🗺 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magick on the Go!

Warm greetings to all!

Thank you again to all those who joined in to pass along witchy wisdom in last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - One Witch to Another :handshake:

After reaching out to one another across the distance, this week we’re taking the first step- crossing our borders to enter new territory :compass:

The theme for this week’s challenge is…

Spells8 Magick on the Go

:map::briefcase: Magick on the Go :compass::railway_track:

Whether you are an avid explorer or prefer to stay cozy at home, sometimes the call of the Craft strikes us when we aren’t at our altars. Near or far it doesn’t matter- magick is something inside us and can be done no matter where we’re at!

This week’s challenge is all about casting magick on the go- also called “travel magick” or “portable magick”. Whether you’re on an adventure or simply exploring your backyard, give casting in a new location a try this week!

So are you ready? Pack your cards and crystals :briefcase: :gem: :grin:, because it’s…

CHALLENGE TIME! :bellhop_bell:

Travel Spell from Pinterest

STEP 1 : Casting Magick on the Go :national_park:

This challenge is all about exploring taking magick to new places (literally!)- there are many ways that you can make your Craft more portable.

To help you decide how to approach this challenge, here are few suggestions for you to consider.

@IrisW’s travel altar shared in Travel Altar

:pouch: Make a Travel Altar

It’s amazing all the things you can bring with you in a small portable altar or worship bag! This week, consider making a Travel Altar of your own- made personal with a few small things vital to your magickal interests.

For tips and examples of the travel altars others have made, explore the following discussions:

@Roxanne’s travel altar shared in Making a Travel Altar

:map: Cast in a New Location

Why not break the norm and head somewhere new to do your casting this week? It doesn’t have to be a cross-country voyage, just somewhere new to your practice. You may find that a new place imbues something extra special into your casting!

Perhaps consider:

  • :person_in_lotus_position: Meditating in a local park
  • :national_park: Setting up a temporary altar in your backyard
  • :evergreen_tree: Forest bathing or other forums of nature immersion
  • :ocean: Doing water magick at a river, lake, or ocean
  • :house: Switching it up by casting in a different room
  • :prayer_beads: Bring magickal tools with you by Wearing Witchy Jewelry

Note: If you are “in the broom closet” and/or not in a safe situation to be open about your practice in public- please do not do so! Your personal safety should always come first

Picture from Pinterest

:open_hands: Travel-minded Spellwork

If you’re unable to head to a new spot this week, perhaps consider spellwork that aligns with the spirit of wanderlust. Feel free to be creative with this, but here are a few suggestions:

Road Opener: Spell to Unlock New Paths

Sacred Blessing: Spell to Bless a Person (Pre-Journey)

Hecate: Goddess of the Crossroads

Hermes: God of Success and Travel

:milky_way: Astral Travel

Leave your body behind and have a journey of a different kind by trying Astral Travel! Here are a few places you can find tips and shared experiences:

Note: Astral Travel can be very difficult even for experienced practitioners- don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have success your first time.

Picture from Pixabay

:raised_hands: …And More!

There are many ways that you could explore travel magick/magick on the go this week- the roads are limitless!

Feel free to let your creativity wander freely this week :wink::compass:

Picture from Pixabay

STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

Click here for notes about challenge inclusivity

All witches are welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a shout-out, you will have to share your experience with the forum.

To enter this challenge, please share:

  • Your experience with travel magick / magick on the go

For your entry to be counted, please write about your experience in the comments below and/or create a new thread in the forums.

Note : If you choose to create a new thread, please tag the challenge by adding a hyperlink back to this post so that I can easily find it- thank you! :bowing_woman:

:exclamation: This challenge will close in 6 DAYS :exclamation:

To join in, please share your experience by:

Tuesday, September 7th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)
( 2021-09-07T05:00:00Z )

For their efforts, all participants will receive a special shout-out and a small prize! :gift:

Acknowledgments will be given in a Props and Presents Post that will appear in the forums on Tuesday.

After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

:gift_heart: :gift: :gift_heart:

Picture from Pinterest

A warm reminder that all challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that honors and reflects their unique practice :open_book:

If you have any doubts about if something is acceptable to post or say, please double-check with the Forum FAQ and/or reach out to your friendly Staff Team.

