading (bone-casting) done and boy am I switching gears! Hades and Persephone are still hanging around, but are now just “watchers.” But Lugh, Freya, and Tyr are all reaching out. Plus Cernunnos and Brigid are hanging around as well.

Back to interpreting signs/messages…So not only did I feel an “absence” of my current deities, but I just had this strong gut feeling that someone was trying to get my attention. As I mentioned, I noted that I have a ton of Celtic and Norse practitioners in my socials. Being of Irish and Scottish descent, I started to pay attention more. Well, that’s when the flood gates opened.

  • Cats galore! I’ve always had a thing for cats but my TikTok has been bombarded with them. Plus the strays have started to come around my RV again. Oh, and my anti-social black cat has decided that he is now my familiar and wants my attention all the time. Freya
  • Butterflies, butterflies, and more butterflies. I have them in my yard, they found me at the beach, and one even decided to join me in my jeep on a ride downtown one day. Freya
  • Feathers everywhere. I find them under my bird feeder and on my walks. And they are all different! The cutest one is from a chick-a-dee! Freya
  • More imagery on war. While this could just be a coincidence, I avoid the news like the plague and usually ignore things on my socials. Freya, Lugh, Tyr
  • My mom telling me she has ravens now. They are not common where I am from. Freya, Lugh
  • I’ve had to step into unexpected leadership roles at work and was successful. It’s made me more focused on improving skills that go along with that. Lugh
  • Bees have started to show up again. Lugh, Brigid

So many signs! I plan to do some readings for myself this weekend to learn more. I’d love to hear others thoughts on these deities.

And I’m happy to be back! :slight_smile:


Yay! I am going to jump in with this prayer as well. Thank you for sharing it!


Hey @Amaris_Bane I’ve been missing you. Welcome back sweet friend!


Don’t worry. I miss a lot of stuff on here lately too. Don’t ever feel obligated and or guilty. I hope you get plenty of u time even if it is spent on u and not here. :people_hugging:


Weekly Challenge Entry

Earlier today I was doing a little candle magick. I noticed my incense smoke was going around the candle. I have never seen that happen before, so I took a picture. When I looked back at the picture, I saw a woman’s body over the candle. My interpretation of this is I have a goddess giving my spell some extra power. Can anyone else see the goddess?


Smoke looks like a rose :rose:

I see a wing


And a skeleton figure down on their knees with the hands up to sky in prayer in front of the rose


White is the wing. Red is the rose blue is the skeleton guy or girl

Wing looks like a butterfly