Where in the World are the Witches? GROUP POLL! 2022 🗺

A very warm welcome to all! :heart:

Whether you are just starting out on your magickal journey or have been wearing the title of witch for numerous years- know that you are very welcome here in the Spells8 coven :hugs:

This is a chance to connect across borders and celebrate the wonderful diversity of our members - coming from all over the world! :world_map:

Witches around the world 2022 Spells8

If you participated in last year’s poll, please join in again ! Each year a new thread will appear, displaying the diversity of our current coven members :blush:

So, where in the world are witches?
Let’s get to know each other! :handshake:
(If you call multiple locations home, feel free to choose multiple places!)

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • The Middle East
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Note : Please know that there are no worries if you don’t want to share your location in the poll- you are still very welcome to comment and chat with others in the comments below.

We all bring our unique experiences into our practice, and we have so much to learn from each other!

Take some time to talk to someone who comes from a different place. You may find you have a lot in common, or perhaps you can learn some new methods and tricks to enhance your practice :sparkles:

North to South, East to West
When we come together,
We are blessed!

:heart: Love and Light :candle:

→ This thread is a continuation of Where in the World are Witches? 2021


Hello Bryanna, I live in the Okanagan Valley of BC Canada, about 20 miles from the American Border. The closest town in Washington US is Oroville. I live in the town of Oliver BC. The Wine Capital of Canada. Vineyards and wineries have taken over approximately 85 % of the Fruit Orchards that used to be here. I love living in a small town, as we get to know the people better. It’s hot in the summer and usually has a milder winter, except this year, it went into the freezing cold of -18 C then add in the wind chill factor and it would feel like -25 C. But it is where I was born and raised from, married, started divorce proceedings, and Covid sort of canceled that for me will need to start that over again once this pandemic is over.


Hello from Waterloo Ontario Canada! Just moved here from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I love my new home and city. Ive got a beautiful 23 acre forest behind me and great neighbours. Second home away from home would be leiria and lisboa, Portugal. I can’t wait to go back and visit once covid is more under control. Got it once and never want to get it again! Stay safe everyone.


Chico, California here, as the Name Tag suggests :slight_smile:

I lived in the Sacramento area my entire young life. I met my husband and drove back and forth (90 min drive give or take) for six months. I had to move here. It is beautiful, plus, he was here. It is an area right outside of the valley. Lots of hiking trails and views.

Anyways, yeah that’s where I’m at. :smile_cat:


@Debra2 From reading what you’ve written I have such a beautiful mental picture of where you call home- oh, the vineyards and wineries and homey small-town life! Even just picturing it makes me feel warm and cozy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You are very blessed, Debra!

@catherine6 Congrats on your big move, Catherine! :raised_hands: Wow, how wonderful to be next to the woods and be in a great living community! I hope you are able to get back to visit Portugal again soon- I have my fingers crossed for you! :two_hearts:

@LadyAuld.ofChico Oh, the things we do for love, right? :laughing: It sounds like it was a lot of back and forth, but you now have a beautiful place to call home, so perhaps it all worked out well! :blush: The hiking trails and views sound lovely- enjoy it! :heart:

A bit of an intro from myself- I’ve been living in Poland for the last couple years to be with my partner, but I am currently back in Massachusetts visiting family for the holidays. I was in the city and then the countryside in Poland (which certainly has it’s charms! :national_park: :mushroom:) but there really is nothing like being close to the ocean :ocean: :blush:

I love to travel (hence the username!) and always love to chat with fellow witchy-souls around the world! :earth_africa:

To both members who have been here for a long time and new folks alike- it is a pleasure to be here with you, no matter where in the world you call home! :heart::infinite_roots:


I voted and forgot to put where in North America I’m from! Oops. I live in Southern West Virginia, in a little town not far from the New River Gorge Bridge called Oak Hill.


@Amethyst thanks for reminding me as I did exactly the same :sweat_smile:

Hi Ho from the European continent!
@BryWisteria I hope my home country has treated you well as it is a spectacular country with amazing lands all around. Not sure if you’ve ever visited any of the sea side towns and cities, as Poland has qite a wide access to sea. I come from a city of Szczecin, which is about 100km from the sea. I remember spending a lot of my summer holidays with my cousin’s and Nan by the sea. Absolutely magical times :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Unfortunately due to a not the best situation in the country my family has emigrated to UK, where I lived far an wide! I still miss Poland with all my heart for it’s beauty and the people I still have there. Due to covid I haven’t seen them in a couple of years and I’m hoping for some sort of resolution to this situation as I miss them dearly.
Within UK I currently reside in the south, right on the border of West Sussex and Surrey. After living in the grey north for a long time this place is a welcome change! Now I have fields and forests right outside my window. Wildlife is everywhere and you can just feel this place breathing! :dash: And the sea side I missed all my life is just a stone throw away too! :ocean::shell: Couldn’t be more happy I’ve decided to move, my current drive to work through Surry hills is like a moving meditation in an enchanted garden or Alice’s Wonderland :wink::exploding_head::purple_heart:


Greetings @Viss! :blush: Oh, you paint a beautiful picture with your words- I’m afraid I didn’t spend too much time on the lovely Polish coast, but we did visit Gdansk (and a made a post about the City of Amber) a while back and it was breathtaking :heart_eyes: Your homeland is a magickal place- I also hope you have the chance to go back for a visit soon!