And for those new to challenges- welcome! :heart: Know that the goal of these activities is to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

Art from Twitter by Viuki

Blessed travels- be they near or far
May the world see how free you are,
To venture and go wherever you please
Casting at will, from land to the seas!

Blessed be! :world_map: :sparkling_heart:


I love this idea. I’ve been wanting to head out into the local woods and do some magick there so this will prompt me to do just that :slight_smile:


This is perfectly timed! I’m visiting friends this weekend and will be helping her place blessing/protection jars I made for her new home. Can’t wait to share the results with everyone.


As the reality of me needing to tear down my altar, box it up, and sell my house became more and more real, my mind kept going back to to my tattoo of the :infinite_roots: Tree of Life with the :waxing_crescent_moon::full_moon::waning_crescent_moon: Triple Moon. I decided the start putting my altar on my body. I have a :shinto_shrine: torii, a :white_flower: lotus flower, :butterfly: butterflies, a moth, two :candle: candles, and a :pentagram: pentacle. (I still want 4 :tarot_card: tarot and Lilith.)

I was able to bring two decks of tarot, an oracle deck, my altar cloth and my :black_circle: obsidian ball when I came the Europe. I have a Selene coin (It’s not actually Selene but it is a coin blessed by her to give it safe travel back to its owner and I get the hold onto it to give me safe travel, as well.) and another Tree Of Life, too. The :hotel: hotel I’m currently in have the perfect table for this setup.

Before this challenge is over I’ll be in London with a new setup. The day this challenge is over I’ll be at :stonehenge: Stonehenge. Both experiences will afford me new opportunities to experience travel :sparkles: magic and allow me new places to :person_in_lotus_position: meditate and take in all that is around me. I feel blessed and I’m :pray: thankful to my goddess. I’m also thankful to all of you because it is through you I have learnt it’s so many wonderful tips on how to travel while not giving up on my magic.


I have no idea what to do. I go nowhere but the doctor’s and back. I’ll have to think about this.


I have had a travel altar on my list of things I would like to put together for a few months now. So I can’t wait to put one together for real this time! Just the push that I need to do it! :heart:

I love how it is working out for you @praecog29!

@Amethyst you could make a tiny one with handheld items to hold while you are waiting in the room or waiting room. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, whatever it is that you feel you would need while you are away. Or something that you can bring outside with you if you are staying around the home.

I remember this conversation coming up with @Amaris_Bane a little bit back! Perfect since you are also going on a trip!


I live 6 miles from the ocean and haven’t been in a while, this is a perfect reason to head out one evening, listen to the waves and do my thing! :revolving_hearts:


@Peaches I know the feeling! I haven’t been to the ocean since the beginning of July. I live on Cape Cod, you can throw a rock & hit the ocean from my house. I have been driving the coastline though when I go out to do errands. Not just because it avoids the traffic on the main road through town. :laughing:


I didn’t think that doing magick elsewhere could be a theme for a weekly challenge!
This one will be easy for me. I plan to do the I Release You Spell (with a few modifications) in nearby the woods. :deciduous_tree: I’m having a bit of a relapse in heartbreak at the moment. :broken_heart: This was actually the first spell that I cast and it has worked and has continued working…until now.
I’ll probably make a topic for this challenge because there is so much I want (and need) to get off my chest.


There are just so many possibilities! Thanks, love!


@Kasandra maybe try a cord cutting ritual if the I release you spell isn’t working anymore. I had to repeat it 2 nights in a row but it worked like a charm. I’m sorry you’re heart hurts though. I truly feel your pain. I will light a candle and pray that you aren’t hurting for too long :revolving_hearts:


That sounds like a wonderful experience- wishing you blessed magick in the woods, @IrisW! :blush::evergreen_tree:

How kind of you to help your friend, @Amaris_Bane- no matter way to make a house a home than with some group blessing work! Enjoy :house: :sparkles:

I think you have made your body itself your altar, @Praecog29- you are ready for magick wherever you might find yourself! Magick has become such a part of you, that you wear it in a tangible form- I think that’s amazing. Safe travels! :sparkling_heart::stonehenge:

Siofra shared some great tips for you, @Amethyst, just adding in that there are plenty of means of “travel magick” you can do right at home! Writing a travel blessing, trying astral travel, doing travel-minded spellwork, or even just working in a location different from usual (switching it up can be insightful!) :grin::+1: You are amazingly creative- I’m sure you’ll find something that calls to you!

Have fun with your travel altar, @Susurrus- I know it will come out lovely! :briefcase: :two_hearts:

I’m jealous, @Peaches- that sounds amazing! Have a lovely trip to the ocean :ocean: :heart:

Sorry to hear about the heartbreak, @Kasandra. May your spellwork help to lift the weight in your heart and set you free- many blessings with the Release Spell :pray::dove:


The I Release You spell had actually been working well for a year. Not sure why it’s worn off though.


Generally, I do a tarot spread before deciding the place to visit. @anneshakargupta

Here is the spread:

Reference: Travel Tarot Spread - My Wandering Fool Tarot


Thank you for sharing this @Princess_Tara I always love seeing what tarot spreads you have for us


Haha this is so surprising, I’ll be traveling to another city today and will be there for a week or so. This fits perfectly!.

I’ll think about the best way to approach this. ¡Gracias! :heart:


I like those ideas @BryWisteria! I’ll have to see what I come up with. Thank you for the inspiration!


@Amethyst you will come up with something great. You always do! :heart:


Thank you, love! I like the idea of a travel blessing so I may do that. We’ll see!


As most of you already know already I am :100: the epitome of "the hermit hands down, no question. So I wondered how I might participate in this week’s challenge. Sometime back (when I first joined the coven) I had made a Post Asking everyone to share their travel altars with me and any tips they may have had because at the time my living situation was not stable and the possibility of having to pack up and move was high. I am thankful for the replies that my post got from @IrisW (and countless others) for sharing the picture that @BryWisteria used in the original post for the challenge thread.

Since then things have calmed down a good bit and changed in big ways just as I have calmed down and changed in big way both mundane and magically myself. I have set up my big “main” altar in my bedroom again even though I no longer share it with my husband but one day I may share it with my 2 girls in our own place. I practice there for the most part but from time to time I just need to shake things up and feel more comfortable working in the living room (due to more natural light and it feels like I can center my energy better since the living room is located in the center of the house) so after asking permission from my mom I claimed my little corner and have an altar set up there for the days I need extra help centering myself

But ever the worrier and having the type a personality and OCD about structure and planning and the fact that in 6 months I’ll be staying at the hospital for a few days and up until very recently would on rare occasion get to do a “sleepover” with the soon to be ex in a motel before we decided to completely throw in the towel I put together a travel altar box for just such occasion. In it I have a bottle of solar sea water, and a bottle of full moon/storm water, stones I collected and painted to represent the god and goddess, a chalice, Buddha incense holder led tea light, a travel sized wand, my tiny tarot deck, one of my less used pendulums, a cedar disc pentacle and makeshift cauldron as well as a pocket knife(athame) and a small spoon for the ingredients in the silk bag, a clear quartz and a Chevron amethyst and of course before leaving I would add candles and any other relevant Crystals, incense/oils that I might need.

(The altar cloth is in the wash)
I also made one for my purse for the times when carrying my altar box may just be too conspicuous or frowned upon when I need to cast in a pinch (I call it my drive thru magic bag)
The bag I crocheted myself and was the first thing I ever crocheted and serves as my offering to Frigg.

I will move the tiny tarot deck back and forth if needed

But today I had a relapse of grief about my upcoming divorce and the thought of my unborn daughter growing up in a broken home and decided to try a different type of "releasing ritual and since I needed to burn some trash anyway I did a search on Google and came up with this Ritual To do so I could multitask. I decided not to wait on the lunar energies of the new moon or full moon but instead used some of the huge stock of moon water I have and made a glass of iced tea to take with me outside

I lit my fire and meditated beside it on a small blanket and grounded myself by putting my barefeet in the grass and did an invocation for Frigg before proceeding with the ritual. I’m going to protect my work and keep the rest of the ritual details private.

I would like to say thank you first and foremost to @BryWisteria for sharing the travel altar picture that @IrisW shared with me linking my post to the challenge and to iris and the rest of you who gave your input on travel magic so I could plan for all types of travel.