Until then it sounds like you have found a wonderland of your own :ocean: :two_hearts: I spent some time in Brighton and I can attest at how lovely the seaside is there- not to mention friendly people in town and some really amazing fish and chips! It sounds like the ocean is part of your heart- enjoy your beautiful seaside paradise! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :beach_umbrella:


Gdańsk is one of the more beautiful and older cities of the country and I’m glad you managed to find your way at least there. There is so much beauty all around the world and it pains that we can’t freely roam and discover right now. But you are right, I have my little piece of heaven now and it works wonders for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Brighton is quite close to me and my partner grew up there after moving to UK as a kid too! It’s amazing how small the world can be sometimes :joy_cat::wink: I was always called a mermaid, so you did get that right :mermaid: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well said, Viss- I totally agree! It has been a hard two years for the travel industry and all those with an adventurous heart. I am still praying that things will improve and that we’ll all be able to wander freely and safely again soon! :pray::blush:

The world can indeed be a small place at times- and good for you! I’m happy that you’ve found such a wonderful spot for yourself. May you continue to enjoy your happy piece of paradise! :heart::ocean: :mermaid:


Hello from Sedley, Virginia (USA)! I’m a solitary witch living in the country with my husband and nearly 2 year old ( :exploding_head:) daughter, my horse Dusty, and basset hound Colt. I’m a full-time mom & full-time nurse, and any spare time i may have is spent either reading fiction/fantasy or reading to enhance my craft.


Haha… I forget that there are so many new members since the last poll! I am in North America, Cape Cod more specifically. It’s actually an island of Massachusetts the only ways on or off are by 1 of 3 bridges (2 for vehicles, 1 for a train… that is no longer technically in operation for transporting humans to & from, but there is a dinner train that takes you through the mainland & parts of Cape Cod.) Like Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket are islands of MA.

Fun Fact Cape Cod itself is Barnstable County.The Elizabeth Islands, Martha’s Vineyard, & Nantucket make up Dukes County… even though the most common ways to get there are a 45 minute ferry ride to those islands from Cape Cod a bit longer from RI, but that is because they used to be considered a part of the Province of NY. Over time & through history they became islands of the Massachusetts Bay.

Dukes County, Province of New York

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dukes County
County of Province of New York
• Coordinates 41.341°N 70.820°WCoordinates: 41.341°N 70.820°W


• Established November 1, 1683
• Disestablished 1691
Contained within
Crown colony \ 23x15 Province of New York

Succeeded by
Dukes County \ 22x15

Nantucket \ 20x12
Today part of \ 23x12 United States

Dukes County was a county of the Province of New York from 1683 to 1691. It was established on November 1, 1683, at the same time as Kings County, Queens County, and Dutchess County. It consisted of the Elizabeth Islands, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket Island, all east of Long Island. In 1691, the county was transferred to the newly formed Province of Massachusetts Bay, where it was divided into Dukes County and Nantucket in Massachusetts.


Merry Meet & Greet! Saint Louis, MO :blonde_woman:t2:


Merry Meet @DanielleNicole welcome to our happy group. I’m Debra from Oliver, BC Canada. It is very nice to meet you. I have an ex-hubby, two boys, a daughter-in-law, and a grandson.
I am currently unemployed, due to a pandemic. I’m okay with that for now and spending what time I have on my witchcraft.


Welcome, @DanielleNicole! It sounds like you and your family are enjoying the happy country life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s a pleasure to meet you! :heart:

Hooray for Cape Cod, @Susurrus- it really is such a fun place (minus that summer traffic!) and so rich with history too. You live in a very beautiful and exciting place! :beach_umbrella: :two_hearts:

Merry greet @CourtneyTann! :blush:

I know it can be tough to be out of work (especially due to something as unexpected and crazy as a global pandemic!), @Debra2, but perhaps a silver lining is the time you have to spend on yourself, your children and grandchildren, and of course, your Craft! Sending lots of love your way, Debra- be well! :sparkling_heart:

Many thanks to everyone who has joined in the survey so far- cheers to the witches and magick-lovers around the world!

:partying_face: :earth_americas: :sparkles:


I hail from King of Prussia in Pennsylvania, but I split my time between there and Trenton, New Jersey where I work. No sense in driving home daily and racking up tolls, gas, and wear and tear on my car, so every other weekday I just crash at me mum’s. She’s always happy to see me anyway.
If anyone is near and wants to talk witchy stuff over a cup of coffee or anything, feel free to ask.


That sounds like a smart plan to avoid unnecessary time in transit, @Franklin- and I’m sure your mother is grateful for your visits :blush:

That is a very generous of you- I’m nowhere nearby, but thank you for the kind offer! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Safe travels to you! :sparkles:


Pennsylvania Have a Blessed Day and A Wonderful Holiday Burning brightly tonight.


Sending love and light to you there in Pennsylvania, @david8- hope you had a blessed Imbolc! :blush::sparkles:


Thank you so much I welcome your gifts. I did enjoy Have a blessed Imbolc! :blush: :: :grinning: